Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Undiscovered Country"

 My Dear Friends,

One root cause for a great deal of human stress these days is simple boredom.  People look for life, but they do not allow themselves to really see. They listen for signs, clues.........but they do not really hear. Across the centuries, your 3D mind has been trained to cycle repeatedly through a host of diversionary loops---making observations, formulating goals, pondering, wanting, judging---longing to learn things, to get somewhere, yet failing to arrive anywhere that feels like home.

Now is humanity's time for heading HOME.  As we speak this, we are not really referring to some specific location in space. Instead, we speak about your return to a STATE OF MIND, a WAY OF BEING.....which more clearly reflects the vastness of who and what you are.

Since the beginning, humanity was constructed to be a point of convergence---a meeting place, between certain forces you call "divine" and a host of more natural elements---which form the "perceptual construct" (the resonant environment) within which contact can be achieved.  These basic elements, seven in number, become building blocks for HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the natural intersection between seer and seen....Creator and creation.  They are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral.  Their distinction from you is like unto the distinction you hold between yourselves and God/Goddess/All That Is. 


The joining of these two "sides" of reality---Intention (divinity) and Experience (creation)--re-forms an ancient Circle of Being within which all life was created, and within which love now has the opportunity to play itself out.  In order to enjoy and experience a thing, there must be separation (a gap) between the initiator of an effect and the responder or witness to that effect.  There is a designated performer, a Cosmic Magician.....and there is an audience, so the Magician's "trick" can be observed and enjoyed. 

All story plots or myths concerning Magician and Audience are simply contrivances, forming the necessary separation which allows all participants in an event to meet. 

In 3D human life, the ultimate divinity factors for the Construct (intention and creation) remain unseen, though they are constantly imitated or reflected in life interactions between 3D humans and these seven elements.   "As above, so below" becomes the operative phrase here.  The way humans handle each other and their environment becomes a mirror for the way Deities relate to humans and to Each Other, all across time.

Attitudes of competition, among Gods and Goddesses, is reflected in the competitiveness seen in men and women.  "As below, so above," do you see?  The whole business becomes a gigantic Hall of Mirrors.  Any disgust or disdain that is felt, within Gods and Archetypes, or between humans and their elements, is simply a by-product of that Creator who, having temporarily forgotten his Root Intention, becomes an Experiencer of a play or movie which He, Himself, has produced.    

A story plot can never be fully appreciated until it has come full circle, until the responder and witness REMEMBERS his or her place of Intention which created the whole business in the first place.  And it is all there, you know.......hidden only by a Veil.........which, by now, is wearing quite thin indeed!  


This perceptual "gap" about which we speak........the "Betwixt and Between" we have described  in various transmissions over the truly the Undiscovered Country.  It is a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE between two or more (seemingly) divergent forces.......the "missing link," if you will.  And you, who now read this missive.......Dear is about YOU we now speak. 

You ARE that gap.........that Undiscovered Country.  YOU, who think you know yourself....understand yourself completely.  Do you really know so much?    

Blessed are those who, through harsh or traumatic life circumstance have LOST that sense of internal confidence, that surety of understanding about who and what they are.  For them, every day can be a surprise, a gift, or a calamity in disguise!

You are blest, even though you have suffered.  Your "fall" from the Tree of Knowledge will not seem so severe---and your sufferings in days past will only add to your joy of Futureself Remembrance, which gradually flows now upon the Whole Earth.

Though humans are made of elements, you are not just the sum total of those elements out of which you are formed.  There is something more.  You also have "levels" of your being that originate and participate in each of those elemental realms. 

You have a mineral self, an animal self, and a fire of inner passion. You have a Temple of Earth (clay)......out of which your human vehicle is formed.  You exchange air and water, consume vegetation, release fertilizing bio-substance.......all while you build and develop your environment for the betterment (or, sometimes, the destruction) of ALL.  You do this because, deep inside........ you carry this Divine Family Trait of AWARENESS (Human Consciousness), forever guiding you towards deeper explorations of self........towards conjecture, discussion, discovery, sensory stimulation, connection, and ultimately......a fullness of understanding of that Oneself which we all are.


The willingness to forget, to lay aside knowledge and harmony, so you can move into uncertainly and confusion, is the ADVENTURER'S HEART, which is the spice and the seasoning of  existence.  When God saw that Adam was lonely, and observed that "It is not good for man to live alone," He bid his creation to lay down and sleep.  During that period of repose, God took part of him and formed it into a soul mate, a helpmeet---so that Adam's adventure in physical form would be eventful and instructive for all concerned. 

It was once written:  "God made the world and man in 6 days and then He rested.  Then, God made woman...........and no one has rested since." 

Though this may sound somewhat facetious, there is a bouquet of truth to be found in those words.  Whether one believes that this origin of woman was literal (as described) or allegorical, the fact remains that ALL creation begins first with a concept, a vision......(masculine energy), followed by the formation of a GAP.........a splitting apart of creator and vision.  During your time of "Soul Sleep," there are MANY things which are taken out of you, and presented as being separate and distinct.  Some appear as enemies, some as lovers, others as children of your heart's desire.    

For a soul to fall into sleep, he/she needs to TRUST that his world will still be there when he awakes.  You need to BELIEVE in the process, in the words that came from God, or your Inner Guidance.  You need to LET GO of your conscious self (which forms that vision in the first place) so that the SUB or UNCONSCIOUS SELF can also be enlisted to help in the process. 

Adam's sleep state was no different than what happened when Jesus died.  His last words to the Father were:  "Into thy hands I commend my spirit."   Just as the "first Adam" was called upon to trust and release, so was the "last Adam" also required to LET GO, and be placed in a tomb for three days.  The "tomb" and the "womb" are joined.......closets with two doors.  You go in and through, bound for you know not what.   Your very own LEAP into the unknown.      

When we spoke to you about the "magical manifesting mind," as part of our training on Elemental Transformation, we called to your attention certain Laws of Manifestation that have been foundational to the Practice of Magic since the beginning.  Of primary importance in that sequence is the idea of "Letting It Happen."

Knowing what you want, and why you want it is a powerful first step.  Asking for what you want, and making room for it is your next step. Included in that process is doing everything humanly possible to accomplish what it is you wish.  When you do what you can, the rest of your universe will do what you can't!  Standing idly while there are still steps to be taken, or ingredients to be added is not what we're speaking about here.  That is A VOID DANCE, but not the type of movement we are recommending.   

When a pie is prepared, fully formed and ready for the oven, you must put it in there and LET THINGS BE!  In many of your lives, this latter stage of living seems all but impossible.  Having named your joy, framed it, and claimed it.......your "active/manipulative" brain cannot LET GO........cannot allow that "gap" to your "Bride to Be" can be formed, fashioned, and placed by your side.


In these next days, weeks, months, and years.........your atmosphere and inner landscape will continue to HEAT UP, as more and more areas of concern are placed under the looking glass of Oneself Planetary Connection.  It is all very alchemical.  The more heat that comes, the more your heart and hands will be required to handle life gingerly as you go about your business. 

Instead of struggling with people, objects, or will eventually find yourself functioning with a cool sense of acquiescence---a stepping around your difficulty, so as to give it room to to find its center!   In no way are we suggesting that you ignore problems, or sweep hard-to-handle issues under the rug.  Not at all.  Instead, we are simply encouraging you to allow time and grant tolerance when in the presence of conflict or need.  Back away from intensity so everyone concerned can have an opportunity to check in with their internal guidance. 

The "Heat" of Planetary Quickening is becoming ever more intense, and is sure to continue. The only life elements that it has power to melt away are those ropes which tie your hands.  We speak now of temporal possessions, ego-aggrandizing positions of power, and relationships which take more than they give.  All other elements are eternal, like you, and remain immune to the nebullous powers of death and destruction.   

Up to now, such involvements have only served as distractions, "fillers" for a life that was designed to hold so much more!   You are infinite in your capacity, though you have been blind to a great deal of this.  Now is your time of NEW discovery...........of UNCOVERY.........of those hidden aspects and qualities of being that have always been with you, yet lay dormant until this very day.

You do not need to change yourself or your world in order to experience this fascinating new life.  You simply need to step gingerly aboard the Elevator of the Multiverse, in a state of cool neutrality, and dial-up the floor or floors you wish to visit.  The Multiversal "High Rise" is infinite.........rising up into the heavens, or descending deep into the Underworld.  Where in the world do you want to go? 

As always, we stand ready to accompany you on each journey, and we salute you for your willingness to come here and take this "wild 3D ride" from the beginning.  There is more to YOU than meets the eye, and there is more to your world (or worlds) than one eye could ever behold.  Stand still, and be amazed!  Then go forward (when you are ready) and begin your next play.      

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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