Many of us are feeling a combination of emotions at this powerful time.   Now is a time for a grand rearrangement of protocols and concepts, especially in regards to this area of human experience known as Relationships.   And each of us, who have tasted of the sweetness of our on-board communication and sharing of energy, are going through our own growth crisis.  We often comment that our online Forum feels very much like we have found a "new love" and he/she has all these faces and names.....written on a Chat Board.

Even as some of us find ourselves wallowing in the midst of all this "mush," our 3D realities are presenting us with incredible obstacles and distractions.........preventing us from drinking as deep from this well of kindness as we would like.  

Deep down, we require no wires, ISPs, or diodes.  The only "wire" I can see coming out of the concept of telepathy is found in the question "Hey guys........wire you not using telepathy to talk instead of this infernal box?  It's fun!"

Last night a dear friend wrote to me and said:   "It seems that you are very busy and I am missing hearing from you." (or something like that)  She then told me that she had awakened that morning, and had perceived me sitting there beside her.  She recalled that we spoke, we had a hug, and my form departed......after which she rolled over and went back to sleep."

Another friend told me last week that she was facing some hardship, and really needed some advice on how to proceed.  She asked for some guidance, and I appeared and began talking to her about something.  She forgot what it was, though (they always do!), and that was that. 

My Friends, humanity is on the brink of invoking an age-old tool into our everyday experience!   We have to do this.  After all, there will come a time when the computers and phones may not work. 

Each of us in physical form have been had it drilled into our heads that what can be seen is "real," and what can't be seen is "imaginary."   We must now hear the Guides when they say to us that
THE IMAGINATION is just as real as any physical manifestation.  It simply vibrates at a different speed. 

Even as our physical reality consists of we and our mirror reflections ("Frags," as the Guides like to call them) do our etheric realities contain a multitude of selves, running around doing all sorts of things that we can only dream about when we are consciously focused into 3D reality.  When my friend said that she awoke in the morning, and an aspect of me was "there," I absolutely believed her.  I don't have to be consciously aware of it for it to be real.  As the Angels said in the movie "City of Angels":  "Some things are true whether you believe in them or not....."

When we think of someone........when they "come to mind," there is an aspect of them that is thinking of us too!   Because the "switchboard" of the mind is so complex, and so vast........their memory may not reflect that "call," but it will certainly be reflected in the "detail sheet" of the BILL that is sent out by the Multiverse at the end of the month.  

The way that "phone bill" gets dispatched when we pay attention (the master commodity of exchange in the Multiverse) those many "shadows" and "nuances" that come to us from the ethers.  They are REAL, even as my image in that friend's bedroom was real.  (By the way, I can only enter bedrooms where that soul has invited me.  Therefore, don't worry about locking your etheric doors!)

When we lift up our voices to someone........we can be sure that an aspect of them hears us..........although there may be the appearance of a "time lag" in the response, or acknowledgement of the communication. 

We must remember that the purpose of physical reality is for us to examine, up-close and physical, those aspects of Is-ness that we have been denying, or which we desire to study in detail.  Therefore, it is entirely plausible that entire conversations, or even relationships can be omitted from physical consciousness, even though they are going on, in their entirety, in other levels.  

If we want to clearly understand what is being said here, just
imagine how much of the book "Lord of the Rings" was omitted from the movie.
In a sense, the "book version" of anything corresponds to etheric (possible) reality, while the movie version is more correspondent to 3D, physical reality. 

I am told that "wiring," of a sort, is now being laid down between the
hearts of those on the Earth who are ready, and who desire for closer communication to occur.  We are being linked up and logged-on, my friends! 

From then on, we will be laughing and playing together always---unless we choose to use the special "mute" feature that blocks out awareness during our more precocious "private" moments!.   After that, the system can be upgraded (for a slight fee) Functioning Telempathy..........the ability to send and receive emotions.  Won't that be similar to a SOUND CARD, or a ZIP FILE?   This could be expensive!   Or, perhaps, it will all just end up being shareware. 

Ah, technology!   I do love the way this is all unfolding.

Care to share with us your experiences of Telepathy?  Please do.  Everyone benefits when we share together.

Oneness.  Everything and everyone.  

It's more than politics, more than religion, more than philosophy.  

It's an event, and it's happening now! 


















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