by Daniel Jacob

I'm in the midst of reading a new book.  I don't do fiction very often.  I have this weird notion that I just don't have enough "time" for that kind of stuff.  Oddly enough, this book is all about the coming world of time/no time.  As I turned its first pages this morning, I was hit by a phrase that rocked me.  Concerning the actions and motivations of one of the characters, who is just now coming to grips with his "fate," the author said these words:  

"There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect.  Often, the soul recognizes its choices before the rational mind has time to process the information." ** 

Immediately, my mind skipped to that scene in the first "Matrix" when Neo awakens in front of his computer, and he reads the words:  "Wake up, Neo.  The Matrix has you.  Follow the white rabbit." What a message, eh?  "Follow the white rabbit."  

And then, minutes later, the very "sign" he was told to watch for, appears on the arm of someone at his door.  By then, the game is afoot!  "Wanna come along with us to a club?" the fellow said.  "I can't.  I have to work tomorrow," Neo responds.  And then, he sees that damn white rabbit..............  

Deep inside, I think we're all hungering for a "mission" these days.  I know I am.  If my own mundane existence doesn't provide one, I tend to look around in the world outside myself to find it.  People who know my horoscope would just call me a Leo who is looking for his drama.  And if that doesn't work, I'm off to the movies, looking for my mission there.

I think now of Ray Kinsella, the lead character in the movie "Field of Dreams."  Now here was a man who knows how to follow white rabbits!  Down the hole, through the dirt, into the sewer---through City Hall, up on the what-not shelf, and straight through the looking glass.  And all the time, he was fueled and prodded by an equally nebulous statement:  "If you build it, he will come." Later, the phrase is expanded to:  "If you build it, THEY will come............."

Okay..........FINE!!!   What the hell does *that* mean, Spirit???????

We have often been heard to say, on the Reconnections Discussion Board, that what the world needs now is a common languaging that would describe and address the rapid unfoldment of unfamiliar, rugged and terribly exciting terrain that is now being discovered within the human mind.  And, concerning the messages and "clues" that are being presented to us, as a species, concerning where our own "white rabbit" is heading, we are in dire need of a "primer" to help decrypt the "codes" as they are being sent to us. 

Once again, I find myself at the movies.  The Reconnections speak of movies as "Dreams of the Mass Mind."  Remember that multi-leveled "message" that was sent to Earth by the Vegans, in the movie "Contact?"   At one point in the story, Dr. Ellie Arroway (played by Jodie Foster) and her space-minded "crew," are busy about the task of finding a "primer" that would help them de-code the alien's message, sent to us across space, and make sense of many jumbled images that danced before them upon a page.

When they finally found the "key," they were told that all the images had meaning, and the primer clearly becomes obvious, once humanity learned how to "think like a Vegan." 

Ah yes!  A new way of thinking.  A new way of seeing.  That's what we need.  However, to do this, we need to lay aside that which we think that we KNOW in order to discover that which we do not know.  Scary stuff.  And bafflement, my something that we alternately hate, and also dearly love at the same time.  To FOLLOW, instead of leading.  My, my......what a concept!

Follow the white rabbit.  The inner mind and heart know instinctively what is being said here.  The brain gets a little foggy on it, though.  The difference between the 'brain' and the 'mind' in a person is obvious.  The former is assigned the task of filtration (sorting sensory stimulus and collating knowledge) as well as concentration on life's goals.  The latter gets to sift through infinite options, interface with Spirit, and decide which "possibilities" to feed into the brain for printing and saving to the hard disk. 

The mind sits offsite, well outside our 3D reality "box," gazing off at the horizon--while the brain works hard to tie our shoes, pay the bills, and keep this wobbly "life project" on track.  The former is a "test pilot" on a Multidimensional Ship.  The latter is his faithful "ground crew," that keeps the Ship in its sights, and transmits data back and forth across hyperspace.

Who is in charge, in this dance of opposites?  One is attached to dry land, and one flings itself through space and time.  Who gets to call the shots?  Who gets to define the languaging for that divine interchange that will inevitably take place? 

The Reconnections respond: "They "both do."  They would then turn around and add:  "And Neither of them does." 

As we read through their transmission "The Illusion of Control," our polarized minds run smack dab into a wall that blocks our imagination.  Age-old theological questions about "free will vs. the sovereignty of God" are suddenly merged and alchemically sealed together, forever.  Both "self" and "other" are the same.  And yet they appear to be different.  And that appearance, that perception is the very purpose of our journey here, in the World of Form.  It boggles the mind, and it jangles the emotions. 

And here, my friends, is exactly where we find ourselves.  Boggled and jangled, waiting fearfully by The Gate, wondering whether or not to go through it.  And then........along comes this white rabbit............ 

What to do?  What to dooooooooo? 

The symbols and metaphors of our inner consciousness--our own personal "primer" to be sure, are waiting to guide us.  Are we willing to believe them?  When we feel that "twinge" of excitement go through us, upon hearing a name, or pondering an option for learning, are we willing to give credibility to the invitation which asks:  "Do you want to come with us to a club?"  Or, like many of us do, will we habitually respond:  "Sorry.  I have to go to work in the morning." 

And who is waiting for us there, at the club?  A beautiful being named "Trinity?"  The love of our life, the path to our transformation?  Or, as often is the case, will we find a bunch of drunks, banging their heads to loud music, which still seems to be ringing in our heads in the morning, when the alarm clock goes off?  Or how about going to the club, only to meet some wild-eyed beastie who decides that you need to have your ass properly kicked? 

No one knows the answer to this until they go and look.  And, to complicate matters, our finite minds do not always see and understand the tiny "steps" that are given to us in a moment of inspiration.  What did Ellie Arroway's dad keep telling her in the movie "Contact?"

"Small moves, Ellie.  Small moves."

Ick!  It makes a person want to scream!  You put on your clothes, go to the damn club, and then you wake up late for work, with a black eye, and you get your ass chewed by the boss.  And for what?  For what???!!!???

Club Recon is filled with ancient warriors and holy scribes.  Of this I am convinced.  But many of us are veterans, worthy of at least one purple heart, maybe more.  Like Darth Vader, some of us have mechanical hands and breathing devices, to help us function.  Past battles and challenges have left us battered and bruised.  We have to learn to live smart, be wise, or we won't last too much longer.

Into this curious "mix" of experience and (sometimes) cynical fear of "naivete," we also have a sprinkling of passionate, bright minds, eager to try new things.  Super!  Something old, something new.  Something borrowed (from other lists), and something that is too often very blue! 

And then, out of that "blue"........Spirit begins moving across the waters.  Ripples appear in the quietness of our stream.  Let's face it folks, a person's head doesn't have to go down on the desk for him to fall asleep in front of his computer.  All we have to do is greet each other in the same familiar ways, and forward the same articles here that go through so many mailboxes across the world.  Politics, Angels, Psychic Children.  It all has relevance.  There is truth to be found everywhere.  And controversy.  And Unrest. 

But is it OUR truth for this moment?  Is it a languaging that OUR heart can understand?  Does the inner self quicken when we read certain words?  Are we being inwardly invited to take a ride on our OWN Multidimensional Ship? 

"Wake up, Neo.  The Matrix has you.  Follow the white rabbit." 

Oh God.  Here we go again.  I'm going to end up losing my frigging JOB over this................


Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 

**quote from:   Ellie Crystal, "Sarah and Alexander:  The Alchemy of Time."