Daniel Jacob

Conscious Channel, Bio-Energy Bodyworker

Spiritual Midwifery for Birthing

An Awakening Humanity






Come and join Daniel and the Guides, as we explore the skills and focus of mind that are required to be a Channel for the unfolding Universal Source!

Personal Interact with The Reconnections, as well as hands-on instruction in basic self-healing techniques and concepts.

Location for the Event:

Reconnections Office in Downtown Houghton Area of Kirkland

10512 NE 68th St.

Suite 202

Kirkland, Washington 98033



Visa/MC honored through the Office,


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A Celebration of Our New Reconnections Office Space in the Houghton Area!

Kirkland, Washington


August 10, 2003

(note change of date for this)

10am to 6pm

Takes up where the Intro Channeling of Friday Eve leaves off!




$60 per person






"Young People in Transition"

Topics Covered:

  •  Detailed Question and Answer Sessions with the Guides about how young people will be taking their place in the Society of the Future, interwoven with breakout discussion sessions focused at bringing key issues to the forefront.

  •  Direct Correlations between the need for change in what has become our "normal family unit" and the growing sense of depression that is running rampant in our young people today.

  • How young people, still living under parental or educational authority, can make rapid and lasting changes in our societal "system" and in their family's energy, seemingly overnight. 

  • Key insights about the transformation of relationships and sexuality that can and will occur, within the next 5-10 years, that can bring comfort and confidence to all people---young and old alike.

For Registration and Information, 

Call or Write The Reconnections Office

(425) 827-1452