Architects for a New Reality


"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."
                                            ~Douglas Everett

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  "Imagination:  The Golden Key" --Channeling on this subject from The Reconnections.        

Traits and Characteristics of The Gift of Imagination--A summation on this gift--its strength and weaknesses (when practiced out of balance). 

Definition:  Bridge Gifts:   That which connects 3D to the rest of What Is. (5 Bridge Tones).  They are Gifts of Conscious Expansion. 

Key Distinction:  There is a difference between performing an activity (which we all do) and having that area of life be the Core Motivation for your life purpose.  Each individual may perform these listed activities--but each performs it from a different root motivation. By determining, through trial and error, what turns you on the most, you can determine the appropriate priorities and community involvements that will best serve you and your unfolding universe.  

  "Your Inner Life"---a new transmission, from The Reconnections, about this wondrous process.  

"The Stolen Child"--an article, written in 1997, about what happens to the Magical, Wondrous, Being that creates........where he or she goes, and how we can reclaim that energy.  

 "Building the Crystal City"---Meet my dear friend Mark Stearn, who lives in Ireland.  Share a bit with us about the marvelous Crystal Cities of Shayla and Chehala, and the many other cities that are being formed, during these powerful transformative days. 

 "The Imagineer" -- An article by Mark Stearn, which was written, at my request, regarding his personal inner journey, and the satisfaction that it brings.  Well worth the read!

  "I Have to Write"-- Meet Kia, a.k.a. Kessie Amponsah, in England, who writes about her primary outlet for physical and spiritual tension---her Orientation Gift of Imagination (through writing) and what joy it brings to her life. 

"On Being an Imagineer:  This is My Story"  by Smoak.  A warm and personal accounting, from a longtime metaphysical practitioner, about her lifelong dance with the Imaginal Realms.  

 Bridge People:  Another transmission from the Guides, explaining in depth, what it means to spend time and energy working on that Bridge that exists between the dimensions.  

 A Stairway to Heaven --  And it makes you wonder, doesn't it?  Song lyrics.

 Mass Transit:  An Assembly of Souls"--  This transmission came through during the 2002 Conclave, in Scotland.  We were sitting in a wonderful downstairs room, in an old hotel that faces Castle Eileen Donan, on the Isle of Skye.  The Castle Keep had come over to tell us ghost stories, and the Guides decided to tell him a few stories in return!  He was quite bowled over by the energy.  There's lot of info here that is relevant to Conscious Creation.  Well worth a review.  

 "Do You Believe in Magic?" --The Recons have a go at us, explaining what its like to have a rich, inner life.  A good follow up to this read is the transmission "Becoming Magical," which continues the topic.

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Spiritual Gifts:  Intro

Gifts and Planetary Gridwork

Gathering the Clans and Tribes


"The Great 7-5-12: Universal and Multiversal Completion"

Meeting Your inner Genius

Families of the Heart

Form and Substance

About Alchemy

Kundalini Fire

The Star Children

Dreams of the Mass Mind

The World Is My Desktop

The Imagine Nation

What Would Life Society Look Like, If It Was Designed by Star Children?

Art by Patrick Gamble

Star Kids, Dolphins and Whales

The Age of Communication

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines everything we know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create"  

             ~ Einstein.

"The basic difference between me and an insane man is:  I am not insane!" 
"I don't take drugs.
I AM drugs!" 
~Salvador Dali