Spirit-Led Sexuality, Part 4

Sexuality and Kabbalah

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

(with selected writings by Gregg Palmer)  

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Shortly after Gregg chose to let go of his original “addictive love,” he met someone new.  This is obviously a time in his life when RELATIONSHIP and MATTERS OF THE HEART are center-stage.  The same was true for me during my early thirties---which is one of the elements that draws Gregg and I together now.  


The Reconnections teach that people we encounter do not come into our lives.  Rather, they come out of US!  They’re like Tarot Cards that have been carefully shuffled, then laid down in front of us for interpretation and learning.  The same is true regarding purposes we serve in their lives. At this point, it’s very important to remember that this is entirely perceptual. Each person is REAL, they are not figments of our imagination.  How we interpret their significance in our lives---THAT is quite subjective and variable. Each of us has the power to make our world into one gigantic metaphor if we so choose.  Sometimes we will, sometimes we won’t. Some days, the best we can do is simply LIVE THROUGH those 24 hours that have been given us. No analysis. No great insight.  We live first, then we draw our interpretations later. 


Gregg continued to share the consequences of his recent decisions with me:


“Thinking through things, I guess even the haywire movement in relation to the 'split' itself could be seen as the 'Dominant Tone' in that time. You once told me that everything happens for a reason. And in this light, for whatever reason, the 'Dominant Tone' became my whirlpool of confusion. And I guess the reason, as it many times is, was to open up "what's next".  I have thought a lot about what you wrote: “the fear of losing produced the illusion of loss, that the desire to regain produced the illusion of gain, and the additional relationship became a fragmentation of the first. Interestingly enough, when I met the second woman there were uncanny 'crossovers' that let me know at the time that this was a movement of the "Great Winds in the Sky". Little things that were massive to me---like seeing the same perfume containers in their bathrooms, the frequency grouping of their names…….even a similar smell to their washing!”


One of the clearest signs that a person is ready to move to the “Next Levels” of Conscious Perception is a growing ability to see metaphoric connections between the people who enter his (or her) life and the Shadow Self.  This step of growth requires just enough “holy narcissism” to imagine that an entire universe could exist (in part) as a mirror for your “Dark Side” (the parts of you that are normally not seen)---balanced by equal amounts of personal humility---so that repugnant reflections are owned and embraced as well as those traits which are considered "admirable." 


Beyond that, comes an ability to COMPARTMENTALIZE our fragmentations---so we not only recognize reflections of SELF in certain individuals, but also how they can be understood as fragments of EACH OTHER. 


It goes on and on, this process of Fragmentation---with a myriad of “messages” forming in and around each of us.  The greatest “rewards” (if one wishes to evaluate life in that type of context) go to those who can recognize each level of self as various scenarios lay themselves out before him. Just like cards in the Tarot.   



The Tarot analogy is mine.  In Gregg’s life context, viewing the Kabbalah as a mirror of self seems to make the most sense.  So he continues to apply New Paradigm Principles using that imagery and languaging.  Hang onto your hats here, because his wording has power to make a person’s mind and heart spin:




“And so we begin the penetration into our own souls, the CENTRE….for this is ONE place where we may find the truth of who and what we are. And by “truth” here, I am not just referring to some fixed, abiding, unchanging abode---neither am I referring to a state of wild and fluid creativity that is an expanse of the Divine Kingdom throughout multi-dimensional time and space, but rather I am referring to that POINT, that CENTRE, or even, if I may, that MOMENT, which is itself our multi-dimensional “NOW” vehicle, which is both, utterly FIXED and utterly FLUID, in, at, and as, precisely the same moment.


The CENTRE is the midpoint at the heart of polarity, the place where All-That-Is enters into harmonic convergence, the singularity of the multiplicity, the individual SOUL and the collective SOURCE, ALL at the SAME TIME, and in the SAME SPACE. Now this is where we may stretch ourselves into a new paradigm where All-That-Is, or any aspect thereIN, may be accessed HERE and NOW, via the SOUL portal of the CENTRAL SUN, in the SAME time and the SAME space, which is the “access” POINT of the ETERNAL NOW, depending on which aspect we WISH to bring forth.


As we understand and experience ourselves to be the DIVINE SOUL at the heart of our own uni-verses, then we may become CONSCIOUS CREATORS of that UNI-VERSE, merely through “blending” into our SOUL experience, any aspect we choose. It is here, through the simple mixing and mingling of pure imagination and emotion, through an ACT of FAITH and KNOWING, that we may SPIN the Multi-verse and create it in accord with the divine whims of our DESIRE, in and as, the Cosmic Dance of the Children of Light.


To me, what we are doing as Lightworkers and Alchemists, and what the “PATH” is really about, is purifying our CONNECTION with SELF WORTH---which is, to me, most simply, our sense and experience of ourselves as DIVINE. For as we KNOW ourselves to be divine, and as our IDENTITY rests more and more as the Central Sun of our own SOULS, the Divine Vortex of the God I Am, the golden sphere of the “Philosophers Stone”, then to this degree may we afford to let our hands go free, as we are ever BONDED to our VORTEX MERKABIC CORE, the CENTRE of our Immortal Bodies of Light.


Now the question of “how this looks” as it were, for each individual, will be entirely unique to each Alchemical Builder. For what we are dealing with here, when speaking of the CENTRE, is the MERKABIC CORE, that Omni centric, Omni dimensional point, which is the CENTRE of the Light Body, and the CENTRE of our uni-verse. The description of the Light Body that I will use obviously coincides with my direct experience of my own Light Body that I have built according to the whims of my own FEELINGS, KNOWING, and IMAGINATION. It is up to each MAGI of course, to do the same.


For myself, I have found the image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life tremendously useful in this regard so it would be worth being familiarised with the image of the Tree for this will assist in following the explanation of my experience. I may also add here that I found the image of the Tree “fit” with my own experience. The point here is that I did not “fit” my own experience into an image, but that certain images just happened to “fit” me, and this, I would suggest, is by far the most potent way of working with Light Body Formation. The message here is to work with what “fits”, and if something doesn’t, forget it.



The line that runs through the middle of the Tree is what I refer to as the Central Strand and it is a CONNECTIVE STRAND of infinite proportions. It is this Central Strand really that I am concerned with here, and the how the Alchemist may bring the Central Strand into perfect harmonic alignment, through Merkabic Meditation and Imaging, with the love-light streams of the DIVINE PULSATION, which is the BLISS vibration of Divine Alignment. So we are firstly concerned with the formation of our own Light Bodies, so that then we may enter the GREAT WORK of the Light Body Blending Arts, nothing less than the art of Sacred Alchemy, the ART of CREATION.


We may start with three spheres on the tree, Daat, Tiferet, and Yesod. Daat I position as the pineal gland, that star which is located at the geometric centre of the brain, Tiferet I position as what the Reconnections have referred to as the “matrix of focused energy which, in the Neo-Shaman, nestles right below the sternum”, and Yesod I position as the sexual organs. These three spheres form what are to me the essential “SUNS” of the Central Strand and the Creative World of Formation.


In their Transmission “Neo-Shamans of the New Millennium”, the Reconnections have this to say:


“You will often hear, in our explanations to you, an expression that describes a matrix of focused energy which, in the Neo-Shaman, nestles right below the sternum.   The "Cinderbox" is an etheric gateway that is commonly utilized by a transitional consciousness, both to enter into the Unseen Realms or to introduce into the World of Form those various "spirit travellers" who desire to visit here.

The heat that is often generated in this area is symbolic of the passion and excitement that characterizes this place called "The Betwixt and Between."   You see, when a person dwells here, he has access to the two prime motivational forces in the Multiverse." 

And in their Transmission called, “Becoming Magical”, the Reconnections have this to say:

“The other side of LOGIC is MAGIC.  In fact, these two Archetypes are really cousins--the offspring of Theos and Chaos, as they were chipped off from the Oneself of All That Is. Understanding who they are, and their roles in your personal transformation, constitutes your next level of participation in The Grand Game…


Emotion is a gateway, that either joins or separates the two, depending upon whether you allow your intuitive centers to remain open or closed.  And we would suggest to you now that the imminent passing of your so-called "Age of Reason," there will be a NEW CENTER for processing these beliefs, and related information.  It will be a place of INTEGRATION, not FILTRATION........as was the grid which featured only logic. It will be a Center for Conscious Choice, which is a whole other essence entirely.  The Center outlines without confining.  It honors without serving.  And it opens all to communion with all else. What seems to be "choosing" in the eyes of one aspect must be "choice" for you all, or it will not come to pass.”



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And in their Transmission titled “A Meeting Place for All People they tell us:


“The Physical Dimensions are becoming a primary meeting place for the Celestial and the Internal Realms, also known as the Underworld.  There are "meeting rooms" here where Inter-Dimensional Delegates can share their intrinsic worth with each other, without losing the purity of who and what they are.  The Archetypes who administrate the absolute levels of those realms will never actually meet, except through each of YOU.  Your individual and mass consciousness is becoming a cauldron, into which is being poured all the best and most dynamic elements of Light and Dark, Form and Void, God and Goddess.

Going UP in vibration, you have access to Logic (Logos)---the Realm of Pure Idea.   Moving DOWN the scale will bring you into Realms of Pure Emotion and Passion (Pathos).  In Oneness, neither supercedes or dominates the other.  A Guardian Spirit guarantees this.  At present, your planet is moving rapidly towards what is called "The Edge of Here and Now" which is neither up nor down, but a point between.  From this point, your various Delegations will have access to everything, and be limited to nothing.”


The relevance to me, of all this material from the Recons in relation to the art of Sacred Alchemy is huge. To me what the Recons describe here when they speak of these “meeting rooms”, is the “meeting” place of the SOUL, the portal of the “harmonic convergence”, Tiferet. Also, if we take the Tree, we find an illustration of what the Recons are referring to as Logos, symbolized by Daat, Pathos, symbolized by Yesod, and “The Edge of Here and Now” which is neither up nor down, but a point in between, symbolized by Tiferet, which is the PLACE we will start.


In these particular transmissions a main point that is emphasized is this “NEW CENTRE” of Integration. For me this CENTRE is the most important “PLACE” for us as Alchemical Builders of the light body. As mentioned, I would position this CENTRE as Tiferet on the Tree and locate it bodily in the nexus of focused energy just below the sternum. For me, this is the CENTRE of my light body, of my uni-verse, of my IDENTITY, of the ETERNAL NOW MOMENT, the DIVINE SOURCE. I see and experience this CENTRE as both my individual source and the collective source at the same time. This is to me the Sovereign Condition of the ONESELF DOMAIN that may come to dwell in humans bodily as THAT which we truly are, the DIVINE SOUL, the Central Sun, Tiferet. This is the CENTRE of my I AM PRESENCE.



Tiferet is the CENTRE of Integration and Synthesis that is to me the Eye of the Infinite Hurricane. It is the central loci of the multi-versal matrix and as we bond in ever greater degrees to this golden soul that is our most precious sense of SELF, then to this degree do we enter the heart of spiritual communion with all-that-is, for all-that-is is bonded to Tiferet, as Tiferet is the Core Gravitational Vortex of the Divine Source and the DIVINE SOUL of the INDIVIDUAL.


If we look, we see that Tiferet is CONNECTED to all other spheres. It is a CENTRE of INTEGRATION and SYNTHESIS, the Alchemists' “philosophers stone”, that we may use to mix, mingle and blend, the infinite strands of all-that-is in accord with the sensitivity and sentiment of our OWN being. Tiferet is a place where we may start, and we may begin by IMAGING in a golden sphere in that central nexus just below the sternum. As we IMAGE-IN this golden sphere, we may feel into its position intuitively, until it feels “right” for us. Our centres may be higher or lower than this, the only thing that matters is that it feels “right”.


What has been important and of great use to me is ACTUALLY to have a sense of my CENTRE literally DWELLING within my body, as this has greatly assisted me, and continues to assist me in remaining anchored and grounded in the subtle body, and able to be in touch with my very own soul centre, using it as a centre for integration and synthesis, a point that is CONNECTED to ALL dimensions, ALL vibrations, ALL worlds, ALL times, ALL places, ALL polarities… yet remaining as the MIDPOINT of all, retaining always it’s inherent and essential purity, that offers me my OWN IDENTITY and my OWN signature vibration, whilst simultaneously BEING the heart of the COLLECTIVE, the CREATION VORTEX for the all-that-is to manifest itself in, as, and through, and being my PLACE of COMMUNION with all beings and dimensions everywhere, throughout multi-dimensional time and space.



If we image-in a golden ball in our CENTRE, and keep our consciousness focused upon it, experiencing this centre as the central loci of our identity, and understanding this centre to be, through FEELING and KNOWINGNESS, our DIVINE SOURCE and DIVINE PRESENCE, we have a central location to begin building our sacred geometric bodies of light. 


When the Central Strand is aligned with the Divine Pulsation, then thought becomes focused and one-pointed as the Bliss Pulsation within the centre of the brain, the pineal gland. This is Daat. As Daat is purified more and more (through focused forms such as Mantra for example), it becomes both a receptive and transmittive pulsation of the divine streams. This is to me the experience of Logos.


Just as our THOUGHT frequency is purified through FOCUSED “WORK”, our sexual energy, PATHOS, may be awakened and experienced through allowing FEELING and DESIRE to be liberated and experienced fully. The ocean of “Sexual Bliss” that is Pathos, may be seen as Yesod.


How we may integrate and synthesize these two seeming polarities of one-pointed focused Logos, and oceanic unhindered Pathos, is through the midpoint of the SOUL, our Merkabic CENTRES that may hold both “QUALITIES” at the same time, mixing them, mingling them , and blending them, into the DREAMS of ONENESS, the Alchemy of INFINITE CREATION.


The CENTRE of the Vortex Merkaba is to me the CENTRE of creation. It is the Divine Source out of which proliferates the entire cosmos. It is the source of our Individuality, our love, and our power. It is multi-dimensional, providing the gravitational centre for all-that-is, also acting as the SOUL of the “Magical Child” in the third dimension.



As we experience our identities as our own centre, perhaps starting as a golden sphere in the centre of our own bodies, we may begin to “SPIN” our centres and allow the filaments of light to spin like a geometric tornado around us, charging our fields and the fields around us anyway that we FEEL. If you’ve ever seen a plasma ball then this can be quite a “fitting” image!


From our CENTRE of POWER we may tune into any frequency, dimension, being, etc, that we choose, aligning with them and even experiencing their particular vibratory signatures through the GIFT of “resonance”. It is also worth stating here that this CENTRE of POWER is simultaneously our CENTRE of VULNERABILITY. This brings forth the realization that we ALL are, in our fullest sense, both RECEIVERS and TRANSMITTERS at precisely the same time, and an imbalance in either, may act as a form of “loss”, in relation to our CONNECTIVITY in any given moment. This also emphasizes our nature as RELATIONAL beings, or even, RELATIONAL BEING.


As we gain a stable and anchored connection to our CENTRE, AS our CENTRE, then we may, through Merkabic Meditation, begin to ENTRAIN the entire subtle body in ALL worlds and dimensions, through the SACRED SPINNING of our Light Bodies. As we “REST” with greater ease and comfort as the purity of our own SOULS, then we may “LET GO” of our hold on other identity aspects and allow them to NATURALLY ENTRAIN themselves to our divine cores. As this occurs, the Central Strand may come naturally and effortlessly into harmonic alignment, each “STAR POINT” taking its POINT OF REFERENCE from the Central Sun, the core of our own souls. As we CENTRE in our DIVINE CORES, and let the “hold” which we may have on our periphery identities go, then ALL other aspects, including the most DIVINE and BEAUTIFUL human body, are given permission to RELAX, and to come into alignment and resonance with the Divine Frequencies. This may allow for the Divine Source itself to enter into the very frontiers of human consciousness, bringing forth physiological cellular resonance of the God I Am frequency, into every cell and organ of being.



It is through the simple spinning of my Vortex Merkaba that I have learnt to ENTRAIN “MY” uni-verse to “ME”, merging into the “FLOW” of life through allowing the love-light streams of the God I Am to mix, mingle, and blend, through my own SOUL, weaving the Divine Tapestry through the golden wings of my light body, gliding through infinite creation as a butterfly of light, a divine angel of the new world. This my friends, is FLYING!


My personal WORK is to ever purify my CONNECTION “AS” my SOUL. The many different forms that this takes may be discussed later. But the Divine WORK of PURIFICATION is imperative to the MAGI seeking to penetrate into, and ESTABLISH themselves, both in, and as, their MERKABIC CORES, the HEART of CREATION. By some way of a definition of what is meant here by this “WORK of PURIFICATION”, I would say only that it is our sense of divine purity that allows us to EMBRACE ALL aspects of LIGHT and DARKNESS, being consumed by neither, and without losing our essential cores. This is the process of Divine Alchemy where we may use the inter-dimensional WEAVING of our Immortal Bodies of Light to refine our beings into the God- I- Am frequency, and partake as CREATORS in the Infinite Dreams of ONENESS.” (~GP.)


Not only is Gregg describing the process of “flying” as a spiritual exercise, he is also arranging his words so as to FLY HIS READERS into the exact frequency he wishes them to occupy.  Hovering at this frequency, we experience things differently. Through usage of certain phraseology, such as “Merkabic Core” and “Love-Light Streams of the Divine Pulsation,” we are coaxed (dare I say “seduced?”) into a light trance---granting entry into our consciousness through a different doorway than someone utilizing pure intellect. 


This time around, Gregg is speaking to us about entraining ourselves with a WORLD, a UNIVERSE.  In our next segment, he will speak to us about a remarkable technique he calls “Light Body Blending.”  At that point, the TURBO ACTION of Spirit-Led Sexuality will truly begin to spin---in and through each of us.  As always, your comments and experiences are most welcome.  I will continue to post them, right along with the articles.  After all, it DOES “take a village” to satisfy the heart of a child-----regardless of that child’s age! 


"For That, by which we
See all colours,
Taste all flavours,
Smell all sounds,
And feel the touch of our beloved,
That is the Self.

This Self alone is the experiencer
Of all experiences,
It is the sustainer of all life,
And the ruler of time itself.
Who knows this Self
Rejects nothing and fears no-one.

This Self is the ultimate Reality:
That which was before creation
And from which creation was born.
Yet who sees this Self
Sees it resting in the hearts of all.

From this Self flows
Both the energy and the infinity
Which brought into being
The original creation,

This Self enters the hearts
Of all that are born of it.

Who sees this
Sees the Self....... becomes the Self."


Katha Upanishad, translated by.........
Swami Ambikananda Saraswati




Copyright, 2010, by Daniel Jacob, where indicated.  Copyright, 2010, by Gregg Palmer, where indicated.  All Rights Reserved.