Another Transmission from The Reconnections


My Dear Friends,

Everything is real.  But not everything is representative of your most expanded desires or potential.  Choice is all around you now.  Many there are, at this powerful time, who are imagining that the Ascension Process consists of hordes of people who will be "going UP"........high into the they can cast off the things of Earth... uniting or merging with Gods, Goddesses, or Friends from the Stars. Some imagine that they will lay aside these bodies of flesh, leaving 3D far behind--while others will opt to take their bodies (in a transformed state), and move to some other realm (or planet), so they can experience life from a brand new perspective.          

All these potentials stand before you.  All are true.  And we would never wish to sway an individual from a course of action or belief if he or she is truly convinced.  As we have said before, there are many who will be leaving this Reconnection Universe.  They are believing they will BE LEAVING, do you see?  They are moving somewhere that feels upgraded (realizes their current dreams)....yet still remains separated from the rest of who they are.   

Yet many of you know there is more.  And you are ready to reach for it NOW.  We must speak of this, so as to include you in our discussions as well. 


You are not just a single body, living within an objective universe.  You are CONSCIOUSNESS, ITSELF.....exploring All That Is through a panoply of perceptual "lenses," across an infinite expanse of time, space, and beyond.  You do not need to drop one body to peer through the lens of another.  And you don't need to go UP in order to BE UP.    If something is THERE, then YOU ALSO are THERE.  Are you truly ready to believe and receive this, in all its ramifications and implications? 

There is a deep connection between Ascension / Reconnection and what many of you are reaching for in your understanding of META-SEXUALITY.  What was once glorified (and even worshipped) as A SEXUAL ACT OR RELATIONSHIP, is now blossoming into a complete State of Being...spanning the whole of creation.  It is now, and always was, sourced within the individual.  From there, it divides into a whole host of Multiversal Dances, uniting form and formlessness in countless variations.             

As usual, everything that is familiar and sweet will remain available--just as it is--forever.  You have been putting on Veils and taking off Veils for all eternity.  You expand, you contract, you dance, you rest, you are ALL OF IT, as we have been sharing in our most recent discussions. 

We observe that many of you have laid aside, or are laying aside this entire concept of romantic relationship......of COUPLING, in order to attain a sense of being complete.  Rest assured....this will not last forever.  As one singer gently put it:  "Love's not one to forget, when its over, it's not over yet.  Take it from one who has felt the pain.  Love will be yours again."       

The love you carry within you now is universal.  It is an eternal, expansive love.  If you are currently held offline from expressing it physically, never fear.  You are simply in the process of receiving an upgrade.  And if you currently are involved in some form of romantic relationship, enjoy it!  Enjoy it, and understand that something even more expansive is on the way--something that will include what you currently have and, if you wish, potentiate it into something beyond your wildest expectations.  More will be shared on this. 

These are wildly expansive and shifting times.  Stay free, Stay in the Now, and Follow the Energy as it moves through you.  If in doubt, leave it out.  If convinced, allow nothing to stand in your way.  If you don't know what to do, at any given moment, STAND STILL......and feel the power and expansiveness of who you now are.  More will be revealed.  It always is.  We love you, we support you, and we are always here.   

<end transmission>

January 21, 2005.

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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