Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Lies and Betrayals"


 My Dear Friends,

In the Multiverse, there is no such thing as a "lie."  And a Watcher Self will operate from this premise.  Even as the players in some local drama continue to act out the "us vs. them" concept.............and argue and fret over the situation........the Watcher will hold onto ALL the energies that are present--mixing and blending them within--so that the ultimate goal of INTEGRATION can be achieved.  Failing that, the next best thing would be an invitation of one "side" in the equation to depart into a universe (reality context) where he/she/they will feel more comfortable.  You cannot require this, but you can invite it.  But if you do, you will bring leanness to your soul, until the rift can be repaired, within yourself. 

In the Multiverse, there is a context of reality that honors each and every viewpoint as TRUE and REAL, accepting that said universe is equipped with all the evidence (proof) that is needed for a person to fully believe in and immerse him/herself in that reality, and never be dissuaded from believing in it, regardless of evidence to the contrary.  You might say that such a universe is like a room that has no doors or windows.  The only thing that the ego can see in that room are the pictures and wallpaper that have been painted there.  It is a self-designed prison where a person is forced to operate from only ONE context of believing.   

The word "betrayal" describes the act of telling a secret that you have agreed to keep.  It is a big deal in the World of Form.  When one part of the picture "tattles" on another part--many parts of the Whole are activated, and must make adjustments to keep from toppling over.  Secrets are fine, for as long as they are contracted to be kept.  And then, one day, that which was hidden in the shadows is brought to light.  And when it is, the realization that it is ALL YOU..........and not a stranger.......not a "Judas," who has sought to kill can find your peace quickly, and with a minimum amount of personal pain. can cling to your resentments and create even more pain.  The choice is up to you.  We have illustrated this, when we spoke to you in regards to your manifold rumblings, concerning Dark Governments and your apocalyptic visions of the end of the world.        

By RECONNECTING, through the creation of a Multiversal Watcher Self, a person begins to open up the doors of his "prison" and let in some fresh air.  The turbulence goes on--but now, you have some part of you that is invested in the idea of integrating the energies and removing the blocks that keep them apart. 

Moving from universal truth to Multiversal Truth turns a prison into a prism.  As you begin to surrender that sense of RIGHTEOUSNESS which protects and preserves a separated view of self, you begin to invoke a new way of looking at things.  You become a CHILD of the ONE.   

Each warring faction in a life situation brings a reflection of fear and disdain that is a true and honest aspect of the Multiversal Self.  They live WITHIN each of the Players in the game, and are reflected in physical reality.  They are members of each warrior's internal "governing counsel (whether he knows it or not), and they are standing up and doing two things: 

1.  Reflecting a clearly limited view of life.  (which is understandable, since they still exist in a locked room with no doors or windows)

2.  Informing each player of his or her residual resistance to the idea that seems to oppose them. 

By removing the words "but, except, no, or not" from your active vocabulary..........and replacing it with "and," as you respond to a statement that is made about open up the doors and windows of the reality box, while avoiding the idea of negating the other person's reality in the process. 

When arguing.........If you can let your Watcher Self go INTO this reflection, concerning these opposing aspects.............owning them, AS SELF..........and make a list of all the times in your life (or lives) when you felt about something as they will be assisting them to open up their/your doors and letting in some fresh air.  You will be WORKING THE GRID for this issue, all over the world. 

In a way, these types of Multiversal "Battle" end up looking like "Thunderdome," in the Mel Gibson movie by the same name.  Remember what they said about the arena for resolution in that movie?  "Two men enter, one man leaves."

In a very real way........that is the premise we are exploring through the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness.  Duality begins to surrender to the ultimate ONENESS that is present in all people and things.   

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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