By Daniel Jacob


Last night must have been some kick-butt dream session for me.  I don't remember much, but I woke up this morning with these words in my brain:  "Shut up and listen.  Wake up and feel."   Then, I read Michael Bridge's article on Hebrew Prophets and  Quado's October 7 channeling about faltering businesses
Amazing stuff.  Each article spoke specifically to these words that I received, and provided wonderful new tones to direct my day.   
It does not feel as though the words were given to me alone.  Rather, they were given to me, ALL ONE.  They are an anthem for letting go of distraction...........and honing in on what's truly important in life.  There are times when it is truly important for a person to SPEAK UP, just like one of those Hebrew Prophets.  There are other times when speaking (and living in action mode) becomes a kind of mantra, keeping disturbing or activating feelings from coming to the surface and making changes in the colour and texture of my awareness.
The Guides have often said that there is a vast difference between being self-centered and being centered in self.  The former state denies the Oneness Connection of All, and forcibly enlists everyone around me to serve and cow tow to my solitary needs or agenda.  The latter state honors my Oneness with everything, and eagerly watches to see where the Oneness Agenda seems to want to move next.  If everything and everyone is ME, then which part of ME am I (the Collective) focusing upon and through in this moment?    
As Michael put it this morning:  "We cannot heal the disease in our sibling.  We can only heal it in ourselves.  This is where the prophet comes in.  The prophet is the therapist commissioned by God to manage the illness as it infects the collective soul in each of us.  The collective soul is God's terrain alone."
And God/Goddess/All That Is lives and breathes in each of us.  The Recons have designed a majestic Game, whereby a person can get a good spot check on where he or she stands, in regards to being self-centered or being centered in self.  It's called THE GOD SELF, and it is well-worth a look see.  Watch out, though, the reflections you may receive by playing this game can shock you.  But being shocked is sometimes a perfect beginning for a POWER-FILLED Day.  It's what they do for people whose hearts have stopped beating.  We all can get into such a state, from time to time, even though we still appear to be up and walking around.  And then, suddenly, some Planetary Healer calls out "Clear!" and an unseen hand offers a gift of VOLTAGE through our ailing heart space, and back we come to life. 
There was a message about 9/11 that came through in the transmission "Open Heart Mergery," which was released on Valentines' Day, 2002. It is an example of a nation (and a planet) that was suddenly "shocked" back to life.  

In that message, the Guides told us: 

"We have named this transmission "Open-Heart Mergery," in a play on words around that surgical procedure which often follows the occurrence of a heart attack in the physical.  It is discovered in such cases, that the heart is either dysfunctional in some way, or it has become blocked and cannot perform as required.  Therefore, highly trained surgeons cut into the heartspace---and with focused effort and skilled hands, they remove the blockage and repair that which was broken.


The primary occlusion, which has been choking the life out of your Global Heart most recently arises from your intense love of and preoccupation with COMMERCE.  When we say this, we are not demeaning your needs to buy and to sell things.  Your manifold methods of trade and mutual support have served humanity well since they were enacted, so long ago.  But recently, a large portion of humanity has begun to worship Commerce, and the accumulation of material property, in the same way some civilizations have followed after their chosen Deity. 
Through the expansion of your many activities and struggles related to this frenetic "worship," you created lifestyles where you could no longer breathe in your spirit or feel within your collective soul.  Deprived of love and connection, which is the very lifeblood of humankind, you experienced a momentary lapse in your awareness, and you gave Dark Forces control over key access points upon your planet---plunging a dagger deep into the chest of the World's Economy, peeling back layers of flesh, exposing your deepest fears, and also awakening your noblest and most inspirational traits as a species.      
The initiation of this Open-Heart Mergery is the beginning of a Global Reconnection to Oneness---a joining of hands and hearts across your world---that is based, not upon the relentless agendas set by your Taskmasters of Buy and Sell, but by a common human experience of loss, suffering, and the importunity of human need.  
The dress-rehearsal for this experience you are within now was accomplished back in your year 1997, with the passing of those souls known as Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.  As their departure from the Earth Plane was made commonly known, a worldwide ejaculation of emotion formed a neural network for linking your planet empathically, a network which instantly came back online the day your World Trade Center fell."

Sometimes, when a person is brought back from THE BRINK, through the ministrations of electro-shock, he or she gets terribly pissed off.  An alarm clock has broken through the stillness of his slumber, just when he was settling in to a nice juicy sleep of spiritual and emotional death.  Grumpy and reeling, he stumbles out of his bed (of forgetfulness) to see what the hell is going on.  "How dare you rouse me from my dreams!" he cries.

The moment that the U.S. was attacked, on that fateful morning in September, 2001, a worldwide wave of sympathy and tonal resonance flowed our way.  A Gateway opened, and people of all backgrounds, all nationalities, reached out and took our hand.  No longer was the U.S. a behemoth of power and endless resources.  Suddenly, we were just like everyone else.......vulnerable and shaking......shivering in the cold morning air, and struggling to awaken.
Our American Dream was shattered on that cold September morning.  And our American Nightmare was about to begin.   This is what happens when a slumbering person flat-out refuses to awaken, rolls over and goes back to sleep.    
The Eagle healed its injured wing and took to the skies, dropping "payloads" of disdain and anger on "enemies," who we felt were responsible for our injuries.  I do believe that the sting we felt most was injured pride.  The sympathetic hands that had reached out to us in our time of sorrow began to withdraw from us in our anger and projections of blame.  The tonal resonance stopped, and a new tone of fear (and even loathing, in some cases) took its place.  Our "coalition of the willing" became more like a "coersion of the angry or afraid."   
The self designated Prophet in this morning's article says it aptly:   "Terrorism is a global illness.  It is not the illness of some separate group.  It cannot exist in one of us unless it exists in all of us together.  Seeing it as someone else's disease is not only symptomatic of the disease, but is also causative."

I don't really know the rest of what Michael teaches, but he is certainly singing a welcome and truthful tune here.  

Many souls awakened during that "Open Heart Mergery" of September 11.  Club Recon (Our Online Discussion Community) is proof of that.  Whereas we were once a small band of Oneness Pioneers, back in our day............tapping out musings to each other, in a Yahoo Group online..........we became an International Community of HEART SHARING, living within a morphogenic field of transformative vibrations.  Spiritweb, and the transmissions that were posted there (and elsewhere since) became a clarion call, ordering our Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium to rise, shine, and begin to make themselves known. 
George Bush's frenzy for rattling sabres, during this newly forming age of the "pre-emptive strike," is part of a PERFECT PLAN that Spirit has for exposing the Shadow that lives in all of us. We all love cowboys. We love white hats and black hats.  Mr. Bush has consented to wear that mask for us......with speeches about an "Axis of Evil".........and a stony face of resolution.  He is no more to blame for this Shadow than any other being.  As I said earlier, the agenda and face of our Oneself Collective tends to move around during the course of human events.  And I am not excusing the acts of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or any of their cohorts. But part of conducting a War on Terror must also involve getting a grip on the FEAR that has moved into our hearts.  That fear, and the events that flow from it........are costing us far more than two towers, falling down in New York.   
The other night, John Kerry began talking about a GLOBAL TEST that needs to be conducted, before our Eagle takes to the skies and starts dropping "piles" on other nations and people.  He didn't defend his position so well, from what I can see, but at least the words came out of his mouth.  After all, the rest of the world is just a MIRROR for U.S., isn't it?  Are we being self-centered in this struggle, or are we becoming centered in self? 
Do we receive those reflections that come to us, from the other inhabitants of Spaceship Earth?  Or do we toss and turn in our collective sleep......oblivious to clear messages that are being sent our way? 
And yes, Mr. Kerry..........a Global Test can be a noble thing.  It doesn't have to mean surrendering our power to other countries, asking for permission to defend our people against terror.  Rather, it would be our form of taking an "acid test," to see if our intuitions (intelligence?) about the situations we encounter are valid, or if the "Quick-Draw McGraw" in U.S. has been seized up by paranoia, and needs to be held for "observation" for 72 hours so he doesn't shoot off his left toe.    
And where was that "Global Test" when a majority of Democrats willingly ceded power to Mr. Bush, during that building of momentum that preceded the Iraqi War?  Where was that AWARENESS when the sympathetic hands of the world were being pulled back from us and angry placards and picket signs took their place.........taking MILLIONS to the streets, all over the world, and saying to the U.S.:  "Stop!  You're asleep and dreaming!  Wake up!  Wake up!" 
I saw a stubborn and defiant Mr. Bush stand firm against those protests.  Standing STUBBORN was more like it.  I saw it and I was shocked. And then I began to try and own the reflection.  I realized:  My government doesn't represent me.  It reflects me, as does the rest of my world.  When it's time for me to head off into a particular direction, in order to learn more about myself and gain insight--an entire world could not turn me away from it.  I have gone off half-cocked many a time. People marry at the drop of a hat, and they divorce just as easily. Lives are changed, and sometimes devastated.  People place bets, and they sometimes lose.        

During the time before the War, I saw a whole host of democrats stand SILENT while things were unfolding--the same ones who are throwing around accusations now.  There may have been a few "prophets" in the system who stood up when it counted, I don't know--but my memory only brings forward the image of a lonely Senator Robert Byrd, standing on the floor of the Senate, calling out to his fellow statesmen:  "Where are the voices of my colleagues, asking the important questions that need to be asked during this time of madness?"  And few, if any, rose to the occasion.

I've been thinking about this, and I don't know if a "flip flop" in politics is such a bad thing right now.  In a nation where 50% of the people stand firm in support of the status quo and 50% of the people absolutely HATE what's going on............the most POLARIZED NATIONAL STANCE I have ever seen in all my 55 would seem to me that a manifestation of "flip flop" in a politician is a sign that he is actively trying to climb into as many "shoes" in this troubled nation as he determine what the hell WE must do in order to pull ourselves back together. 
Flip Flop?  You bet.  This country needs to do some flipping and flopping.  Let's turn this place into an International House of Pancakes, for God's sake!  At least in our minds.  Let's leave no stone unturned.  It would help greatly if everyone could take THE SHADOW CHALLENGE on all philosophical or political positions that make us angry or turn us away from owning the rest of the world AS SELF.  Only in this way can we release the bias that closes our ears and numbs our sensitivity to the Whole Self, rather than its parts.   

And then, there are the troops.  We've already committed souls and equipment to something, haven't we?  We've got our tit in a wringer, and it hurts to see body bags come home. We must factor in ALL that we've decided up to this point, and ALL the individuals that are being affected before we shift that collective stance. We've occupied a sovereign nation, under the rationale that we're going to help things get better.  Are we accomplishing that?  Would a continued policy of MORE OF THE SAME solve the problem?         

Why is it that so many folks pray daily for a Bill Clinton to come back and take over the helm of this ship?  Come on, admit it..........even if you didn't like "Slick Willy," and what he stood certainly long for a national economy and the world image that he presided over.  His "slickness" lubricated some of the gears that keep our system running.  And yes, there were some things that needed work.  There always will be.  But Mr. Bill was an excellent "flip flopper."  He was a mixer and blender of ideas.  One of the reasons why Republicans hated him so much was because he took many of their (noble and sensible) policies..........mixed them a bit of compassion.........and repackaged them as New Thought for Democrats.  What he was really mixing up was New Thought for AMERICA---an amalgamation of humanitarianism and corporate wisdom and productivity.  It's what our leaders would be doing if they quit clamoring for power and dominance and concentrated on blending the best and brightest of what each viewpoint brings to the bargaining table.
The Democrats are saying:  "We want to take this nation away from the Corporations and give it back to the people!"  But hey, who do they think owns those Corporations........Reptilians?  (Don't answer that.  I know what some of you are thinking.)   The Corporations ARE the people.  The Government IS the people.  And this whole world is a mirror aspect of ME, just as I am a reflection of it.  If I look upon prosperity or corporate productivity as The Evil Empire, I am cutting myself off from the manifestation my own power and vision. 

If "the people" knew what to do with Government (as opposed to the "haves" and "have mores" that President Bush considers to be his base) don't you think that they would OWN SOMETHING, figure out the system, and get off their collective arses long enough to get involved?  Anyone who doesn't understand what I'm talking about here needs to watch the movie "Bullworth" a time or two.  

The fact is:  Common Folk don't have any more "intelligence" about playing the global game than the Aristocrats who labor long and hard stacking the decks in their own favor.  Do you know what a camel is?  It's a HORSE that was designed by a "committee."  Leadership in this world is important.  Some people have a gift for it, and others need to shut up and sit down. And those who have no vested interest in how this nation fares could never be fully qualified to lead it. They wouldn't be able to feel the outcomes or care.  But wise men listen to them anyway.  Wise men listen to EVERYTHING, and then they make their decisions.  Indeed, the "words of the prophets" COULD BE written on the subway walls.     

When someone separates him or herself from "the masses," whatever he considers them to be, we all lose. Democracy is a fine system, and there are wealthy people who do have compassion, and perform great service for the planet. Big companies create big jobs.  And republicans are not the Devil, and having things in life is not a sin. We just want to make sure that it is WE who are having the things, and not THINGS that are having US.               

Polarization is a result of seeing our world through POLAR EYES..............cold, separated, and calculating.  I've seen folks do that in the name of humanitarianism just as I have seen them do it in the name of personal greed.   What we need now are SOFT EYES...........that look for the best in others rather than the beast.  Then, we can begin to develop  SYNCHRON EYES..........a synthesized way of seeing that shows us how to sidestep insanity, and embrace some goodness and love before we all go down for the "dirt nap."  After all, our kids are watching.  They see what we're up to.  And they're the ones who will inherit this Game Board when our time of dealing is done. 
SHUT UP AND LISTEN.  You just might learn something.  WAKE UP AND FEEL.  You just might find that you DO care about this world after all. And finally........GET UP AND DO YOUR WORK, whatever that may be, because there's plenty of it that needs to be done. 

NOW is the time, HERE is the place, and WE are the ONE who must rise to the occasion.        

October 7, 2004.


Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.