Anton Yeltchin, as Jacob Clarke in Spielberg's Mini-Series "Taken"

In the original information I received on these kids, which came through in 1997, I mentioned the passage of two comets--the Comet Kahoutek in 1973, and the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1995.   These two comets were a symbol which was used by the Oneself to depict the arrival of The Star Children onto the Earth Plane.  They depicted for us, in physical space, the opening of an Energy Gate (Kahoutek), and a closing (Hale-Bopp), which announced to us that something very special had been completed in the unfolding of Earth's Master Plan.  

Something very similar happened with the appearance of a bright star which shined over the birthplace of Jesus, as witnessed by The Magi (wise men, astrologers, magicians).  These mystical researchers knew how to read the physical environment, so they could see the deeper implications of what was happening.  Our "Star Kids" came to us over a period of years, in overlapping generations, riding the Golden Ray of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  They are Generations X, Y, and Z.............and they carry within them the seeds (Multidimensional Software and Concepts) of Meta-Human Consciousness.

A "Star Child," by this criteria, would be defined as someone who was carried in through the Kahoutek-Hale-Bopp Energy Stream.............would be most likely a member of Generation X, Y, or Z...........or someone who has had a significant energy "upgrade" experience to reconnect them to this source.  They could also have such an upgrade by experiencing a one-on-one encounter with some being or beings who exist beyond the boundaries of our human "box." 

Most of these kids began to come in within 5 years, plus or minus, of the years 1973 through 1988.  They are just now beginning to "awaken" to all that they are, and all they carry within them.  Many of them may be quite scared, agitated, or even depressed at this time.  Many are on medication. There are some Star Children that continue to arrive now, though I feel that their primary objectives are yet to be revealed.  

In contrast to the more visible Indigo subset of Children of the New Earth,  Star Kids tend to be more low-key about announcing their presence within this turbulent society in which we live.  They could have reason to be wary of excessive government interest, and would only be caught using their "powers" if they were threatened, or when it felt really safe to do so. They tend to be loners, and an alert observer could probably be more likely to locate them through the protestations or anecdotes of their parents and teachers.  In many cases, the statements would take on the form of worry or concern.  "That kid keeps to himself too much.  He lives too much in his imagination.  He doesn't pay enough attention in class. He is a loner."   

Another key factor, which is only now becoming widely known, is the mixing and mingling of Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial DNA codes--producing genetic alteration and various kinds of hybridism.  This can be especially noticeable through certain predictable physical features: pointy ears, large or unusually intense eyes, gangly thin bodies, and delicate expressionless faces. 

Indeed, it has been shown that some tendencies towards anorexia are partially due to distant memories of being in a thin, Zeta-Reticulan Body, and then having to get used to moving with a "huge" human frame, that we now consider to be normal. 

There is evidence of genetic alteration in what are known as "Star Elders" (Consciousness Upgrades) who have also encountered beings who live outside the "box" that we live within. The Sci-Fi series "Taken," produced by Steven Spielberg, gives a graphic account of 3 families who went through the early UFO years (1947-1970s), laying out clear patterns of ET intervention in human affairs and reproduction.  Though some serious UFOlogists tend to believe that there are factual errors involved in the telling of this particular story, I believe that "Taken" carries some powerful tones that are being used in the awakening process of certain Star Children and Star Elders at this time.  

As The Reconnections shared with us in the series on "The Extraterrestrial Factor in Human Consciousness," the other-worldly elements and characteristics of "Extra-Contextual Beings"  (people who are not from HERE).....can be as variable as the people who interact with them, and share about what they see to their world.  Some people are more disposed to describing "Faeries and Leprechauns" in their spirit encounters than they are reporting "Little Green Men."  Others are more bent on portraying their Meta-Human Guides as Avatars, Religious Leaders, or even Angels.  It is no matter.  What is important is the fact that they are thoroughly convinced about their personal interpretation of the situation.  If folks don't believe them, or they want to see it another way, they are always welcome to create their own encounters, and produce their own explanations for what is happening.       

The basic message of The Reconnections to humanity at this time is:  "You are so much more than you think you are."  If that message doesn't manage to penetrate our adult Veils of Forgetfulness, then the energy spills over into the consciousness of our children, animals, poets, screenwriters, and a host of other "sensitives," who live and function in our society.  What that "more than you think you are" refers to is anyone's guess.  And I do believe that is the way it was meant to be.  

In the movie "Contact," Jodie Foster's character asks a Vegan Ambassador to answer certain "questions" about reality, life on other planets, and other powerful stuff.  She wanted everyone to share in the activation experience she was having.  But the Ambassador says to her:  "Small moves, Ellie.  It must happen one by one.  People need to create their own experiences.  This is the way its been done for billions of years."  

At present, there are a whole host of names that are being applied to Children of the New Earth.  There are Indigos, who seem to be systems busters and questioners of authority--and there are Crystals, who are very sensitive, and aligned with the Earth Mother.  There are Psychic or Mystic Children, whose gifts and emphases center in the special powers they carry, and there are classic Star Children, whose gift is an expanded perspective on life and reality.  As our heading says:  "They have their Father's eyes."  

The newer names coming include Rainbow Children, Dolphin Children, Amethyst Children and a whole host of others as well.  They all seem to dip from a similar well--which is the incoming vibration of the Cosmic Christ, which began to proliferate at the Harmonic Concordance last November.  When we use the term "Christ" are not just speaking here of the man Jesus.  We speak more of the "anointed one" essence he carried on his own earthly journey.  He said it would come upon us too, and it is doing just that.  Our children are the ones who seem to be most open to receive it, and begin The Great Work.  But anyone who hears the call can answer, regardless of his or her age.  

Are you an "Experiencer?"  Are there personal accounts you would like to share with us?  Are you a Star Child, and feel confused about your role on the planet at this time?  Talk to me, and let's see what we can work out.  My primary purpose in collating all this data is research and personal expression and my own expansion.  However, as I do this Spirit is giving me more and more openings to share this information with those who need to hear it next.  I cannot respond to all letters in great detail, but I do appreciate reading them.   Write me.

October, 2003.

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