The Twelve Gate

Whereas the 11:11 Activation is about equalizing energies, on both sides of the Veil, the 12:12 is about merging those energies to produce another...HYBRID VERSION of the "best" (most relevant) aspects of each of the dance partners in any duality.....Democrats and Republicans, Male and Female, Rich and Poor, etc., all of them struggling for dominance, all across time, one against the other.  '

The "11" Energy (Christ Consciousness) strips away anything that would make it possible for dominance to preVEIL.   The Veil is ripped in two........and the Holy of Holies is joined with the Outer Court---thereby making the transformative vibrations available to all!

The "12" Vibration represents the ONESELF, breaking through human separation agendas, to pivot our universe into a whole new place.   So it is that at midnight and noon today (December 12, 2001) there was/is an especially high concentration of this "breakthrough" energy..........A PORTAL, which opens...........and a child will be born of any two (previously) warring energies, who have infused each other with the best and most concentrated doses of who and what they are.

In the early days of Reconnections Meetings, I had a friend, who happens to be Jewish, who once asked this penetrating question:   "You keep telling me that we are all becoming one.  Are you saying that I have to merge my energy with Adolph Hitler?  Is that what you're saying?"

The Guides took this excellent question, and used to illustrate beautifully what the "12" Vibration means.

When my friend asked this question, they said:  "What makes you think that Adolph Hitler would want to merge with YOU?  After all, didn't he have a hatred for the Jews?"   It was then that they explained how all essences have their place of "purity," where their counterpart (opposing energy, essence) could not or would not ever mix or mingle.  Then, on the outer edge of that core, there is a place where blendings can take place.  My friend was speaking as a "pure" Jew, revulsed at the idea of embracing her Aryan counterpart.  No doubt, the Aryan would balk at the blending as well.  But their CHILDREN.........who have the DNA essence of their parents, but no direct investment in the WAR that has separated their families, will be the ones who bridge the gap.......and bring us through to Oneness.

The Montegues and the Capulets.........could not create a blending of their differences until Romeo and Juliet looked into each other's eyes.  There and then were the walls that separated them broken down.

                "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
                 Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean,
                 a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,
                 Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
                 Doth with their death bury their parent's strife."

The Star Children will ultimately be our 12:12 Answer here.

The sabres that are rattling now, over the whole earth, are the last gasp of the OLD GUARD...........still trying to work things out in the OLD WAY. When they have spent their last ounce of energy on the fruitless quest for dominance........then they will pass on to the CHILDREN 2+1=3  (The Unity of a Diversity)........the keys to the Family Car, so that our "designated drivers" can finally take us home.  Wasn't it also true of the Children of Israel, wandering in the wildnerness for 40 years.......waiting for the Old Guard to die off, so the Next Generation could enter the Promised Land?

THE DOORS to that land........are beginning to open!



Shake dreams from your hair

my pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day, the sign of your day

The Day's Divinity---first thing you see!


A vast, radiant beach and a cool jeweled moon.

Couples, naked---race down by its quiet side.

And we laugh--- like soft, mad children, Snug in the wooly cotton dreams of



they croon....... the Ancient Ones,

'.....the time has come again!"

"Choose NOW!"

they croon, beneath the moon, beside the ancient lake.

"Enter again the sweet forest.

Enter again the hot dream and come with us......"

Everything is broken up and dances...............

Jim Morrison