B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B


There is a time and place for Separation, and also for Unification. Any effective 3D Experience demands that each person maintain certain distinctions between self and not-self, male and female, hot and cold, up and down…and a host of other areas of experience. Those who fail to maintain these distinctions will suffer consequences.  If you don’t believe me, try walking into a restaurant just as the waiter is bringing someone his food. Reach down, pick up a fork and help yourself to the first bite. Remember to keep your hands free, though, because the person at the table will most likely stab one of them with his other fork!   

 There needs to be a difference between Family and Commerce…even as there needs to be a difference between Church and State. This doesn’t demean the quality of either relationship. In fact, once clear distinctions are in place, most people find that functions and experiences in each arena become freer and more harmonious.  Try mixing the two---and a murkiness of intention begins to appear---a murkiness that eventually pollutes and hinders each area of involvement.

The Reconnections define “work” as…..”…that which a person does, in service to himself or his fellows, when he would rather be doing something else.”  In 3D, work is a necessary component of living. It requires us to get up, show up, remain focused on a regular basis, complete certain tasks, and maintain certain standards. We do this whether we feel like it or not. Those who fail to “do their work” will suffer consequences. You fail to shower, your body will stink. If you don’t brush and care for your teeth, they begin to rot and fall out. You fail to offer service in your home or community---certain physical resources will run out. The power of entropy is everywhere!  The primary question is: What are you willing to do in order to maintain your desired lifestyle?

No one can dictate what a “desired lifestyle” should be. Many parents try to do this with their children. They almost always fail. Even in cases where children quietly obey “parental rule,” a dynamic gets set up in that child’s heart---a seed of rebellion---which may not fully manifest for years, or even decades.  In truth, we can’t even dictate OUR OWN “desired lifestyle.” That’s because true passion flows, like a wellspring, from the very center of our being. We can no more decide who and what we are, at that core level, than we can command water to flow uphill. All we can do is create a safe, unpolluted space, where our inner core can reveal itself.       

Play is whatever a person chooses to do when necessary work is done. Some of us have difficulty remembering how to play. That is because somewhere, along the line, certain wires got crossed---leaving important personality needs unmet. Life became a struggle, to the point where our need to work, in order to survive, overshadowed everything else. And now, even though the challenges of early childhood have passed and gone---that inner wiring remains tangled and crossed.

 If you’re doing, in this moment, exactly what you wish to do---you’re like a child, playing in his backyard at home. People may watch you perform, eat what you like to bake, listen to music you compose, or be inspired by words you put on down on paper. In fact, knowing that people like what you do can become fuel, stirring up a bonfire of passion within!  And all is well and good, until tangled wires cause you to ponder:  What would be like to get PAID to do this?  Can I live a life of play, and still have my survival needs met?  Better still…..can I play all day, and get RICH because my form of play is admired by so many folks? 

There is a time and place for Separation, even as there is a time to bring things together. It’s okay to turn play activity into work.  But in so doing, we must realize that certain consequences will follow. Pretty soon, the definition of one element will overshadow the other. Work is service to others---an energy exchange. It’s the financial foundation upon which we build and sustain a “desired lifestyle.” If we begin playing during work time, our clientele gets restless. After all, they’re actively supporting your lifestyle. Are you willing to actively support theirs?  And if we’re forced to work when we long to play, our own heart gets restless. This is one of the primary reasons movie and singing stars fall into drug and substance abuse. They started out doing what they love---but sooner or later love was replaced by responsibility and obligation. Their wires got tangled.             

Even as one man’s trinket is another man’s treasure---so will one man’s play be another man’s work. The key point of distinction is…..how freely do you do what you do, and why?  Motive is everything, as we shall soon see when Spiritual Gifts begin to appear and proliferate in this Brave New World of ours.  And yes, there will be mixing and blending occurring at all levels.  Work and Play, we are told, will eventually merge into a delightful new creature called “Plork.” But first, before that can happen, we need to untangle any faulty inner wiring left over from early years--- re-establishing that which may never had a chance to fully manifest…..clear distinctive life essence out of which beautiful hybridizations can be formed!



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