Shadow Work

"Psychotherapy: Why Some People Have Abandoned It" by Cliff Bostock

"Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest being, something helpless that wants help from us."

--Rainer Maria Rilke

"Shadow Wandering and Wondering"

By Lucy Love

I’ve been wondering through thoughts of ‘shadows’ lately…shadows and the shadows that live within the shadows and the further shadows that exist within those shadows and onward into the “infinite shadows”.  Just as there is “Infinite Light”….there is “Infinite Dark”…and between the two, therein lies the “Infinite Shadows”…but within it ALL there is the “Infinite Love” flowing freely for One & All, from One end of the spectrum to the Other…for Us to continuously explore and travel between the veils of which We wish to explore…the “Exploration of Love”….to “Explore with Love” , All of the facets of Love, Colors of Love, rRces of Love, Light of Love, Dark of Love, sensations of Love as well as ‘sin’sations of Love.
LOVE is free. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has made Love ‘cost’ or make Love ‘pay’. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has laid a ‘price’ on Love….not Love ItSelf…Love knows not of “cost”…Love only knows Love. And I Am not speaking from a ‘monetary’ level of ‘cost or price’, but all of the other ways that humanity has learned to ‘make others pay."   MORE


Fire Bridge Crossing

By Kessie Amponsah

A Song of Self Realization

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About THE DEVIL:  from Carl Jung

Shadow Dancing 2004 (new)

Turning a Shadow Dance Into a Party

Dark Forces and the Coming Transformation

Seeing in the Dark-- Discerning the many levels of Shadow that can operate in our lives.

Someone once asked us, on some List, to define LOVE.  One wiseass described it as the score kept in a tennis game between Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.  And, although the above answer seems quite facetious, I am drawn to ponder the dynamics of a score that reads "zero to zero."   In my experience, that would create a picture of NEUTRALITY.   


The Shadow Dancing of the HE and SHE. "I Don't Want to Go, But I Won't Let You Leave Without Me."

The Darkness and The Light--a discussion of the new meanings of these familiar words.

Primal Mind--Descent into the Underworld

Fear of Flying--Moving past the "wall" and into infinity.

Will the Dark Still Be My Friend, if I Let the Light In?

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Your Sorrow Has Destination---Poem by Paul Kandrah

"Passion"......from Belteshazzar

"Riding the Waves of Chaos"..........from Bashar, through Darryl Anka

Phantasm, Pt. 1

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A Conspiracy of ONE--The Reconnections "Position" on Government Conspiracy

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Fudging on Divinity:  Forgetting Who We Really Are

Dialogue with Daniel:  Doing Battle With Darkness

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"The Dark And The Light"

"Shadow Diving"

"I Used to Torture People, too......" (other life recall)

Resumes of Evil

Owning the Evildoer Self

Evil and Emotions

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