Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Sexual Diseases and Shadow Work"


My Dear Friends,

We speak now concerning physical challenges, which may be coming upon you as you adapt to these new energies.  More and more, the physical body is becoming a "lie detector" aspect for the mind........even as the mind becomes a potentiator for your physical body and for your universe as well.¹

It's easy for your mind to overlook things.  After all, filtration (of irrelevant data) and focus of awareness are its primary jobs.  The physical universe, however......... beginning with your body and radiating your MIRROR, and a great source of stimulus for expansion of awareness.  In many cases, it is your witness, giving testimony to the rest of the story, from which the mind tries to hide.  There is always more to notice, more to own.


Your most popularized and primary Venereal Diseases, for example.......what you have termed to be "STDs"......are a magnificent mirror of the essential phases of MERGE which are occurring within your universe at this time.  As we pointed out in our transmission dealing with Trans-Portals, all appearances of what you term "disease" are Gateways to Transformation.  If the Gateway is utilized properly, the transformation is completed and there is no need for "dis-ease."  However, if there is hesitancy to embrace the full implications of the Gateway one has entered into (either consciously or subconsciously), then physical symptoms will occur, mandating that additional examination of the issues occur.   

SYPHILIS:  One of the "originals" in the area of identifiable STDs, this condition is characterized by the appearance of a chancre (sore), at the site of contact merge between two sexual partners.  It is a clear indicator of their intention to leap into each other, as a means of escaping the loneliness of solitary or separate existence.  In universes where that intention is delayed or aborted, the chancre takes on the appearance of a "patch," sealing up one's attempt to merge, and reminding the partners of their essential dissatisfaction with their individual pursuit of life's purpose.  Those who manifest this condition, as a life lesson, are encouraged to seriously examine their life purpose and their seriousness about taking steps to attain it.  You did not come here to escape into each other.  Rather, you came here to use each other's reflection as a means of deepening your appreciation for your continually expanding ONESELF.   

GONORRHEA:  Another "original" in the Realm of STDS, this condition (also known as "The Clap") is characterized by a burning sensation upon urination, as well as a notable discharge from infected sexual organs.  Rather than trying to leap into each other, as in the cased of Syphilis, those partners who manifest Gonorrhea are seeking to bring the deeper (hidden) aspects of each other out, so they can be examined and dealt with.  Those who contract STDs are failing to admit to themselves how vast and powerful the sexual connection really is. They create a connection between each other and then try to walk away from it.  When the Emotional Body fails to recognize the intensity of what they are doing, the Physical Body will do so.  The pain, swelling, and inflammatory nature of this condition (indeed, which characterize ALL of these conditions) is the body's way of showing anger and concern that the seriousness of these contacts are not being observed.  Therefore, they accentuate that seriousness through the appearance of exaggerated physical symptoms.    

AIDS:  Rapid removal of physical immunity.  Loss of barriers (separation) between aspects of the physical level of being.  (See Aids and Planetary Healing).  This portal is not merely provided as a means of departure from the physical plane.  It also is a picture lesson for all those who observe said departure--helping us see, in detail, what removal of the Veils will entail.   

HERPES:  Outbreak of Sensitivity.  Revelation of that which has been hiding, especially within the Emotional Body.  Herpes is a stress-affected condition.  When an individual attempts to repress emotions, stresses, or important concerns--it will often cause an outbreak, which is indicative of feelings that will no longer be denied. 

CHLAMYDIA:  This condition is very common among young people who engage in contact sexual merge (vaginal or anal intercourse), especially when this involves multiple partners.  It's manifestation is similar to Gonorrhea, and so are its spiritual implications.  In fact, many of those who are diagnosed with Chlamydia also have Gonorrhea as well. One primary distinction in this particular STD would be that it emphasizes, to those manifesting it, that they are using their sexuality to go too deep, too fast, with too many people at once.  Failing to differentiate the playfulness of "Sex Play" and the seriousness of "Physical Mating" will cause one's physical body to become incensed and filled with pain until the distinction is clearly made. 

Judgment is not really appropriate, when we are dealing with these conditions.  They are simply feedback, delivered through cause and effect.  Any appearance of sexual disease is simply the interruption of a full-on KUNDALINI AWAKENING, which is not being allowed to reach its fruition.  There are no incurable conditions, only incurable people.  In this regard, you might (quite facetiously) consider ALL OF LIFE to be a "sexually transmitted disease."   

<end transmission>

¹Physical Body/Universe:  The Reconnections view would integrate and equate your body and your entire physical universe

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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