Another Transmission from The Reconnections


"In our Pleasure-Pain Message, we spoke about a place of conjunction (energetic merge) which is forming at the center of all polarities that operate upon your planet at this time. Is it a fine line that exists between "this" and "that" (in whatever form those ideas will take).  It is neither "this" nor "that" but a conjunction of both ideas, in whatever context of life you are studying.  The ancient Celtic Peoples referred to this as "the betwixt and the between."  It is the Body-Mind, the Pleasure-Pain, the Up-Down, the Hot-Cold and so on and so forth.

If a particular energy considers itself to be "pure"............there will be no desire to approach The Betwixt and Between, either in consciousness or in actual physical space.  In fact, such individuals will usually want to run the other way!  And yet, within every polarized essence there is a sub-part, an "Inner Child," if you will, that manifests a curiosity about things that are "impure."  When we speak of "purity," we are talking about that which is "uncontaminated" with tolerant exposure to its opposing factors.  Have you heard the expression "What you see is what you get?"  That is a purity expression.  It does not allow for variance or divergence of motive within itself.  It is either pure light, or pure dark.  It is pure good, or pure evil.  There can be no compromise.    

Do you remember the love that Romeo had for Juliet?  Do you remember the fascination she had around him?  This is an example of an energetic vortex that is formed in The Betwixt and Between.  It is two (supposed) "opposites" that become connected to each other, and they begin to dance in physical space, drawing in many people and ideas into their flow.   

A Vortex spins or turns, like a revolving door in a huge office building.  It can bring certain elements in, and it can also carry them out.  A Vortex can turn clock-wise (when the energy opens), or counter-clockwise (to close it up again).  In your physical body, there are spinning vortices which you call "chakras," and they open and close like the shutter on a camera lens.  Each of them represents certain energy dynamics, and their state of openness or closing is a prime indicator for your general attitude towards the immediate environment in which you find yourself."    <end excerpt>

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