Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Hip-Hopping Through the Fourth Dimension"


My Dear Friends,

We have spoken with you, in days past, about this concept of "Channeling the 3D Self."  Using an adapted version of that healing modality known as "Voice Dialogue," we co-create a learning space which facilitates the exploration of various units of personality ("fragments" or "selves") that are in motion within a specified individual. 

In order to accomplish this, we access (or initiate) the services of an unbiased "Watcher Self" within said individual--whose job it would be to observe, inquire into, and collate energy dynamics that tend to govern (or influence) his motivations, desires, actions, and choices. This is a fascinating field of inquiry, is it not? 

Now, we would like to take this same principle of exploration and apply it to alternative realities.  In your computer jargon, this would be analogous to "going up one level," so your computer screen can begin to display things from an expanded perspective. 

Since your primary method for grounding, organizing, and utilizing information within your personal universe operates through establishing its meaning to your own life and experience--we will request that you avoid the pitfall of trying to be "objective" in this study.  Objectivity is illusion. 

"If a tree falls in the wilderness," the classic question begins.........."and there is no one there to hear it.......does it still make a sound?" 

My Friends.......there is ALWAYS someone there to hear it.  The TREE is there to hear it, and so are all the stated aspects of that WILDERNESS about which one is speaking.  You are ALL ONE, and none of you is ever alone.  Do you see?  Furthermore, due to the fact that you are holographic in your essence, where any one of you is present---all are present.  The tree does not require "ears" to hear.  It already has YOURS.  And you do not need "roots" to sink deep into the earth, or "branches" to reach high into the sky.  The tree does that for you.  Or, should we say............The Tree does it AS you?    

In order to gain a sense of sanity and clarity in your life experience, you must begin viewing all people and things with PERSONAL-EYES.........owning all the Reflections and Shadows.......PERSONALIZING what is seen there.  This is not as hard as it sounds.  It begins as a consideration of the mind, and then your idea begins courting the emotional body.  If the emotions will NOT entertain this idea, it must continually send itself "back to the drawing board" until it can be translated into something the emotions can accept.  Finally, it brings itself to the point of physical manifestation........unless mind and emotions are so sure that it exists that they do not require physical (or even sensory) validation at all.  We refer to this method of integrating new fragments of consciousness..........through mind, then emotion, and physical matter.......... as "The Soul Train."  It is the PRIMARY PROCESS by which you reconnect with your unknowns.           

If you are not personalizing your reality, in every exploration, you are creating and emphasizing a version of yourself that has its face pressed up against the window of reality---longing to get in, but never able to open the door.  Are you seeking the "Keys to Enlightenment?"  Realize, then, that THE DOORS ARE NOT LOCKED.  They only appear to be that way, because you have separated yourself from your world.   


When we speak of "dimensions," we are referring to "measurements" of people or objects in physical space.  In some cases, we may use this word to describe how much space an image will occupy, within an established context.  Or, perhaps, we might be speaking about the measured distances between images, as they stand in relationship to one another.  All these factors form a specified viewpoint, through which (or from which) objects or individuals can be observed.   

Your First Dimension is height, which allows for the establishment of CONTENT in physical space.  A line gets drawn on a page.  What, now, will you do with it?  

Your Second Dimension is width, establishing how much of your visual field will be taken up with the line (or lines) that has been drawn, as well as the CONTEXT in which it appears.  This means that a single line may also connect with other lines---while they stand in FLAT RELIEF upon the page.  It is not until you add your Third Dimension, which is depth, that you create CONTACT between the viewer of the page and the images that exist upon it.  Until they are noticed, interpreted, and appreciated we tend to refer to those images as "Flatlanders"--Two Dimensional Constructs.   

There are libraries full of Flatlanders---blueprints, pictures, illustrations--waiting for viewers to peruse and adopt them.  Once the viewer of an image has made CONTACT between his own life, and the picture(s) he is viewing, it will feel as though the images suddenly come alive, and jump off the page, making a home in his world. 

This is what we are speaking about when we talk about using "personal eyes."  You take an image or a group of images, and you ground them to yourself.  You breathe life into them..........YOUR LIFE....... as you interpret them and realize how they mirror some aspect of your being.  When a person uses the term "believe"......he is really saying to an image:  "BE LIVE!   You are real!  I believe in you!"


The process of "going up one level," when used in this context, implies an inquiry into how many details can be removed from the expression or representation of a given concept before it loses its structure or meaning.  If the Fourth Dimension refers to TIME, the Fifth Dimension (and beyond) deals with the gradual diminishing need for an expansion of SPACE, particularly in regard to the details that are used to describe and portray what's in it. 

A webmaster will regularly "defrag" file folders that remain in his database.  That which has been expanded out must inevitably be reduced again to its smallest common denominator.  This is the "telescopic nature" of Oneness.  We refer to this contraction process as "Abbreviance."   

How near do you have to be, and how detailed do you need to get, in order to consider yourself to have CONTACTED some person, object, or location that exists within the Multiverse?  That will be the object of this new "Game" we are initiating.  It takes the idea of "Channeling Your Three Dimensional Self," and applies it to those levels of you that exist as entire universes

There are many today who are reporting vivid, exciting they expand into full Multiversal Consciousness.  Others have little or no recollection of paranormal "contact" at all.  What are we to make of this? 


We have spoken to you, in days past, concerning Three Levels of Self that mirror themselves all around you, everyday.  They often feel separated from you, because they you may still be divided by the Veil. 

Are there those among you, who wallow in self-pity, because they lack memories of personal "initiation" into unusual feelings and perceptions that folks are reporting?  They are missing out.  They have separated themselves, through unbelief, even though their fragments are clearly standing there, saying:  "See?  You ARE getting this.  You aren't being left behind."   Are those reflections YOU, or are they not? 

Once again, we draw your attention to the Biblical figure of "Doubting Thomas," at the resurrection time of Jesus.  Many there were, who had seen and experienced details concerning Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  But Thomas was not present when Jesus appeared to his disciples.  Because he felt alone and left out, Thomas would not believe that the Master still lives, unless he could see certain things and touch certain things for himself. 

My Friends, this is quite normal.  In fact, it is the foundation for a way of learning you call "The Scientific Method."  See. Feel. Observe.  Only THEN, are you allowed to believe.  This has been the basis of the formation and classification of your knowledge up to this point.  Now we find that a new (and upgraded) method of learning is available.  It has not come to diminish or eliminate the other methods (seeing, feeling, observing).  It's purpose is to take the whole process "up one level," so that a transforming person can download and interpret MORE energy, at an expanded pace, with less effort. 

At the end of the above passage, Jesus says to Thomas:  "Because you have seen me, you have believed. BLESSED are they who have NOT SEEN, and yet believe."  Clearly, the less "experience" a person needs, in order to believe, the more expanded and accelerated he becomes.  We speak here of the element of FAITH.     


In every person, there are INNER SENSES that correspond to the perceptual equipment which is used for experiencing the world outside.  They are Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling, taste, and smell).  And finally, there is a sensory modality called "Claircognizance."  This is your gift of "Clear KNOWING."

Obi-Wan Kenobe, a Jedi Master in that famous movie series "Star Wars," once told his apprentice:  "Your eyes can deceive you.  Don't trust them."  We might say the same thing about any NEED a person has for experiences or sensory evidence, in order to validate what is going on in 3D.  Why would you need to prove to yourself visually what you could simply KNOW, by going inside and asking?  

The faculty of seeing, feeling, hearing, etc., is, at this time, being utilized for awakening those who have been blinded, insulated, and otherwise cut off from clear knowing through encapsulation in a Veil of Forgetfulness.  Once the Veil has been removed, why remain chained to the Earth, looking for reasons to believe in something?  Everything exists, somewhere in the Multiverse.  Why not STIPULATE THAT, as in a court of law, and move on to more relevant issues?     

It is easy to understand, and perfectly acceptable, if there are those among you who earnestly desire the feeling of wind upon your face, as you soar high like an eagle, across a forest, evergreen. Doubting Thomas was not wrong in his desire for touch and physical reunion with his Lord.  But he did retard his growth through demanding a demonstration before he would believe that resurrection exists. If his natural "flow" did not choose to send evidence in the first place, why would he need one?  In this instance, he got the desire of his heart, but He also ended up with leanness in his soul.  He became the world's SYMBOL for skepticism and unbelief.

Some of you who are participating within this transformative process today, by putting on blinders (such as might be put on a horse, pulling his carriage through a busy city.   You do this so that your active Multiversal Mind will not be distracted by "paranormal goings on," (beyond the presence of a few validating initiations), thereby allowing you to master the metaphorical and symbolic qualities of 3D.  It is very true that 3D is quite HOLOGRAPHIC in its nature.  It isn't a prison, it's a PRISM..........and each facet of that crystalline image literally sparkles with the suggestion of possible/probable universes that span out from the more solidified forms.  

The eye that can recognize these metaphors, is an eye that can see in the dark......a prophet of great power and ability.  The techniques and methodology for usage of this gift are absorbed through the study and mastery of Principles of Correspondence," which are foundation stones for those parables and syllogisms that have been used, across the ages, to impart and explain the divine perspective on life. 

Inner senses move more rapidly than outer senses.  They "hip hop" from one universe to another, usually at the speed of thought.  When you go, your whole perceptual universe goes with you!  A person once commented to us:  "Jumping to conclusions is humanity's favorite sport!"  If this be so, you're going to love this process we call "Hip Hopping Through the Fourth Dimension."


One of the primary elements (besides physical gravity) which has anchored you here in 3D.......has been your commitment (your addiction, really) to linear continuity.  Your mind is very used to thinking in terms of "first and last," "beginning, middle, end," or "past, present, and future."  Up to now, this has served you well.  Once you begin a project, you have been taught to see it through to the finish.  (Or, perhaps, you have learned to rebel, deliberately refusing to finish something, just to make a statement). 

These beliefs, these "work ethics," with all their ramifications, have developed some wonderful grounding qualities in you, such as:  intention, determination, patience, and integrity.  And all these are awesome qualities, if 3D alone is what you love.  Even rebellion has given you spunk, teaching you to grow your character in invigorating ways, such as: questioning authority, creativity, quick-wittedness, courage, etc.  

If a person wishes to become a free-flowing citizen of the Multiverse, these various emphases (even the rebellion) will actually bog him down.   In the Multiverse, you have the power to "fast-forward" or "reverse" any life movies you wish to explore.  Simply go inward, through the Gateway of Imagination, and do it. Every life movie is already complete.  There is nothing left to develop or design.  It's all there, every bit of it. It always was.  Just reach right in, put your hand through the Veil, and pull through the information or descriptions you need.  

Time is illusion.  Why waste focus or effort on things that no longer feel relevant to you, or which have no connection to your current exploration?  Everything is already manifest, in every way it can or should be.  It's all filed neatly in Multiversal Archives.  When you "dial-up" a preferred universe, your Kundalini will connect with a "handshake one" that will transport you anywhere and anywhen you wish.   


But HOW is a person able to "go there?"  How do you TRAVEL within the Multiverse?  Many of you regularly say to us:  "Hey!  I just dialed up a universe, willed myself to be there, and nothing happened."

My Friends, that is impossibility.  If a person desires.........TRULY visit a certain aspect of the Multiverse, nothing can stop him from getting there, unless he or she is nursing some other desire that is stronger than the one doing the dialing. And yes, there are those who actually BELIEVE that frustration exists.  They BELIEVE in UNBELIEF.......and, so.......they create "side car" universes, parallel to the ones we are discussing, which embody that core belief of: "everyone gets to do it or have it but me."

Desire will always supersede Design.  If failure or an experience of spiritual impotence is what you desire or believe most, THAT is what you will manifest, even if your conscious mind is not aware of it. The form or structure of a universe is important, but what energizes the construction, and keeps things on track, is the INNATE DESIRE of those who are co-creating the drama that is unfolding.  For more info on this, see "How To Figure Stuff Out." 

And so, my friends, what is it that you desire, and why?  If you can clearly and honestly answer both questions---based upon the RESULTS you are getting--the "blocks" that seem to exist in your path may suddenly disappear, or transform, depending upon what the Expanded Self reveals them to be.  There is no judgment implied here, except that which YOU BRING WITH YOU, hidden underneath that which you THINK you want. 

All experiences, circumstances, and possessions have sides to them that are completely NEUTRAL.  Riches are neutral, and so is fame.  Money is NOT the "root of all evil."  Rather, it is the LOVE OF MONEY, which tends to bog a person down.  

Objects, possessions, and resources are simply doorways, in and out of universes.  A person can possess or command anyone or anything, providing that a state of inward neutrality exists in regards to that person or thing.  And, by the way, Neutrality is NOT the same as Ambivalence.  In the Multiverse, it is allright to want things........JUST BECAUSE! You need no other reason than that.  It is a child's reason, is it not?  Desire does not always mean Agenda.  Doing things "on a whim" can be beautiful, at times.  But long-term Agenda can become a BLOCK, since commitment to an ideal, a need, or a demand implies both negativity and lack, and it engages universes before you have had a chance to determine where you are, and how you wish to invest your Now Moment when it arrives.   


The entire focus of your universe, at this time, is aimed at desensitization and elimination of your ATTACHMENTS and ADDICTIONS to control, agenda, and the attitudes of false security that they bring.  For the time being, we are not even concerned about removing negative thoughts and emotions--since they are so helpful, when they surface, in showing you those elements of life to which you're still attached.

As you leap into the 4D Corridor (the element of Time and Physical Context), imagine yourself as a big FROG, leaping from Lilly pad to Lilly Pad.  Each Now Moment Lilly Pad is a universe unto itself.  You breathe in, you breathe out, and you leap.  And that leap constitutes an entire lifetime.  Do you think we are jesting?  You are IN THE FLOW now, a Multiversal Flow.  One moment can be as a thousand years, if you know just where to look, and pay attention to the signs and symbols.     

When you leap into a moment, you must pretend you are going there a babe, straight from the womb.  Don't think or concern yourself with what has just happened, or what might happen down the line.  Simply BE in that moment, dealing with what IS happening, right then.  Let the energy of that moment move you---the desire, circumstance, people who are present, the already existing momentum--until the energy spends itself.  Breathe in, Breathe out, and start again. 

Do not be surprised if you find yourself in a different universe entirely.  Furthermore........if the energy of the moment shifts, and you go with it............don't fear what other people might be saying about your behavior there.  

All your life in 3D, things have been "safe" and "predictable."  Maybe folks have learned to think of YOU in that same way.  Never fear!  Stay in your Moment, take your leaps, and don't let "back seat drivers" steer your course for you.  Let Spontaneity and Magic become your companions.  If things get too "weird," your own default braking system will slow you down, and immediately drop you back in some 3D universe, where you can sort things out.  That's the beauty of this system.  It's pretty close to fool proof.

When you are recharged and re-directed, you will automatically begin leaping again.  This is the time for that.  Your SOUL knows, even if your head is still a bit foggy.  Trust your Soul Self.   The appearance of "business as usual" is a perceptual construct, to give your 3D Emotional Body time to get acclimated to living at this high velocity.

Those who are conceptualizers can begin to consciously use their imagination as a design template, to describe and envision what must be surely going on, at some level of consciousness.  Those who are primarily experiencers can collaborate with their "brainiac" friends, to develop suitable mental frameworks that can explain (and contain) those random and chaotic experiences that have been raging inside them. 

This is all we can tell you for now.  More will come as your planet's Energy Gates continue to open.  We make special salutation to those among you who are focusing upon the formation and operation of Crystal Cities, in key locations around the globe.  They are becoming BEACONS for contacting and awakening key individuals and societies, all around the globe. 

Light those Beacons, My Friends!  Speak the words, ancient words, that have been kept so deep inside you.  Let the doors open, and let those energies dance, up and down your spine.  That energy knows secrets that minds cannot as yet contain. 

Chehala Selah.  So let it be. 

June 14, 2005 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.