Spirit-Led Sexuality, Part 2

Turbo Power for Ascending Humanity

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

(with selected writings by Gregg Palmer)  

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Many thanks to all for your generous contributions and deep sharings concerning Gregg’s experience of love and activation with his Twin Flame, and the brief introduction I supplied for our collective journey into this highly relevant topic.  We speak of LOVE…… truly……as a multi-faceted JEWEL, glimmering in the sun before us.  Each “side” of the jewel bears a face or a symbol.  Road maps of the soul!

 My own response to Gregg’s original letter went something like this: 

Dear Gregg…….Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful, yet painful story!   I know how you feel!   I was 20 years old when I experienced my first love.  She excited me greatly on many levels-yet there were obstacles that eventually arose which kept us both from fully realizing those connections HERE in 3D space.  One of those obstacles had to do with MY EGO and MY PRIDE.  But I ended up with a “win” anyway, because the pain of that brought me to my first levels of experience with God.  There were, of course, many levels beyond that first level which I needed to traverse.  But pain DOES tend to crack open the "nut" of our pride and self-protection.......bringing to light the tender fruit hidden inside. (An insight gleaned from the writings of Kahlil Gibran).

As I read over your letter, I heard lots of SELF-DOUBT, as you recounted the choices you've made in regards to this relationship.  You wonder......."Was I right in discerning that the "addictive" element was too strong for both of us?  Was I foolish to let go of something beautiful now, lest it possibly turn UGLY later?"  

In one of their first treatises on Relationships, the Recons tell us: 

"Sometimes it's hard to grasp how easy things can be understood when they are interpreted at face value---adding or subtracting nothing.   This is a principle that is so light and easy that those who are "conditioned for struggle" may find that they have trampled down the flowers in their path even before they realized they had returned to the Garden.
The practice of "second guessing" oneself concerning relationships creates a "short" in the circuit of your understanding.  In order to avoid making "mistakes" or to "keep up appearances," many of you force yourself to be (or to remain) in contact with people who do not interest you, and with whose vibration you do not resonate.   Or, at other times, you actually prevent yourselves---in the name of loyalty or "commitment" to a single partner, from reaching out to someone who does. You cannot continue in this way if you are to maintain the velocity which will be required to complete this awesome transition. Your physical energy will become dissipated---bogged down in willfulness and irrelevant detail.
Whenever a person abdicates his absolute trust and confidence in his own intuition and abilities, he loses.  So do the individuals with whom he relates.   Make no mistake about it---when the simple spirit of self-trust departs, though we may appear to win a few "battles," we have already lost the war!

 All relationships can be seen as "flashcards," designed for testing and retesting yourselves concerning one crucial issue:   Do you trust yourself, or not?  Whether or not an individual or situation under consideration is right or wrong for you is truly irrelevant in the light of this crucial, continual query.
The questions of "How do I find the right mate?" or "Which job best suits me?" are no longer relevant, once a person has understood the basic operation of energy attraction and repulsion.   Under the watchful guidance of honest, unbridled, organic knowingness---an individual will automatically find those situations that match his need for personal development.  It's natural, and it operates from its own kind of logic.
 About the time "What would be best for me?" becomes a crucial focus, it is plain that a person has already lost credibility with himself.  At that point, it is clear that his remaining motivation for direction comes from a need to please others.   After all, if a person has already disrespected himself---the only option he has is to try to win the approval of others. And so it goes.  We refer to individuals who live in this way as "ought-istic."  They are so concerned about doing what they “ought,” that they totally lose touch with what it is that they truly want." 

So, Gregg............Stop doubting!   TRUST YOURSELF, FIRST AND FOREMOST.   You had an opportunity to renew the relationship.  You looked it over, and you declined.  You did it from LOVE, I can feel that.   If the universe wants you back together again...........chances are you'll both circle around and create yet another opportunity to make that choice.  Or, perhaps, her "twin sister" will show up...........with many of the same charms, yet more resiliency to the power and passion.  

I'm so happy for you that you've had this kind of power-packed experience!   What a gift!   Knowing you........there is MUCH MORE PASSION ahead.......because that's what you love, and it's what you (both) deserve.   

Whether it's the Dark Side of Sexuality or the Light Side...........it's all got a place in the Greater Scheme of things.  Keep me posted on how all this goes.  I count myself honored to be sharing in your journey.”

To this, Gregg responded:   

 Hi Daniel, THANK YOU for what you wrote and for the Recon words you sent me. You can't imagine, well actually, I'm sure you can, how utterly relevant they are to me right now. My ego and pride, indeed, were the downfall of my true love; and I am sure they provided the hooks into me that my OneSelf Luciferian Brother who had me dominated from the word go took full advantage of!  

And why not hey! What better way to "crack open the ‘nut’ of our pride and self-protection”, than to put a young man face to face with the girl of his dreams, the manifestation of total perfection in his eyes, God's most perfect image and creation! What a perfect and beautiful recipe for disaster! And that disaster in many cases, as it surely was in mine, was a movement leading to the destruction of the Tower of Babel.

But don't worry, I am not under the illusion that my Tower is by any means destroyed, or gone for good, not by a LONG shot! Just that this was yet another run in with the Oneself Devil that ultimately helps to break even the most strong willed amongst us, those necessary run ins that provide those sometimes small, and sometimes huge, ego-deaths……and hopefully, if we make it through, and don't spiral too far into the dark void of self-destruction…….this process will leave us refreshed, surrendered to the pulsation of Spirit that much more, providing us, when we are ready to hear again, with some more lessons in integrity, self-trust, and that first-hand experience of perhaps the greatest tragedy of all – the abdication of “absolute trust and confidence” in our own intuition and abilities!

Thank you for your words to me, they have touched me deeply and reminded me of the imperative of SELF-TRUST. And thank you for reflecting back to me the aliveness of PASSION and its endless journey through Multi-Dimensional Mystery. I loved what you recently wrote about how when you first found yourself 'chosen' by the Recons it offered you some opportunity for ego-inflation, but now how you see each of us as 'chosen' if we are only willing to 'choose' ourselves (well something like that) - so I just want to say that in writing that, you really offered back your gift to each of us, at least for me.”


We speak of this New Sexuality as “Turbo Power for Ascending Humans,” because it provides equal desire and power to expand us beyond our wildest imagination as it does to shrink us back into tiny mounds of flesh---intertwined and eager---sharing endless hours of sensuous joy and wonderment with all Earth’s inhabitants who care or dare to drink it in!  

What is that feeling that just washed over us?  From whence does it come?  And even more important………where is it bound?  Bound for Heaven, I surmise!  Let us go there!  Let us go there NOW!  Let us drop whatever binds us, whatever feeds upon these Now Moment Possibilities……Let us rise up together and SOAR!!

The Craving for Infinity can only be matched and balanced by a clear and present passion for things finite……fleeting….impermanent……MORTAL.  This is why Gods are forever mixing and mingling with Humans……why they create us, embrace us, become frustrated and destroy us….only to start over with us…… again and again!  And each time they do, they share with us just a bit more of their eternal and all-encompassing nature. 

 Or, at least, that’s the way it plays out if we look at life from a Linear Progression.  If we see everything and everyone as part of the SAME ONE BEING, and all space and time being HERE and NOW---we begin viewing reality as Gods do.  And our various divisions and separations fall away.  And all things are revealed for what they are………….. 


Gregg continued his lessons for me…………

“One of the most powerful lessons for me in all of this was how, in the process of the intensity of that twin flame relationship, amongst all the passion and the darkness, there came a kind of explosion of the astral body that ran parallel to all this. You may say it was the awakening experience of my Merkabic Body. At this point much of the Recon material came even more to life for me. I also play “Pandoiante” on a regular basis for my occasional, and sometimes more than occasional, "frazzled soul."

One of the things that challenged me most with the Recon material in the time of my last relationship was when the Guides would talk about the evolving freedom of relationship and the new possibilities of how relationships could potentially be and manifest. As you can imagine, with such an almost total attachment to another, coupled with the darker powers of "possession", I did not want to hear this kind of talk at all! Whenever I used to hear their words, I would tighten my grip even more because the utter terror of losing what I had was just too much to bear!

Of course, that was exactly what happened, (wasn’t it? note from Daniel). When I first met her I found myself saying to myself, "I am entering into hell for this one! But no worries, I will get her out no problem and I’ll bring her back into the light. I'm strong enough to do that, masterful enough!" This joke was at my expense of course! Power is not a toy for children to play around with……well it is, but boy, will they learn the hard way…… well only the fools! 

Sometimes I meet such beautiful souls who seem so gentle; souls that do not seem to be undergoing this VOCATION of suffering to such an intense degree; souls that are not so in contact with the raging fires of hatred and anger, burning and boiling and bleeding with such seemingly endless emotional intensity. Though I would say that these raging fires of hatred and anger, are indeed, matched in intensity by their polarities.

When she first left me the longing and craving that I felt were like nothing I had ever before known. I mean, I thought I knew desire, but the longing for her, almost completely, began to resonate through every cell of my being. Truly, I would have rather died than live without her. This is where things turned interesting. I began to realize that this longing was based on our separation, or should I say, our PERCEIVED separation.

So what happened is…… the CRAVING began to propel me into CONNECTION, and into the experience of total, and I do mean total, MERGING with another in Light Body Communion. For that time I spent my evenings wrapped in meditation with my Twin Flame. I learnt how to align with her and breathe together as One Soul. The only thing that was two, were our physical bodies, and I must say, in the process of that alchemy, even that sense faded away.  In that time I had never tasted such purity of love and connection. It was a spiritual merging of essences. In this time, the Recon transmission on "The Magical, Manifesting Mind" took on a whole new meaning…………….

My mind became single-pointed, and my pineal gland became crystallized and pulsating upon central strand entrainment of my whole being, in what I experienced as one-pointed devotion to my Twin Flame love. There was alignment from Keter, to the crystallization of Daat, which unified the upper field, to the spiritual soul-communion of Tiferetic Bonding, to the merging of Yesodic bliss, and, as I said, even unto the merging of our physical bodies. All bodies in all worlds entering this Twin Flame love communion. The channel of communication was blown open between us, the Astral Bridge formed, the Trans-portal complete. 

I knew she would come back to me, although at times, I was not sure if I was going crazy...... but I just followed the "DOMINANT TONE", for there was NOTHING else I could do at that time. For this reason, I trusted it. The Transmission containing the statement from the Recons about the "DOMINANT TONE" was so important to me. It gave me the permission somehow to trust in this crazy process. This teaching of the "DOMINANT TONE", for me, has been one of the most powerful that the Recons have brought forth.”


The Awareness of this “Dominant Tone” in consciousness rescues an awakening human from being drowned in sensation, washed away with unbridled, boundless perception!  And even though spiritual teachings, down through the centuries, have denied the importance of EGO when one is becoming enlightened…...I would submit that a strong and vibrant EGO CONSCIOUSNESS….the “I” that sees ONLY what it chooses to see.....that refuses to BE nought but what it chooses to Be…..is a perfect Administrator for this Oneself Experience of which the Reconnections speak, and of which our young friend Gregg sings so enthusiastically! 

And there is much, much more he will share with us as time goes by.  As you can see, at the end of his last paragraph---Gregg began to build a powerful metaphor for Light Body Blending that is drawn from the symbolism and teachings of Kabbalah.  And that will come, in due time.  Meanwhile, your input and questions are most welcome.  We do consider this to be a COMMUNITY DISCUSSION---sitting around a bonfire of sorts----burning brightly within our hearts, bound together by Oneself Universal Spirit. 

And all the people said:  “Amen.”  And all the Santar said:  “Solaris Homily!”



Copyright, 2010, by Daniel Jacob, where indicated.  Copyright, 2010, by Gregg Palmer, where indicated.  All Rights Reserved.