Shadow Challenge:  Planet Earth

"What is a Shadow Challenge?   It is a way of liberating yourself from conscious or unconscious bias, regarding how the world should look or be.   It is an exercise of walking a mile in the other fellow's shoes.  It is leaping outside of your "fixated" self, to fully embrace the rest of who you truly are. 


The Shadow Challenge started out as a game in our Online Research Forum.  One day, we were hanging out, debating whether it was "best" and "most expedient" to live life in this world as a couple or as a single person.  From the very introduction of the topic, it became clear that many of us were frightfully attached to one side of the issue over the other.  

Because The Reconnections teach that ENERGETIC NEUTRALITY is the key to freedom and mobility in the Multiverse, the members decided to formulate an exercise whereby we could clear ourselves of unnecessary attachments and release our tendency to resist whatever gift the universe might hold for us in the area of relationships (either as singles or as couples).

Taking a "Shadow Challenge" means searching inside yourself for evidence of attachment, regarding a particular issue, and purposely preparing an argument which opposes that bias.  In this way, a person can truly take a walk in his "enemy's" shoes.  More and more, in today's society, people are polarizing around the issues of war and peace.

It seems that now would be a very appropriate time for our planet to participate in The Shadow Challenge.        

I am becoming genuinely impressed with the direction our planet is going here.  Our OVERSELF, if you will.  Though I realize that some folks still dwell in the extreme elements (and probably always will).........more and more of us are finding the freedom to actually step up to the line, and work the middle ground............where a good deal of the transformative energy still is! 

In truth, Spaceship Earth is continually weaving in and out of Light and Darkness, consciousness/unconsciousness, waking and an effort to maintain proper energetic "parameters" for our journey into and through 4D.   As in the case of driving during a rain or snow storm, keeping your eyes on the "line" in the middle of the road is often a great way to survive.  

The Guides have said:

"The current situation is requiring every person to step to the "line" and admit what it is that makes him tick--what his values are.  As stock markets crumble, and jobs disappear, there will be new "choices" that must be made, concerning how you will define and focus yourselves.  Families will disintegrate, and will be replaced by newer, freer forms of community.  Philosophies and Religions are also being cast aside, in favor of simply allowing the Now Moment to expand and explain itself as it will."

One of the enemies of humanity, during times of great change, is INERTIA.   We find ourselves so "stuck" in our present viewpoints and mindset, that we cannot break free to move elsewhere.  And so, day after day, we return to empty pantries...........hoping to find what we have never found, and suffering great hunger because of it.  Someone once said:  "The definition of insanity is continuing to go back to the same people and places, doing the same things---so that we can continue to not get what we have always not gotten!" 

Before we can move to a newer, more rewarding state, we must continually break free from superfluous definitions or confinements that seem to automatically grow up all around us.  Beyond our simple commitment to SHOW UP and BE WHO WE ARE in any given moment, all other "boxes" we place ourselves within---even if they temporarily feel secure--soon end up feeling like prisons.  Indeed, today's solution often becomes tomorrow's problem! 

The Reconnections have further shared with us:

"Transport between dimensions can be horizontal (through time), vertical (density to density), or diagonal (variations of both).  Whenever a traveler begins a journey, it will always manifest full circle, to return to its point of origin.  Stops along the way may be recorded to memory, within an individual life, as though they represented an end.  But really, there is no end.  Everything moves in a circle.  Any appearance of an "end" is illusion, and a powerful illusion it can be!  Lessons are learned, but the wheel of life continues to turn.    


As we have detailed in other transmissions, each universe exists somewhat like a filmstrip which passes through a projector at variable speeds (densities).  When you change the speed of a filmstrip, the pictures contained thereon will seem to change as well.  When a person incarnates, his mind is his projector...........and his entire perceptual universe becomes his screen.  As his vibration rises and falls, the images on the screen become light or dark, sinister or playful, all in accordance to the pitch at which his perception is tuned.     

Now, Friends........we wish to point out that, at the most expanded level of knowledge and expression, all interpretations are neutral.  In other words, there is room for everything, and everyone has a place at the (round) dinner table. To label something as "good" or "evil" is to place it within a polarity, which stops its expansion.  When a person becomes invested in definitions (i.e. when he creates a belief system)........he, too, solidifies........and commits himself to the process playing itself out within that frequency of vibration.  There is nothing wrong with this, people do it everyday. 

Assuming an attitude of unconditional acceptance, or neutrality becomes an AUTOMATIC ELEVATOR within the Multiverse, enabling any of you to move freely between various realities.  To decrease vibration, it is necessary to form a judgment concerning the universe you are inhabiting.  The degree of deceleration is correspondent to the intensity and essential inflexibility in the attitude of the observer.  The more absolute the judgment, the heavier the reality becomes.   If a person believes that something is very, very bad he will live within a context of fear concerning its presence in his reality.  If he believes that something is very, very good---he will still live in fear, as he will dread losing it. 

Different Polarities---same vibration.  Neutrality is the doorway out of any universe.  When a person lets go of judgments (self and others), the elevator moves.  When he takes new ones up again, the elevator stops.  If he remains constant, he has the option of getting off and doing business at any "floor" that he desires.  These are the laws that govern movement within the Multiverse.  You have been using them skillfully and constantly from the beginning of your journey here.  However, now you have the option of using them consciously to intensify the power of your experience."


""Whether he realizes it or not, in order to attain and hold himself within an attitude of judgment, each traveler (or projector) carries within him a "scale of evaluation," somewhat like the one being held by the Archetype, Lady Justice.  One side of the scale is loaded down with what he believes to be "facts" about the universe in which he exists.  On the other scale, "evidence" is accrued to contradict the basic premises which he holds sacred.  This basic conflict produces a vibrational momentum which feeds the development of each particular universe.  As the scales shift, the emotions in that universe will shift with them. 

-The Reconnections.

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