"Homo Noeticus Mutandis" (Starchild Skull)

This term, which is often used by The Reconnections, refers to the process of structural change that is occurring within already-established organisms as they move to an entirely new place of physical manifestation.

Physical Transmutation is a core-element transformation that begins all the way down into a person's Causal Body, and moves outward, into all of the denser bodies, in very much the same way a pebble creates ripples in water when it is thrown into a pond.

There are changes occurring in our DNA (we are developing 12 strands now, instead of just 2), and there shifts occurring in all organs of the body. Those systems which have been devoted to filtration and elimination are being adapted to a new purpose of abbreviation and integration. Basically, we will be able to do more with less! Since one of the root concepts of this New Paradigm is Universal Oneness, there will be less desire to "get rid of" various essences. After all, where would they *go* if not into the Oneness?. Since the other root concept is Multidimensionality, we



The first stages of Transmutation will necessarily involve the re-evaluation of various elements within our physical and psychic universe that we have previously judged to be "unfit or evil." Letting go of judgment is a very important part of the Transmutation process. It reduces the density of the mental and emotional bodies, and frees up the physical body to widen its spectrum of possible manifestations of Now-Moment Reality.

For more information on infusions, transformations, and merges of various types, please refer to the our Series of Articles called "Energy Activations" in the Reconnections Archive.

Another term that is commonly used by The Reconnections is the term "Personal Alchemy." Originally, Alchemy involved the process of transformation that turned base elements into gold. Alchemists were Sorcerers, and their craft became the forerunner of our modern Chemistry. The Greek word for "witchcraft" is the word "pharmaciea."

In the olden days, the raw elements were mixed and mingled in giant cauldrons to form a powerful and transforming brew. They were stirred and heated until they were mixed just right. To the Reconnections, our world and our physical bodies have become the master cauldron. We are infusing ourselves and our world with new and wonderful elements---causing a chain reaction that is rippling out into the Multiverse in a vast and wonderful surge of shock and ecstacy. The break in our ozone layer is allowing more light (and therefore, more heat) to enter our atmosphere as well. This is calling a "quickening" that is being felt by even the most insensitive people on the planet.

We are actually choosing to complete this thing, are we not? We have spent all our days (and our many lifetimes) DOING things, and getting things DONE. "Now......" say The Reconnections......." is time for your Higher Self to DO YOU!"

We must not be afraid. Whether or not we remember the decision---each of us has surely elected to take this wondrous journey. It is, for us, what's "left" in our journeys in physical form. Therefore, sit back! Enjoy the ride! There are marvelous surprises in store for all!

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