Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Me That Is You"

My Dear Friends,
Here is a new Game for you to play.  As you have learned by now, we do not give "new" things in order to take away the "old."  We come simply to add more alternatives to your mix.  The current Earth Journey is very ORGANIC in nature. It is best to follow your instincts, follow your energy, in concert with circumstances as they present themselves. So shall it be with this Game, too.  What you do with the information is entirely up to you.  

The First-Person Body which many have come to think of as "self" is gradually becoming the LEAST of your concerns.  It will always be there, forever and ever.  That is because EVERYTHING that is.......always was...and always will be.  All are created from the same eternal "stuff," which constitutes the building block of each reality base, all across time. The processes and journeys which the "stuff" takes are all recorded and archived---available for re-visitation at any time (as you create time to exist). 

You will soon find that your focus of attention is expanding---either outward into 3D or inward towards the Multiverse.  As you move your gaze, there is the appearance of images and symbols, ALL OF WHICH represent aspects of YOU.  You have entertained that mentally, now it is time to embrace it emotionally, or manifest it physically.....if that is required.  This is The Soul Train, a clear picture lesson of how people in 3D expand their definition of self.


Anything that is not clearly embraced as SELF, within The Multiverse, remains an abstract in the mind and heart of those who observe it.  It feels ALIEN to you.  This is equally true whether a person purposely disowns a part of his Greater Self or simply forgets the connection.

It is the process of disowning, resisting, or forgetting something which solidifies energy into flesh, even as it densifies the mind and heart.  To be CONSCIOUS in 3D is to turn attention away from the Expanded Self (Big Story) and get involved with a Contracted Self (Small Story).  You become somatically aware, and your attention is drawn into an organic dance of being with your immediate environment. Though you do notice that there are "others" present, your natural inclination is to consider them to be separate, once you have graduated infancy.  From then on, you will deal with your "other" as friend, foe, or perhaps...... as "extras" in whatever story plot you are living.

If you are on your way INTO Separation, then your focus of attention is going to be inclined towards the FIRST PERSON SELF, because that is where your initial lessons dwell---issues of gender, tangible needs of the body, shelter, personal safety, and the attainment of basic heart's desire.  All these represent WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN RESISTING in Multi-D, though you may not realize that once you're here.  Because you are 3D focused, you may even think that the face you view in the bathroom mirror is all you truly are.  But that is illusion.    

If you are on your way OUT of Separation, your attention will begin to focus BEYOND a single physical body---into the astral realms, or into the 3D world---especially to forms and personas that appear to be "different" from you, yet recognizable as relevant to the next levels of your Soul's Evolution.  In 3D, you deal in specifics, detail, vividness of manifestation, and a slowed-down format of presentation.  Going Inward, there will be a larger assortment of alternative selves available, but they will be abbreviated and barely manifest, like images in an abstract painting.  In order to try one on, there are certain vibrations you must attain---certain attitudes that must be in place. 


When a person or situation confronts, you will naturally interact.  That's just part of human process.  The Third Dimension is like the inner workings of a watch......lots of "parts" functioning and interacting together.  But inwardly, each of those parts has an option to do much, much more.  If he or she is ready, a person can ask:  "What part of ME is this (other) person or situation?"

The mere verbalization of such a question creates energetic expansion.  It draws a circle around "empty" space that once existed between one body and another, re-naming the entire circle ME.  If the emotional body can handle this, a primitive "nervous system" begins to form within that circle, just as a nervous system forms in a human fetus.  FETUS = CONCEPTION = CONCEPT.

This preliminary "nervous system" is called RESONANCE.  It is a natural recognition between two or more "parts" that each of them is also part of some greater whole.  With time and practice, resonance can also evolve, as fetuses do, into something more tangible, more real.  It evolves into CONSONANCE, an energetic alignment of two or more individuals as ONE ENTITY. 

In all that we describe here, you must realize that it must be the ENERGY that does the work.  People take action, but they do so under the inspiration of Oneself Energy. Because this universe is about evolution, rather than revolution, there is no need to use techniques or spells to manipulate what's going on.  That is Old Paradigm Consciousness. 

What you are now seeking to shift is the INNER EXPERIENCE (perception) of those who are willing to be transformed. Transformation in Reconnection has far more to do with perception than outward circumstance. Things will naturally change in the Recon Universe when all the "charge" has gone out of the situation.  As we shared in an earlier transmission, if you can't LET GO of outcomes, then all the "secret" knowledge in the world won't help you one iota.  It will seem as though you are shackled, and held tight in a "straight jacket" of circumstance and/or depressed energy.    


This current transmission is a brief introduction to a focus in Oneness Technology which we call "Trans-Physicality."  This is the process we speak about in our transmission called "Hip-Hopping Through the Fourth Dimension."   More will be shared about it later, but some of you are spontaneously doing it now.  And so, we have decided to fill you in on a few things. 

Every person or situation presented to you (astrally or in 3D) symbolizes a life that you are living, in some part of the Multiverse.  They also have lives of their own, but humans are rarely "clear" enough to comprehend that.  Since everything you perceive passes through a kind of energetic "grid" of personal definition and interpretation, you can only see what corresponds to key themes in your own Souls' Journey.  You might say this is how you're wired.

When you're ready to be RE-WIRED, you do it by asking that key question:  'What part of ME is this person?"  At first, you may not have a clue what the answer might be.  Keep asking.  Ask the question about everything that stirs you---everything that brings up feeling from your inner depths.   

If and when you are ready, a portion of you will leap out of your First Person Self and become anchored in the body of whomever or wherever you wish to "visit."  It's very much like setting a hook while climbing from one mountain peak to another.  The question is your "hook," so your "traveler self" can move into that person, place, or object.  Simultaneous to this, a WATCHER SELF takes position to anchor Oneness in the process---sitting high on a fence somewhere, eating an apple, perhaps.....holding a learning space for all involved.  

Many feel concerned about this process, thinking that they're somehow violating the sanctity of another being.........behaving like "voyeurs" or some such stuff.  Rest assured, this is NOT the case.  It would not be possible to access another person in the Recon Universe unless you attain a vibration of ONENESS during the shift.  We keep using the phrase "When you are ready," don't we?  Part of what we mean is this consonance of vibration that enables Trans-Physicality to occur.  You literally BECOME ONE in every way possible.   

In mathematics, a "prime" is an integer than can only be divided by itself and one.  In order to enter the Reconnection Universe,  you must be a "prime."  It is your point of security as well as your point of containment.  The vibration you carry, as a Transitional would be very dangerous to those who are not on this path.  The closer a person gets to Source, the less individual "agenda"  remains in his or her heart space. Life becomes OPEN-HEARTED and FREE.  The world's business becomes your business.  The world's life, YOUR LIFE.

With this in mind, the body which once separated you from all other bodies begins to fade in its importance.  This is not by individual design, just natural process.  What humanity thinks of as "growing older" is simply a liquidation of element which occurs, as soul begins to let go of separation and embrace the Whole as Self.  Remember our analogy of vapor turning to water and water turning to ice?  When you grow old, or get "sick," or become "disabled".........your "ice" is melting.  Do you understand this?  It doesn't mean you've done something wrong.  Change brings em-ocean (water), which is activated and made whole through internal process.  When your process is complete, water turns to vapor (spirit) and transfers are made to alternative realities for more growth.  You leave ONLY when you're ready, in spite of how things appear. 


We once spoke to you of another Game Format known as "The Shadow Challenge."  At the time, the point of the Game was to exchange viewpoints concerning various issues that came up in discussion.   

The exercise was MENTAL, because that is all your energy allowed at the time.  Those who felt naturally drawn to a "pro" or a "con" position in regards to a subject would challenge themselves to purposely argue the opposing side of the argument.  In this way, you began to stretch muscles you hadn't utilized for a time, moving ever closer to the place where you realized all viewpoints are "true" within those universes which honor them.  Another transmission speaking to this is called "Belief and Human Need," which you also may want to review at this time.      

This NEW LEVEL of "Shadow Challenge" is far more experiential than the former one.  At this level (when you are ready) actually LEAP INTO the body of another......regardless of whether that "other" likes you or opposes you.  At the moment of "entry," both become ONE.  It happens, or the leap is aborted. 

When the transfer occurs, you immediately  begin seeing life from another angle.  In a very real sense, you are "walking in another man's shoes."  Or, perhaps you grow wings and take to the air.

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Meanwhile, back at the "ranch"...........there is a Summary Representation of Self that keeps the "store" well as a WATCHER SELF who holds energy for the entire event.  It is a Blessed TRIANGLE of intra-personal involvement!  Indeed, it is also the beginning of a huge energetic UPGRADE in Human Transformation. Before long, you're hopping here, hopping in the knowledge that you can never be lost, never be alone........because we're ALL ONE.  

A Reconnecting Human never needs to think of him or herself as being in "conflict" again.  After all, if there is only ONE of you there, where could the conflict be?  Usually, it's in the MIND, a specified "stronghold" of consciousness.  And that piece of mind is watched over and guarded by the Dragon of Human Passion.  When a mind is "set" it is like a heavy lock box.  When Passion is "set," its skin becomes impenetrable, and its breath turns to FIRE.

Where conflict once appeared to exist, there is now an invitation to LEAP INTO the very heart of whatever that might taste its blood and eat of its flesh. This is the same invitation which Christ Jesus proclaimed to be Holy Communion.  Did he not say:  "Come unto me?"

The ME that is YOU has never been separated.  The same is true for the YOU that is US.  They have only appeared to be.  Through process of experience and internal expansion, both intellect and emotion now come together in a magnificent Soul Merge.  And please.......remember everything we have said about Spirituality and Sex.........what it means and where it's all going.  Christ calls it "Communion," we shall call it INTRA-COURSE. That which penetrates is the pure and perfect KNOWLEDGE of one's "Other" whatever way that might be perceived.  That which receives is the "bubble" of illusion. Polarity abounds when special knowledge is lost, and it recedes again when full connection is attained once again.     

Think of becoming a Magical Child........where sexuality isn't considered vulgarity........but innocent, sweet, transcendent!  Your journey will never be the same again.  Nor will ours. 

And See?  We're back in Separation again.  In/Out.........."yours".... then....."ours".........all in the blink of an "I."

Enjoy the ride, My Friends.  There are marvelous joys ahead.  We are always here.

<end transmission>


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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