Spirit-Led Sexuality, Part 5

Light Body Blending

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

(with selected writings by Gregg Palmer)  


As promised earlier, we'd like to take some time to speak about this wonderful process called "Light Body Blending."  Although a person can experience L.B.B. at any level of Sexual Evolution---many folks don't begin experimentation in this realm until they've concluded or greatly diminished their exploration of physical sexuality, including those various relationship dynamics which arise from physical intimacy. 

What is a "Light Body?"  For purposes of this discussion, I will define "Light Body" as that Level of SELF which a person can move about using only his or her MIND.  It's a BODY BEYOND A (3D) BODY which knows no bounds, except those we consciously place there.  A brush, in the hand of an artist---vividly sketching the type of existence he or she TRULY wishes to explore. 

3D Existence is a mirror.........a mating dance between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.  People "out there" (in 3D) appear to be separate, but they are not.  They are made to SEEM separate, so we can experience what life is like with or without those traits and qualities they represent.  When we exercise our imagination or visualization skills---a dense physical body can be instantly changed into whatever we wish it to be.  In 3D, we say "I am."  In 4D and beyond, we also have the option of saying:  "Suppose I were........"  And this is the first step of practicing TRANSCENDENCE---our incremental expansion from merely being someone or something to becoming everyone and everything!!

Building upon his analogy of viewing one's Sexual/Sensual Anatomy as parts of the Tree of Kabbalah, our friend Gregg proceeds to share with us a process he calls "Light Body Blending."          


So, let us now take the Central Strand and the three spheres of the Tree as our point of reference, and let us assume that YOU have attained to one-pointed singular focalization of Daat, located in the geometric centre of the pineal gland, manifesting as blissful and pulsing God I Am THOUGHT frequency, unifying the supernal worlds and bringing forth perfect hemispheric symmetry within the brain. And let us assume that YOU have BONDED to Tiferet, having realized your IDENTITY as the Central Sun of your Being in, and as, the divine NEXUS of the Soul, the opening of the Divine Stargate. And let us assume that YOU have surrendered to your Yesodic INNER FLOWS of EMOTION and PASSION and SEXUAL FEELING, allowing their divine streams to be aligned with the divine pulsing of the pineal gland, whilst REMAINING ANCHORED and CENTRED as the MIDPOINT of the SOUL, allowing perfect entrainment of all polarities through your CENTRAL CORE. And let us assume that YOU have awakened your IDENTITY EXPRESSION as the IMMORTAL blazing of your SACRED GEOMETRIC Light Body Form in ALL the fullness of its Omni directional, Omni dimensional glory, KNOWING your very own SELF to be a STAR, a UNI-verse, a GALAXY! And let us assume that all of this experience is grounded, anchored, and centred within your own physical body in the third dimension, and that your own physical body vibrates to the physiological cellular resonance of the God I Am frequency in every cell and organ of its being, which thusly may be represented by the sphere of Malkuth on the Tree. Given that there is “enough of” a sense of these assumptions within the MAGI, we may be ready to begin our exploration into the sacred domain of ONENESS and the infinite possibilities of Light Body Blending.


In their Transmission entitled “CONSCIOUS CREATION”, the Reconnections have this to say:


“The more you learn to trust, the less vigilance you need to maintain while playing the game.  Your focus begins to narrow itself to a pinpoint--a laser, even--as you adeptly search the game board for reasons to say:  "I am not alone!  There is something that I yet must accomplish."  As you continue the scan--searching for drama and intrigue--your universe always seems to provide.  Meanwhile, the velocity of your signature vibration continues to rise.


While this is occurring, your planetary body is beginning to slow down.  It is now entraining its movement to a CREATIVE CENTER (capitals added) which is now physically represented here, rather than aligning with a nebulous "God" Icon that resides only within the heavens.  Your Spaceship Earth has become a Multidimensional Vehicle for the Oneself Child who carries authority and power, while still represented in physical form. 


We are speaking about YOU, My Dear Friends.  You are doing it.  You are creating and expanding, and you are doing much, much more!”


And of course, to me, what the Recons are referring to when they speak of our planetary body entraining itself to a CREATIVE CENTRE, is the golden sphere of Tiferet, of the SOUL, quite literally coming to DWELL bodily within the human being. It is also worth noting that the position of Tiferet on the Tree of Life has been called the Centre of Christ Consciousness, and also has been referred to as God the Son, indeed, the “Oneself Child”. This is, to me, the INCARNATING of the God I Am as the very awakening of the Meta-Human…………



A major aspect of what is being referred to here as Light Body Blending, is the ART of “MERGING” with a sacred “OTHER” in Light Body. The reasons for this may be manifold but most reasons would more than likely fall into two categories. That is firstly through the DESIRE to CONNECT with a BELOVED in the divine SHARING of sacred UNION, and secondly for purposes of offering HEALING and assistance to another being, and maybe, of course, it could be both. In this regard the words of Daniel Jacob are illuminating:


“The opening of an Astral Bridge between souls can be accomplished between two lovers---or it can also be accomplished in a healing setting.  As I have observed many healing settings in my 25 years in practice, it's often hard to differentiate between making love and healing............(besides segregating certain "acts" as "love-making" and others as "healing modalities.")   However, as you know.......the FEELINGS that are exchanged often represent a huge TRANSFERENCE of ENERGIES............and old-time healers, such as Freud and Jung, were known to crossover certain lines of demarcation in their efforts to reach their patients---and take them to a "new" and vibrant "place" within themselves.”


These words I feel capture the LOVE, INTIMACY, and POWER of what we are dealing with in the EXCHANGE and SHARING of two Light Bodies entering ALIGNMENT upon a SINGULAR Central Strand. And in this vein, what we may discover as Alchemists, is that the GREAT SECRET to OUR endeavours, as MASTERS of LOVE, of POWER, and MYSTERY, may be held in the most gentle and most divine tenderness of that most simple GIFT and divine offering-------CONNECTION. For is it not CONNECTION, and our NEED for CONNECTION, that ACTS as a “driving” FORCE behind so many of our DESIRES and DREAMS, if not them ALL, and is it not part, if not ALL of the sacred WORK of the Alchemist, to refine that NEED for CONNECTION, from an unconscious motivation, to a CONSCIOUS MASTERY of LOVE and INTENT. In this light, the Alchemy of Light Body Blending is one such FORM of CONNECTION, albeit one of the greatest FORMS there may be. And as noted, this GREAT ART hinges on the Alchemists CONNECTION with their own SOUL, that most sacred, most sweet, most powerful, most mysterious Merkabic Core, known by many Alchemists as the “PHILOSOPHERS STONE”………


At this point we may introduce a further concept into the MIX of our Alchemical Cauldron, whereby OUR Alchemical Process of refining, aligning, harmonizing, entraining, mixing and mingling etc, All-That-Is into the love-light divinity streams of the God I Am frequency, may move towards ever greater degrees of balance and FORM. Here, taking Tiferet as the SOURCE CONDITION of our Alchemical Gold, we may WORK with the concept of the TWIN FLAME…….




The search for our perfect “OTHER”, our perfect vibrational match, our perfect love and divine counterpart, seems very much embedded into our collective psyche, and for good reason I am sure. For this deep thirst and yearning within the heart and soul of mankind for that perfect “OTHER”, may take its birth from our DESIRE for completeness, for wholeness, for balance, and most essentially, for OURSELVES. And this DESIRE may provide the Alchemist, should he/she choose to WORK in such a way, with a springboard containing the necessary FORCE and pressure, to quite literally catapult one into ONENESS.


Suffice it to say that our Twin Flame is the other half of our own being, of our own soul, of our own vibration. It is the masculine to the feminine, the feminine to the masculine, the positive to the negative, the negative to the positive. And for the Alchemist of course, both of these qualities rest within his/her own being. However it is due to that which we feel we lack that gives rise to our search for the sacred “other”, that ultimately, may be found to be the GROUND of our very own SELF. Nevertheless, our craving for CONNECTION remains a strong FORCE within us, and if harnessed appropriately, may lead us and propel us into the frontiers of our being, bringing forth balance and sacred union withIN.



Gregg Palmer


I will share some of my own experience here to illustrate how this GEM was garnered for me in my own life. This is really a story about the reclamation of my own “anima”, that perfect “other” half of my own soul that I allowed to be held for me, for a while, by my sacred “other”, and how, through the loss of her, I came to experience that “otherness” as nowhere other than the very ground of my own SOUL, my own being, bringing forth alignment both withIN, and as, my own Twin Flame vibration. I am sure any of us who have loved and lost will know of the pain that comes through “losing” that which we would rather die than live without. This is  the classic experience of broken heartedness that may give rise to the almost unbearable agony of yearning and longing, of craving for the “object” of our desire. This was my experience of losing that which I would have rather died than live without, and how, as an Alchemist and Light Worker, I used this experience and the PASSION contained therein, to fuel my journey into the very heart and soul of CONNECTION.


The fuel provided by that degree of craving had the power to propel me into the SOUL. I realized that my craving was very much “physical”, and that the craving was at its most intense when I was most identified with my physical aspect. I could not bear to be without her and so I entered deep meditation on my soul. I learnt to BOND to my own soul through Tiferetic contemplation which is literally a DWELLING upon the golden sphere of Tiferet as ONE’s CENTRE. This is a practice of imagination, feeling and focus of consciousness. At times my whole IDENTITY and being would merge into this golden sphere of CHRIST light.


As I entered my soul I could feel and experience my LOVE, and this was enough, and this is ultimately what got me through. I realized that what I was craving more than anything else was the CONNECTION to her, and other than the actuality of the “physical” loss, my pain was founded on the belief that I had lost the connection itself. What I came to realize was that CONNECTION once forged may never be lost, for all exists in the SOUL, AS the SOUL, and I learnt that through CONNECTING to my own soul, I could CONNECT with anything within the infinite realm of All-That-Is, including my love.



To maintain IDENTITY as the SOUL takes tremendous purity of being, since the SOUL may be considered as our Divine Source, our I Am Presence, our God CENTRE, and I had no option but to stay there, which at that time, was effortless for me, for to not be BONDED to my own soul, as my own soul, was too unbearable. From Tiferet I formed an Astral Bridge, a Transportal, between me and my love, and I could enter her SOUL and experience the perfect ONENESS of our CONNECTION through what I call Tiferetic Bonding. As our souls merged I would bring forth the Gold and Silver Violet Flame from out my Merkabic Core and spin and spin these divine flames, these filaments of divine light, ever purifying, transmuting, harmonizing, entraining, and refining our CONNECTION. As the Twin Flame Vortex opened as our Divine Stargate, our Central Strands would enter upon alignment and we would resonate to the pulsing streams of the God I Am frequency in all bodies and in all worlds.


Over time of course I realized that this CONNECTION was withIN my own SELF and my Twin Flame aspect became integrated into my own being inherent as my own consciousness. The Alchemy here, was the Light Body Blending between my Twin Flame and I, and how, through entering Tiferetic Bonding as the Twin Flame Vortex, aligning upon a singular Central Strand, and using the sacred spinning of the Vortex Merkaba to bring forth the HIGHEST LIGHT QUOTIENT possible between us, AS US, the Alchemical Process of refining Separation into ONENESS occurred between these two lovers. This gave new meaning to those sacred words uttered by Sri Aurobindo, “The supreme state of human love is the unity of one soul within two bodies”.




Now when considering the sacred ART of Light Body Blending as a healing modality there may be certain things to consider……….


A first point to consider here of utmost importance, is the question of PERMISSION of ENTRY, when it comes to entering the SOUL of “an-OTHER”. To lay down rules and regulations here is not my point, but it is just to say that there may be a fine line between “blending” and “possession” for those of certain sensibilities. However, with the “Guardian Spirit” at work for US at this CURRENT time, suffice it to say, that anybody who tries to use this sacred ART for purposes of “possession” rather than “blending”, that is, with ill intent, may just find themselves being NUBBED and FROZEN COLD in their POWER, overcome by “possessive fatigue”, until they realize, hopefully, that the VEIL of separation is being thinned at this time, not for purposes of CONTROL, but for purposes of FREEDOM. And it may very well be those same ones, who have been NUBBED from behind, who realize, that in the purity of their own SOUL, not only do BOTH exist, but BOTH may be fully realized, at the same time, through the MIDPOINT of the Merkabic Vortex Core. Other than that, I would say that it is really through our trust, in the purity of our own intent and guidance, that leads us as Wayshowers, Light Workers, Healers, Teachers and Alchemists, into the heart of the new world……………..


So when it comes to Light Body Blending as a HEALING modality, we may begin by looking at some of the possibilities and potentialities of such an ART. Healing, as it is referred to here, means only revealing to FEELING. Therefore, one of the purposes of Light Body Blending may be to assist in the refining and transmuting of another’s “field”, helping them to purify their OWN connection to their OWN SOUL, their own feelings. This may be done through entering into sacred communion with an-OTHER through Tiferetic Bonding, and gently using one’s OWN light body to blend with theirs, assisting in restoring God I Am Frequency through “harmonic resonance and alignment” of the Central Strand. Obviously it is the Light Workers FAITH in him/her SELF and their own INTENT that GUIDES this process as an ACT of SPIRIT.


Many there are who may not even have an awareness of their own soul, let alone a connection to it, and therefore, one of the GIFTS that the Alchemist may bring is the software installation of SOUL technology. That is, through working with an-OTHERS Central Strand, the Alchemist may be able to assist in the “burning” of some of the denser frequencies withIN a person’s field, and bring forth a frequency upload of light body technology, assisting that OTHER in coming into CONTACT with the star-seed technology of their own being, and assisting them in the initial stages of awakening, and building, of their own Light Bodies.



This may also apply on a planetary level. Taking our OWN soul to be the Source Condition of the Collective as well as of our own Individuality, we may enter into the heart of the “Manifestation Vortex” and upload software into the collective program. In this way the star-seeds may partake in the co-creation of the new world. in this way have the star children, and specifically the Indigos, been called Systems Engineers. The Manifestation Vortex is only another word for our own SOUL, and as we realize the Source Condition of our own IDENTITIES to be none other than the DIVINE SOURCE itself, we may, as an ACT of consciousness, will, imagination, feeling, DESIRE – bring forth into the heart of our collective program, ALL of OUR WISHES and DREAMS unto Infinity, and nothing less………………………………


We may enter the Collective SOUL “AS” our own BODIES, and assist our Great Mother in transmuting the denser frequencies of our world, anchoring and CENTREING as our own Central Sun, in Divine Communion with the All-That-Is. And through the SPINNING of our VORTEX MERKABAS, we may assist in the transmuting, harmonizing, entraining, refining, mixing and mingling, of the divine strands, until we have purified the filaments of the divine streams, into the freedom matrix of the God I Am, the “Edge of Here and NOW”, ever continuing to partake in the wondrous Co-Creation of INFINITE MYSTERY………….. the infinite PLAY of God I Am………….."  ~GP.


There are many ways people use to "connect."  There are no "right" ways or "wrong" ways.  There are just ways.  For those who share Gregg's love of Kabbalah---this mental framework may prove to be quite effective.  If we can simply remember that everything and everyone in our world is simply a reflection of some part of US---we'll never be in danger of misusing our gifts, or harming others. If you have some ideas to share, or questions to ask about this sacred process, please write me and share them!  The more we go forward with this project, the more it takes on the feeling of a COMMUNITY FORUM.  And that makes us very happy indeed! 

"On the Morning of Creation, you will recognize the Unified Collective Consciousness of all Humankind as your own true identity.  You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the bridge between Spirit and Matter, between Creator and Creation, between Life and the forms through which Life flows.  If you release the definitions that Matter has set upon you, this is the definition that the Creator will bestow, the definition of Christ Himself. 

Can you see yourself as we of the distant stars do, from the objective vantage point of the ages, with the eyes of the Star-Maker Himself?  To us, your entire history appears as but a gesture.  We see in your passage through the vibrational field of Earth a gesture that you make, a salute almost, to the energy-retention systems of this particular heavenly body.  This is how you express yourself on this beautiful blue and white world whirling through space.  We have come to remind you who you are."

~The Starseed Transmissions, through Ken Carey




Copyright, 2010, by Daniel Jacob, where indicated. Copyright, 2010, by Gregg Palmer, where indicated.  All Rights Reserved.