Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......


My Dear Friends,

We know that many are hurting, so we will try to be brief while still being as thorough as we can.   We grieve with you and with all of those who suffer.  In fact, a portion of the Soul Group of The Reconnections has set aside our focus for the purpose of grieving with transitioning souls across time and space.  
How can your world know Oneness if you do not share in each other's pain?   Yet how can you comprehend pain if you have not experienced it? Now this terror has come upon you.  It is an ancient terror.............a terror that lives and moves and consumes innocence every single day, somewhere upon your planet.   Today it took a bite out of you---consuming people you see and know, or maybe someone you love.  
We will give it to you straight.  These attacks, and others like them, are not the result of a breakdown in national security.  Nor are they (necessarily) the beginning of the end.  They are incisions---the steady hand of a Universal Physician--- that are being made into the Mass Consciousness, awakening and activating all who might sleep through the rising tides of energy that are forming in and around your planet.  
The specifics surrounding the players in these dramas sting terribly.  But faces and causes will change regularly within the next few of your years.  The effect, however, will always be the same.  You all will begin to feel, and you will learn to heal.  The activation of your compassion and sense of personal connection will balance this harsh idealism, with your over-emphasis on being the Hunter-Gatherer.   
What is Terrorism?   It is idealism that acts without feeling.   It is nurturing a daily habit of depersonalization, being driven by some inner focus, right past the faces of humanity that are pressed up against the window of your soul.   
It takes tremendous idealism to capture a jetliner, and then crash it into a city building---killing yourself and everyone on board.   This is insanity, and no one will dispute that.  It is Terrorism. 
However, it also takes tremendous idealism for a person of means to brashly spend money on elaborate pleasure boats and cars when there are children racked by disease---starving daily in cities and nations all around him.  The mental state of this latter type of person produces what we call a "Terrorist Situation."  In order to support and defend your ideology of  "I am not my brother's keeper," in all its modern forms, a person must choose to destroy certain neurons in his brain that could connect his consciousness to the cries of despair and serious need that rise up all around him.  It is murder by omission, and the person you kill is always yourself.    
There will always be "sides" and struggles.  It is the nature of things.  The Montagues have been warring with the Capulets all across time. Different names, different faces........the same numbed-out hearts.  Now is Mercutio slain.  Tomorrow the sword will be chasing Tybalt.   And all have become "fortune's fool."  
This process is but a dream, and you are the Dreamer.  Go inside.  0wn it, be with it, feel it.  The soldiers on the front line will do their work.  Be sure that you do yours.  Awareness is the only healing that is necessary.  It's always been with you, you just have to reach out and claim it.  When you own the rage, the hunger, the madness as self........the children will begin to be fed and loved again.  
Can you see?  It is ALL but a reflection in the stream of your consciousness.  Go.  Look.  Recognize your face and take what you see into the center of your being.  We are speaking about Open-Heart Mergery, My Friends.  Healing on a Global Scale.  But, before that comes to pass, it must all be about just you.   You must make it personal.   
Now go.  Be with what we have shared.  The "marching orders" will be issued when you are upon the road.   Be done with this Terrorism.  Be done with numbness and repose.  Let the Captains of the World rattle their sabres, even as your inner work shakes them right down to their core. 
Armaggedon is, indeed, being fought............ not with swords, or on ANY one nation's soil.........but in the fields of the human heart.  They can either be "killing fields"........or they can bring forth a bounty of love and splendour.  The choice is yours.  The time for decision is now.  
We love you all.
<end transmission>  


September 20, 2001




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