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"Families of the Heart"

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My Dear Friends:

It is beginning.  Humanity is now awakening into The Age of Conscious Choice.  Your Veil of Forgetfulness wears quite thin at this time. Though the obligations and struggles of your former estate are not entirely gone--their intense domination over your time and attention recedes more with each passing day.

Battle cries of 3D humanity grow fainter for many of you, while the cool resolve of your Oneself Nature gathers strength and momentum.  Though various images of fighting continue to show up around you, your own battle with life is now beginning to diminish.  You find less occasion to reach for the TV or Radio to tell you what news there is.    

You must not think of this as moral detachment or lack of concern.  On the contrary!  You are offering to your world the most precious gift you can bestow.  You are personalizing it according to your own interest, joy, and relevance.  You are "grounding the world" with your own desires and viewpoint.  People have been doing this with their computer desktops for years.  They minimize certain aspects, while maximizing others.  Now you are learning to do this with physical reality as well.  


A huge chunk of humanity has suddenly let go of the notion that answers to societal problems can find lasting resolution through collective outward deliberations and agreements.  They cannot.  All involvement in what you call "politics" is, at its root, a form of conspiracy. Though this latter expression is often upon your lips today, it surely is not new.  

And the same dynamic applies whether you are negotiating with human Ambassadors and Presidents, as it does with Ascended Masters, who you feel might be energizing "the peace movement to end all peace movements."  The results will be the same.  Enduring relief does not come through separation-based agreements. Or, if it does, it brings with it something you will probably need to address later.  Are you familiar with the phrase "today's solution is tomorrow's problem?"      

Through involvement in politics, you create a space called "society," where you form agreements with "them" (whoever "they" are).....that each of you will subjugate your spontaneous, authentic, in-the-moment behavior to a set protocol of expression (or repression)---to the end that you may live peacefully within a fabricated, postured environment that looks good, sounds good, but inevitably ends up feeling quite empty and sad.

You cannot resolve personal unrest and disappointment by focusing outside yourself.  You only delay the inevitable moment when you must finally examine your own inner void and seek your own answers.  More than ever, your governments are demonstrating this, as they design programs and attempt to create what they call "foreign policy."  My Dear Friends, if a situation is already classified as "foreign" to you, how can you even imagine you would ever be able to create a "policy" that can address it?   

Earthly governments are now becoming quite inhuman--the last bastion of tradition and a belief in "objectivity" that still exists among you.  But their supposed "objectivity" has objectives of its own, not the least of which is self-preservation.  In a sense, these present days are showing you some striking parallels between governmental control in society and ego control within an individual human.  More and more, you will find these two viewpoints have been mirroring each other.  

For some time, institutions of government will continue.  But now, humanity begins to lose interest in them--choosing to focus upon creating a host of paraprofessional self-help organizations instead.  The people of Planet Earth are growing up.  They have stopped looking to federal or state "parents" to do it for them.  Your current model of "home schooling" is just the beginning of this trend.  Soon, it will spread into nearly every aspect of life.  

As government becomes more convoluted and expensive to run, its agencies will surrender many of their powers of regulation, in favor of conducting an all-out campaign to master the flow of information upon the planet. Authority and responsibility always go hand in hand, except when a person is considered to be a "teacher" or "guide."  In order to keep their influence alive, politicians will need to convince the people that they are smarter and more informed. The services they sell you will largely be information and connection to the "outside world."  

One of the first areas where these changes will take place will be in the Food and Drug Administration.  Look for some interesting innovations in this area over the next few years.  The "wild card" that your Government holds over you is their deep, long-standing involvement with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. When those connections become widely known and understood, the knowledge that certain leaders will wield maintains their sense of relevance in daily life.  Respect for their insight and "innovative viewpoints," will keep society steady and intact, as you all turn from a "Full Serve" Government to a "Self Serve" System of Regulation and Control.    

Once again, these outward shifts will simply be mirroring what is going on inside each of you--as, more and more, you look upon yourself as Conscious Creators of everything in your world, rather than mere bystanders.      


The nuclear family continues to explode.  We do not mean to sound facetious here, but a little humor often serves to soften a blow.  We speak, of course, about your definition of "family" that derives itself from connection through marriage, bloodline, political or religious tradition, and ancestry.  

In truth, these elements do have power, and will continue to hold power.  But their value exists primarily within the implicate order that they have provided for your life in 3D.  You might think of them as givens or starting equations that make up the "rules" for your Grand Game.  As such, they have served you well.  But, by no means, were they meant to dictate your entire physical journey.  

For every implicate order there must also be a voluntary commitment to nourish and support it.  Where there is no conscious choice, there is no genuine love.  There is only a sense of obligation and heaviness.  Though these qualities do provide a rudimentary sense of security and grounding, they often stand directly in the way of a person moving beyond his heritage into a whole new area of achievement and personal realization.   

It does take a village to raise a child.  And it does take a village to meet the emotional and sociological needs of those who live in society.  Humanity is getting to the place where you can no longer pretend otherwise.  For example, many there are who show great disdain for connections that are created in cyberspace, where wandering spouses use computer resources to create "affairs" with strangers. This is felt by many to be disgraceful and wrong.  

We invite you to consider that such activities may not really be the cause for problems in marriage and family at this time.  They are simply revealing problems that have always been there.  In a sense, you might think of the Internet as a kind of Global Mind that you have built to explore and connect to your local community and your world.  Where the individual mind tends to wander, so will the Internet.  It is a reflection, not a cause.  And, once the image in the mirror has been seen, how will you bring forgetfulness back to cover it again?     

Mandates will continue to arise to officially accept same-sex marriages throughout the U.S. and in many key areas of the world.  To some extent, this topic will eventually define civilization as you know it.  Those who learn to embrace ALL FORMS that genuine love connections choose to take will flourish and begin to breathe again.  Those who do not will eventually wither and die.

The key confrontation here is not really with the issue of homosexuality, though it will seem so. Underlying the emphasis on the honoring of same-sex marriage rests a great need humanity now has to remove the "religious overtones" that have been wrapped around marriage for the last 2000 years.  Physical marriages need to be utilitarian and quite practical if they are to survive.         

Any successful "marriage"--whether it be a merge of business partners, living partners, project participants, players of team sports, or whatever--needs to be built upon common goals, common circumstance, and a common perspective.  When your sense of commonality departs, the marriage is over--whether or not the official partnership has been dissolved.  In some cases today, what is being called a "marriage union" in your society energetically bears resemblance to a person who has died, but has refused to fall down.     

There is a reason that "God and Government" need to be separate in society.  For the last 2000 years, religion has largely been a divider of peoples, not a unifier of them.  That is because your relationship to God/Goddess/All That Is was designed to be a personal connection, not a corporate one. This has always been true of marriage as well.  In fact, successful marriages--ones that are kept vital and current--will eventually become the only government you will ever need.  More will be said about this in days to come.        

A mandate for the acceptance of gay marriage brings all of this to the forefront, and opens the door for some powerful sharing indeed, among the Earth's peoples, focused upon what a marriage is really supposed to be.  This is most excellent, because it will open your eyes to what the institution of marriage has become.  Changes in society and personal commitment will begin to shift rapidly at that point.  

With an expansion of awareness, concerning Meta-Human traits and qualities that are now showing up in today's children, there will be a steady movement towards integrating their viewpoint more into the decision-making processes of the world.  Their energy and likes/dislikes already have a huge impact on the economic side of society.  That will continue to expand.  There will come a time when they will no longer be seen as possessions of their parents.  There is no "magic" to the ages of 18 and 21.  Many children are ready to be sovereign long before that.   


We have entitled this transmission "Families of the Heart," because this is a core issue that is being explored by humanity at this time.  The energy is rising too rapidly for humankind to spend themselves in putting up facades, or in holding things together for tradition's sake, or "for the sake of the kids." The kids have already figured out what's happening, and they will generally do quite well during the shifts and changes that are ahead.  

There are, basically, two levels of human relationship and interaction.  One of them arises from commonality of purpose and mutual physical need.  If two (or more) can live as cheaply as one-- you can bet that, over the next few years, people will try it .  There will be a whole host of reasons that you will choose to dwell together.  Mostly, you will do it because it works.  

As the energy rises on the planet, higher and higher, you will no longer have strength to perpetuate relationships and situations that don't work for you.  During this year especially, look for a continuing trend of people who play "musical houses" with each other.  Mostly, humanity is trying to figure out who you all are, and what is needed to make yourselves happy.  

The second level of human relationship has to do with Energy Alchemy.  Each transforming soul upon the planet now is a compilation being.  This means that you each carry essences and remnants of energy that span many lifetimes.  To us, your souls look like tapestries, made up of unique vibratory "patches," that are stitched together-- representing incarnations, talents, gifts, and "issues" that need to be worked through.  

More and more, people will find themselves magnetically pulled towards certain individuals, whose energy is required to complete their transformation.  These attractions do not always make sense, nor will they necessarily be utilitarian in nature.  But you will certainly feel the need, and many will choose to follow their energy into deeper contact with these individuals.  

Some of these dances may last a day, while others may continue for a week, a month, or even longer.  In many cases, the intensity of these transformational contacts will tend to blow the connection out within a short time.  When this happens, the dancers will return to their safe harbor relationships--to share the energy upgrades, as well as to process through all the feelings that come along with them.  

Soon, humanity will understand that "monogamy" or "long-term commitment" is not something that can be decided in advance. Neither does it have anything to do with sexual exclusivity.  Genuine "commitment" is a spontaneous perpetuation of comfort and peace that two (or more) individuals grow into, almost without knowing it is happening.               

Having freed yourselves from religious constraints and "till death do us part" promises, humans will recognize that all time is NOW, and all worthy connections and collaborations must have in-the-moment tonal resonance in order to do you any good.  You can't decide to do things just because you "should."  That no longer works.  In truth, it never did. 

The heart is no longer just a storehouse for sentiment and fond memory.  It has become a cauldron, wherein powerful mixtures of  Multiversal Mind and Personal Passion are blended and refined to produce the necessary transmutation that will enable you all to make the leap to 4D.  

Your "Families of the Heart" may bear no resemblance at all to the family line that brought you onto the planet.  In some cases, the cluster of people who "ring your chimes" may be as strange and mismatched as those alien creatures in the "Star Wars Bar," that was featured in the first version of that movie series.  So what?  What's important is: they work for you.     

Some of you may be wracked by concerns about venereal diseases, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, or other such "demons of hesitation" that have been created in order to curtail sexual "excursions" in human relationship.  These conditions arose because people were not following their intuition, not being authentic, and were playing "Russian Roulette" with their Alchemical process.  

As your race becomes more sentient, and deeply connected to your genuine inner self--you will all find that the incidence of mismatches and disease will decrease, not increase.  You will begin to know the truth about yourself.  And that knowledge will set you free. 

Children born of "special" unions will be precious, "love children" as you call them, and they can bring a great upsurge to the vibrations of any society.  In the Society of the Future, children will not be millstones around their parent's neck.  In fact, they may not stay with their birth parents at all.  They will be integrated, almost immediately, as useful members of the community--fitting themselves in, according to their personal gifts, interests, and individual desires, where they are truly wanted, rather than where they landed when they left the womb.         

In the next five years, the character and concept of human sexuality will change drastically. No longer will sexual sharing be a proof of gender identification or personal prowess.  Neither will its presence (or lack thereof) carry any implication of love or devotion in a marriage or other ongoing human relationship.  Sex is natural, it is alchemical, and it must never be contrived.       

Rather than being thought of as merely an ACT, which results in shared emotion, genetic exchange, or ongoing romantic attachment--sexuality will gradually evolve into a complete way of living and being.  This "giving and receiving" of life and essence will express itself though all the chakras, not than just a select few.  And many genuine sexual exchanges may take place merely as energy  shared across a room.  Some expanded souls develop the ability to be satisfied entirely upon the wine's breath, while others must continually end up drunk on the whole wine.  Usually, a human life will be made up of many different levels of interaction. All of them deserve to be wonderful!  

There are many more things we could tell you about "Families of the Heart" to comfort you about the days ahead.  But indeed, some of you may not be comforted at all!  Hang onto your hats.  There are great changes coming, if your vibrations are to be sufficiently transmuted to take you consciously through "The Eye of the Needle" and into the Fourth Dimension.  Many of these changes will express themselves in how you "do business" in the 3D World of Form.  

These current predictions, about trends and timelines, are based solely upon our comprehension of your collective energy as it appears to us now.  In this current universe, humanity always seems to be changing its mind about when and how it will complete the Ascension Process.  Take that into account as you read these words, and as you begin to build your own mental framework about how you would like things to occur.  After all, your world is your very own creation.  

We shall continue along with you, as "color announcers" for your superb playing of The Grand Game.  Take what we say as a springboard into your own imagination.  It's all here, it's all now, and it's all YOU.  Create it exactly as you truly want it to be.  

Enjoy the dance, My Dear Friends...............

<end transmission>

Fall, 2004.     


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