Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Winds of Change"

A “storm” is not something which happens to you.  It’s something which happens AS YOU……an infinely powerful part of you---working in concert with your current “status quo,” to create something new and dynamic---something which demonstrates more vividly all that you are.  The Heart of the Reconnections sends comfort to all who suffer!  We also send hope, and vision for these next levels of your journey.       

Remember the characteristic stages of Transformation, as you move through Trans-Portals from one dimension to another. First comes Disintegration . Then comes Transport. Finally comes Re-integration--a redefining, a rebirth of who you are, at some “new” location. Sometimes, it happens quickly. At other times, it’s as if TIME SLOWS DOWN, allowing you to experience every aspect of the process, in most vivid detail.

In truth, you have never moved. You have only CHANGED YOUR MIND about who you are, who you define yourself to be!  Is it any wonder that you sometimes hesitate, halfway through a Portal, invoking an experience of DISEASE OR DISJOINTEDNESS, before you finally surrender your vehicle, your abode, or your possessions?  What we speak is a lot for the Limitation Mind to take in!

Simply blend your declaration of "It's all me," with the knowledge that every Transformation which involves you, or happens around you, is simply an alternative manifestation of the same Multiversal Being that you are. The same Eternal Being which you have always been. It was ALWAYS like this. Each "stage" of physical manifestation lasts forever. Once something is, it always is! It never goes away. Where would it go? THAT is the trick of being a Multiversal Being. There is no death, no destruction…….only the APPEARANCE of same. Lean into this during times of trouble.  We are always here.” 

~The Reconnections   

"Sometimes it takes a catastrophe to begin movement towards re-union of a people....."

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Carion Comes!

And.....did you think I would not tell you?  Would I hold within myself these special secrets and not share?  Oh no---it is only fitting that the host for any feast would allow his guests to know what is being served.

Know this, then---YOU ARE THAT HOST, for a grand and glorious feast.  And---you are also THE MEAL, itself!  And I shall be serving as your Butler!  Ha!  

How do you like the idea of being consumed?  How do you deal with being torn asunder and eaten by something larger than yourself..........something far beyond your control?  This is what is happening, in many parts of your world today.  The Winds of Change are blowing.  Prevailing Winds! And many of you are forced to watch, as what you believe to be the sum-total of your life's work and sacred planning is broken apart and carried away.  Hurricane Charley. Hurricane Frances. Now comes Hurricane Ivan.  Ivan, the Terrible!

Go ahead.......turn your eyes away!  Hunker down, and allow this turbulence to flow past you, over you--in and through you.  It's amazing what a person can endure, when he or she has no choice in the matter.  Like a chicken in a man-made coop, you are lifted from of your surroundings and pulled apart, piece by piece!  This box is for feathers, this bin is for claws. And here is a place of honor--center stage for center torso.  

You are so much more than you think you are.  And you are also so much less. One man's nightmare is another man's song of liberation.  When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose.  Why cling to it, as though there is nothing else to define you?  

Consider now a certain brave young man, injured and trapped in the mountains, not so long ago--who, in a moment of time, came face to face with an awesome decision:  Should he cut off his own arm or die in the cold?  Hmmmmm......tasty decision, that!  And we say is amazing what any person can endure and even survive......when he has accepted that he has little control in the matter.    

These wondrous changes, displayed within a format of linear physicality---that which we refer to as an "unfoldment"---are not really CHANGES at all.  They are TRANSFERS OF FOCUS from one "now-moment" manifestation of you to the next. 

In a sense, we are flipping through your Now-Moment Family Album, choosing a linear progression---a series of portraits that will give the viewer the impression of linear change.  And said viewer actually believes in those changes, does he not?  "I was this, and then I became that."  Oh my.......oh my!   And this deep belief forms an encapsulated universe which becomes a "home movie" that the Expanded Consciousness can watch and enjoy at any time.  But here, this frequency of experiencing change, it is terrifying.........and it seems terribly morbid to think in this way!   Ha!  

Deal with it!  You are in my kingdom now!  My little corner of the Multiverse!  You wanted change.  You cried for Ascension. It is now here.  I am Master of Disintegration. I am your Minister of Demise. Somewhere, somehow, your high-flying spirit has become all tangled and enmeshed, in a WEB of identification with one single "house of flesh"--beauteous as it is, faithful as it has been--and then come winds of change to liberate you.  Ha! The body has served you well, and now so shall we!  Over easy, slightly browned, with just a touch of orange sauce.  Yum!     


The knowledge, as has been shared before, that ALL CHANGE IS ILLUSION, will be for you an ANCHOR---firmly holding you within a single, unified viewpoint---whilst your perceptions journey a bit, within the Multiverse.

And when you begin to notice---within whatever universe you reside---certain tell-tale manifestations of physical change in your life, or your physical vehicle, do not be afraid and do not despair.  Remember the characteristic stages of transformation, as you move through your Trans-Portals, from one level of reality to another. First comes disintegration (that is my job).  Then, comes transport.  Finally comes re-integration--which is the redefining, the rebirth of who you are, within some new context of being.  It's all so quick, so instantaneous.    

Yet, in truth, you have never moved.  You have only changed your mind about who you think you are, who you define yourself to be.  And oh...........what an experience that change of mind can be!  Is it any wonder that you sometimes hesitate, halfway through a Portal, invoking an experience of dis-ease, before you finally surrender your "vehicle," in exchange for another, which more clearly suits your purpose in this new context?  

Simply blend your declaration of "It's all me," with the knowledge that the accomplishment of transmutation within physical characteristics---which APPEAR to be "different"---are simply alternative manifestations of the same Multiversal Being that you are.  The same eternal Being which you will always be!  Within THIS vehicle (which displays the change) there IS NO CHANGE.  It was ALWAYS like this.  Each "stage" of manifestation lasts forever.  Once something is, it always is!  It never goes away.  Where would it go?  THAT is the trick of being a Multiversal Being.  

If you take some time to study how your animation cartoons are made, you can get a clear picture of how CHANGE happens in the Multiverse. They consist of a number of detailed drawings, stacked in a particular order and flipped through, in produce a particular effect. Each "stage" of the sequence is a picture unto itself.  At that level, the picture is eternal. It is only the visual effect that moves.  

Where, then, is the the difference?  It is really in a person's FOCUS OF AWARENESS.  First, you were looking at (inhabiting) THIS picture---then, you inhabit THAT one.  Both levels of being are the SAME VEHICLE---viewed and experienced from different vibrations and game formats.


On many occasions, you have visited certain family-oriented restaurants---featuring special combination plates of "home cooking," arranged as multiple options.  Pick one from "column A" and two from "column B" and you get to design your own meal.  

This, in effect, is what you are doing here.  The entire experience of Reconnection is giving you the opportunity to CHOOSE, from a limitless array of alternate possible/probable manifestations........and you get to do so CONSCIOUSLY.  Depending upon the exact stage of your unfoldment, you either allow yourself to affect the changes at will, or you simply become conscious of what you have chosen at another, more expanded level.  It all depends upon how much you desire (and can tolerate) the presence of personal creative power in your life.  And this varies, from individual to individual--and from universe to universe.   

When the world is awakening from a long winter, there appear upon the countryside those little sprigs and blossoms---here and there---that signify the coming of springtime.  And now, you are seeing this happen in Florida, too.  No sooner does Hurricane Charley blow leaves from the trees, in some of the cities, than new buds of life began to manifest upon the empty branches.  The same thing is happening in your consciousness at all levels.  From death comes life, and vice versa.       


In whatever ways your transformation is being expressed, it will eventually involve the some stopping of forward momentum so that you can change gears, and move to another level of comprehension.

Within each physical universe, this adjustment of energy will reveal itself in many ways.  For those who do not read their own energy well, forever moving forward at all costs---it may be necessary to invoke some kind of injury or serious illness.  Such a development becomes a mandate for transformation from The Expanded Self, and forces a person's outer world to come into alignment with his inner world.

There is a time when the manifestation of "change" is NOT optional.  If a soul hardens, and becomes too resistant during high-energy times, there is danger that it will simply blow apart, as the velocity of that universe increases.

At each step along the way, there must be a continued comprehension of the need for clarity of feeling and ample time to shift one's viewpoint to Multiversal thinking.  That shift is far more than expanded mental awareness.  It goes all the way into reforming or reshaping the very definition of who a person is.  

The Winds of Change are blowing, my friends!  Ha! Ha!  And there will be moments when you must hang on........HANG ON, for dear life!  And if you cannot hang on, or will not.......... than you may simply release yourself and your world with a certain kind of joy and abandon, and move to the next "stage" of your awareness.........the next "story plot" in which you will be playing. There will always be one, you know.  

It's all good, it's all now, and it's all YOU............leapfrogging, from form to form, and moment to moment.  The night falls, the bough breaks, and darkness comes upon you.  Then, suddenly........the dawn breaks, the baby wakes, and a new day is born.  Put on your new day, and wear it with pride!  There will be plenty more where that came from.  

Chehala Selah!  We will look forward to seeing you soon in the Crystal City!!!!  

<end transmission>


Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

--Words by Unknown.  Music by Lennon and McCartney

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.