A man who goes after another man's woman is not after the woman.  He subconsciously wants to get closer to that man.  Triangulation most often shows itself first in the home.  If a father is remote and unreachable, mothers may reach out to their kids for support--mostly emotional, but sometimes physical as well. 

 A son, seeing this "unmet need" in his mother, and sensing his own VOID in regards to relating to "Father-God"....will subconsciously try to approach Dad by paying attention to Mom. This will enrage Dad (if he notices. But hey....even negative attention is better than ambivalence, yes? 

I use the expression "Father-God" because this pattern goes WAY BEYOND the Family of Origin......all the way back to the God/Goddess Rift, which began so long ago. Thatís a whole nexus of discussion in and of itself---dealing mainly with human sovereignty, natural divinity, and so on.  THAT, IMO, is at the core of all this.  But the manifestations in relationship begin in and resemblance that original home environment.    

 Though Homosexual-Heterosexual Dynamics may be in play, at any point, they aren't a determining factor in this Game.  In fact, when Triangulation goes beyond the family.......the Mother/Father resemblance will probably be cloaked by attraction to people who are different physically from the involved parent---yet match that parent completely in personality and character.  Most of what Iím saying here is kept fairly unconscious, which is why Triangulation goes on and on in a personís life, until the underlying issues are brought to light. 

Women who go after another woman's man are in competition with Female Siblings and Mom to gain Dadís attention. You can spot them at local bars and meet-ups. Their eyes are on the door, but they arenít so much looking at the men as theyíre looking at the woman who has the most desirable man in the room.  She is the main focal point. Women who donít tend to triangulate will not be able to personally relate to what I just said, and thatís cool.  Keep doing what youíre doing!  Itís far less complicated.  LOL  

Whatever gets Dadís attention, either positive or negative, becomes a Triangulatorís ďtrademarkĒ for sexual identity.  If nothing can reach him, sheís forced to develop her own inner ďmaleĒ in order to actually father herself from the inside. That can be interesting, and quite positive!  Fallback Response to that would be simple rebellion, opting for negative attention as a booby prize (no pun intended). J

When this dynamic goes physical, btw, it becomes 100 times more pervasive and muddled, especially when the physical connection is initiated by the parent. Then, we add betrayal of trust and societal disapproval to the feeling dynamics.  

 The most useful connections between Mother and Daughters are collaborations focused around certain goals:  How to attract and sustain loving connection with Key Males in their lives, how to explore and enjoy being Feminine, and how to develop and expand their Inner Masculine so as to escape undue dependence upon (gender) males for self-esteem and/or security.  As I said earlier, none of this necessarily reflects homosexuality in a personís life, unless it does.  Homo/Hetero Inclinations have their own dynamics---which may or may not play a dominant role in this pattern.  Any personal thoughts or ideas?  Write me.