Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

The Tragic Ones


My Dear Friends:


No doubt you are aware of those individuals, within the design of your universe, who have chosen the role we shall call "The Tragic Ones."   Every family has one, or knows of one.  These are the members of society who never seem to fit.  They wear the tattered mantle of rebellion, or sadness, or withdrawal. Often their lives move into crime, drug abuse, desolation, isolation, and eventually suicide.

Tragic endings.  A shake of the head, a shrug of the shoulders, and they are gone.  Or are they?  Memories of disturbed childhood friends, shock-filled newspaper headlines, gossip received while dining with the family.........the impact of their comings and goings continues to be felt for years and years.

Meeting one,  a person who is even mildly aware may surely detect the faint glimmer of an inward fire.........a fire that burns in the heart.  This is the glow of partially buried memories of the All That Is.  Where others have learned to separate and forget, these "tragic ones" still remember, and it surely makes them hurt.  Something in them still can recall a style of living where a person can, literally, do or have *anything,* just by thinking it.

"How did I end up here?".........they seem to want to ask............ "What happened to how it was?"    Alas, the answers come too late, if at all.


Life on the Plane of Limitation is truly similar to what you might call your "Hollywood."  Vast spiritual entities with boundless power and grace consent to divest themselves of said power and assume an identity that is steeped in Limitation, and burdened with an assigned script to live out.   As if fashioned from clay and baked in a kiln, their figures depict the entire spectrum of human emotion, and their embodiment a whole host of traits that sometimes cause them to feel just like "aliens."

 So it goes, My Dear Friends, with The Tragic Ones.  Outwardly, they may look helpless, lost, confused, desolate.  But believe us--this is by grand design.  They wear for all to see a curious mixture of TRUE EMOTION and ACCURATE COMPREHENSION of what life is like on this Plane of Limitation.  They do it entirely by choice.  By planting in their earthly heart  those hidden memories of freedom, and then confounding their spirit with difficulties and contradictions--they perfectly portray the "divided citizenship" which is true of you all.   Theirs is a consciousness "on the fence."

True--when questioned directly about the situation, they rarely allow themselves to own the real nature of their "work" here.  Such a conversation would doubtless produce a rage of distain about the injustice of it, or......perhaps....... a sigh of sadness for their powerlessness to find peace.

Enjoy the show.  The program has been specifically designed for your pleasure!  Their Expanded Self knows that, though they amount to "nothing" within this physical context--they are winning Academy Awards for their performance---which will be cherished, when they are presented on the other side.


Your waking up process will bestow a recognition about the *real issues* of life, when it is experienced from a more expanded perspective. The lines of demarcation that divide dark from light melt with an infusion of divinity. The fire that often consumes these Tragic Ones will serve as a beacon to those who shake sleep from their eyes, and learn to walk in the new way. Though their endings seem shocking, they bring a quickening to the heart, and sobriety to the mind.  They assist you all in comparing the tedium of Limitation with the all-encompassing wonderment of the Eternal Now.

These Tragic Ones, however subliminally, have truly interfaced with a bit of the dilemma about what it means to live in a place of surrendered omnipotence.  And they establish themselves as Servants of a Higher Purpose. Not everything is exactly as it appears.............and yet.......on some levels, it truly is.   What you see *is* what you get, yes?'s what you *don't see* that frequently gets YOU!  And do it goes.

In your travels here......should you encounter one of these "dark angels," we invite you to think twice about seeking to deflect them from their appointed task.  Would you counsel them, and lead them to peace?   Well, certainly........go on and try, if you can.   But remember, My Dear Friends.......could they not, at any time they choose, rise up to heights of inestimable glory and grace?  Could not you *all* do the very same?

It is for this grand purpose that they entered the world.  We remind you, therefore, to stand back and truly drink in the grandeur of their performance.  Take time to savour the portrait of pain and despair they are painting for you.  They are paying much to deliver it to you.  And it comes from a heart of love.

<end transmission>