Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Spiritual Gifts and Planetary Gridwork"


Hello, My Dear Friends,

The transformation continues.  And you are each learning, in detail, about those particular "gifts" you bring, which perfectly portray your own expanding nature, and are most useful for the Planetary Unfoldment as it expresses itself within your immediate vicinity.  Indeed, you are ALL OF IT, in a macrocosmic sense.  Never forget this wonderful, grounding fact.  But locally, in the "first person" sense---the experiential level--you are also something very unique and powerful.    

And now, a few definitions.  A Matrix is a womb--a context in which living, developing, and birthing takes place.  Most Matrices will configurate themselves according to a particular idea or group of ideas.  The beings who live in them are physically and psychically entrained with the core ideas and 3D agenda they represent.  A Matrix is the "reality box" in which each of you exist.  

Most awakening Neo-Shamans are able to comprehend the existence of a Matrix, which is the world.  You've even created a series of motion pictures to describe it.  Of course, that description is only partial.  There are many other things that could be known about the Matrix.  And they will be known, within the proper time. 

Think of your Matrix as a kind of Collective Consciousness or Mindset.  Some refer to it as Consensus Reality. Only a few of you have caught on to the idea that each individual, who is now upon a transformational track, is a Matrix unto himself.  He also forms his own Vortex, which is a swirling flow of energy that grabs hold of people or things in its path, highlights and copies their image (just like on a computer) and brings them in to become one with him.  This is by contract, and cannot occur without mutual consent. Vortices can move clockwise, to pull people or objects in, or counter-clockwise, to project them out.    

Each chakra in a human body is a Vortex, a communal force within which a number of divergent energies center themselves, and move, according to their agreed function within that body.  

A Grid is a crisscross of lines and squares that are the foundational design template for 3D life.  The lines represent statements of "fact," while the spaces represent a person's feelings or thoughts about that statement.  The vertical lines suggest connection to God, Goddess, All That Is.  It is the "as above, so below" element of the image.  The horizontal lines suggest a connections to specific aspects of the Earth Plane (family, heritage, citizenship, etc).    


Personal Gridwork or "Earthwork," as some of you refer to it, is done by those whose life motivation is intensive identification with Planet Earth.  They relate to the planet as SELF, which leads to an entrainment of mind and soul with the operations of Terra, as it moves through physical space.  They also relate deeply with the Multiverse, with Infinite Diversity, and they have the ability to unite both sides of the Veil within their own body.   For these individuals, everyone upon the planet is a "cell" that makes up the Oneself Body of Earth.  Since a Gridworker's Orientation for living is identifying with the Whole, each of Earth's "cells" become open to his or her examination and consciousness--if their activities and feelings directly affect some imminent change that is about to affect the planet.  

In this way, you might say that Gridworkers are Planetary Empaths, whose focus of awareness can either expand or contract according to the macro or micro nature of their assignment in the moment.  They will feel the needs of the planet as if it is present within their own body, which it is!  In many ways, their physical body has become the New Earth.

The five Bridge Orientations are as follows: 

Imagination:  These are the Architects of Expanded Reality.  They feel deeply into WHAT IS, so they can discern the next levels of WHAT COULD BE, or what WANTS TO BE within any context of reality.     

Modulation:  These are Tuners of Planetary Vortices and Chakras.  They hold the same function that a "mixer" might serve within a home stereo system--discerning the exact amount of bass tones, mid-tones, and treble tones to include or allow within the various levels of human interact.  They usually do this by running them through their own body first.  Modulators work in concert with The Guardian Spirit, holding your Planet on course, so that ultimate Oneness and Resonance of Purpose may be sustained. 

Calibration: These are Connectors and Sustainers of Planetary Resonance.  They are also known as Bridge Builders.  They have the power to link anything with anything else.  Calibrators are like Cinematographers in the Movie Business, choosing which facets of the Oneself Perceptual Apparatus to join together, so that the Mass Mind can experience Ourself with clarity and joy. 

Transposition:  These are Translators and Conductors of Tones for the Planet.  They are like Antennas, bringing in energies from beyond the Veil and down-stepping them for 3D adaptation and application.  Practically speaking, Transposers are most effective when they station themselves in the vicinity of Prophets or Teachers in 3D Reality.  Since they tend to be somewhat non-verbal, they feel most fulfilled around someone who possesses adequate communication abilities to express and explain what it is they are carrying within their bodies. 

Conciliation:  This is the Christ Self Interface.  It is the level of Pure Oneness.  It is the embodiment of FORGIVENESS (AT-ONE-MENT) for all Planetary Polarizations.  Those who attain this motivation, and move within it, do so for only small periods of time.  It is the Core Self that comes through during Phase Shifting Activity, which is ordained to demonstrate the movement between the Human and Divine perspective.      

The internal cost of having one of the Bridge Gifts often involves a substantial loss of a person's ability to separate from things that are unfolding upon the Earth.  They all seem to be happening within YOU.  One primary benefit of Gridwork is a tremendous expansion of personal authority and influence upon what happens here.  Those who do not have this gift are disinclined to believe that such power exists.  Those who do have it can become impatient with others who do not share their own commitment to the planet, and belief in their ability to affect it.

To be a Gridworker means to personally live out the promise: "ask whatever you will and it shall be given unto you."  Unlike many individuals in 3D, Gridworkers know no difference between "personal will" and "God's will."  For them, the two motivations are one and the same, so long as the person is properly aligned to his or her spiritual center.  Though it is possible for such a being to become imbalanced and "de-centralized," it does not take long for him or her to realize the error and return to that charismatic power for designing planetary events.  

Most stores employ an individual who walks around with a little machine (usually a computer) and takes note of the facings of merchandise that need to be re-ordered, restocked, or re-arranged to include new products.  If this same function could be assigned to a monitor of the Earth's Storehouse, such an individual might be called a Gridmaster.  In each of the Orientations listed above, there is an element of Gridmastery.    

There is little separation, for a Gridmaster, between dreams and the world of physical reality.  When someone operates from the purity of one of these gifts, everything appears as it truly is:  An Energetic Formula.  You have seen a visualization of this in the movie trilogy which is called "The Matrix."  In that setting, physical reality is "coded" as a series of running numbers and symbols.  For a stocking manager in a superstore, each piece of merchandise is coded by an order number or "SKU," which has been entered into the main computer, which in turn interfaces with that company's warehouse. 

Failing to properly enter a "SKU," during an order to the warehouse, will block delivery of merchandise to a superstore in the mall.  Even so, a failure to properly utilize focused intent, when petitioning for shifts in planetary function and transformation will make a Gridmaster feel as though he does not know what he is doing.  In truth, the problem may simply be that he does not yet understand why the changes are needed, and requires more grounding before he can call in the four directions and complete the order. 

The "orders" that are submitted by Planetary Gridmasters are TONAL in nature.  By this we mean that they connect to the entire body of the individual, not just his head.  This is why we have been emphasizing "Living from the Heart" in our previous transmissions to you.  Magic is now being taken out of the hands of "magicians," who have used it too long for purposes of personal aggrandizement and control--and it is being placed in the hands of those who live from the simplest motivational base.  We are speaking here about children, and certain elders who have learned to identify with life as a playground, rather than a killing field.  

Those who seek to control the world, without being the world will ultimately be thwarted in their intent.  They move from a dualistic perceptual base, which places their "other".........whoever or whatever that person may be........ outside their definition of "self."  Since all "motions" in a parliamentary court require a second before being considered, anything that is petitioned from a separationist base will "die" (for lack of a second) before that motion can be enacted (except if said enactment actually benefits the Oneself in some way).    

Even though the world's energetic circuitry has not yet been totally converted to a heart-centered system for maintaining your reality and ordering changes--there is enough of the new concept in place to retard, and ultimately block the growth of separationist motivations on Earth.


The admonition to "think globally, but act locally" grows from the Charisma (Spiritual Orientations) which do the Gridwork.  On a physical basis, Gridmasters are usually loners, who have enough appropriate connections in or around their physical community to generally resonate with those planetary functions under their charge. Beyond that, their needs or contacts remain minimal.  They are simplistic by nature, comfortable with a cot to sleep on, and chair in which they can sit and ponder. They need grounding to run the emotional flow that brings up the planetary interface, but they also need personal time to do the design and ordering that will sustain their personal sector of the Planetary Grid.

These masters tend to think in metaphor, if they ponder anything at all.  Some have become so adept at toning that the only concepts that linger long in their consciousness are new codes and sequences that must be entered into the design and ordering system.  At that point, the whole process may even happen during a sleep state, or during meditation, when the outer world is quiet.  

There are many who are doing Gridwork at this time.  Not all of them do it with joy, which is the primary earmark of a person with this Orientation Gift.  As we study more and more of these gifts, we will begin to see in present day what was once very prominent in communities such as Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu.  Your society will begin to organize itself around clusters of individuals who live their lives from a similar motivation.  There may even be a color-coding in dress or the wearing of some kind of insignia, which denotes a person's charisma or primary interests in life.  In this way, strangers needing help in that area can spot them in society, and call upon their services with greater ease and confidence.

There is a vast difference between being a "professional" and being a "charismatic" in a certain field.  The former status gives you money (and sometimes, more than a few headaches).  The latter brings you joy, by its very definition, and turns everything you touch into gold.  

It is becoming more and more necessary for individuals in society to get "down and dirty" with themselves about who they are, and what they want.  This process would be greatly assisted if said society would make it less threatening (and costly) for a person to openly admit:  "I don't like what  I'm doing anymore.  I need to do this instead."  Human values must be shifted, hopefully without a global catastrophe to hurry things along.  

In future transmissions, we will expand upon these gifts, as well as expound upon ways to enhance personal passion in life, so that the vibratory essence of your planet can reap the rewards of having each man, woman, and child reconnecting with his or her sacred core!  Gridmasters all over the world are intending heavily in just the directions we have outlined for you here.  Perhaps you are one of them! 

The time for personal reformation is here.  The vehicle for this change is your Majestic Multidimensional NOW.  Look for the handles, look for the dials that are contained therein.  When they are spotted, reach for them with gusto, and hang onto your hats.  The Planetary Wheel of Fortune is beginning to spin, faster and faster.  Those who cannot or will not jump aboard may miss out on some fantastic dividends.  Or, they may be designing a whole new "game," in which the wheels go up and down, rather than round and round.     

However it ends up looking, its truly beautiful!  And so are all of you!  You remain, forever in our hearts and profound intentions........

<end transmission> 

Original transmission was a compilation of this material, and that which is found in Spiritual Gifts: An Introduction..... printed and illustrated (in that original format) in  Some parts of this transmission have been developed and expanded since then. Grid picture by Pathways Within.  

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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