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Here are some of the Services which I offer.  They meet a large spectrum of interests, needs, and budgets.
Personal Readings and Processing Sessions
I do private sessions, which are for purposes of processing the material presented on the site, and integrating the Oneness tones into your personal life pattern.  They can either be channeled interactions with The Reconnections, or Q and A with me about the application of the material.  They cost $90 per hour, and can be done on the phone, or in e-mail.  A tape is made of the session, and sent out to you free of charge.  The tapes are two-way, so you will get the whole conversation for your personal study archives.    
I also offer an e-mail special, which involves a single question or area of concern.  For these, I charge $30 (U.S.) per issue, or per question that is presented. The Guides will expound upon your proposed issue in writing, and then you can ask questions until you have gotten what they can give you on that question.  Then, we move to a new issue, with a new $30 charge. It's kind of like tech support at Microsoft---although life processes are usually less cut and dry, and some are not meant to be "solved" all at once.
Online Tutoring in the Intuitive Arts
Those who wish to train with me in the areas of Channeling, Intuitive Counseling, Multidimensional Healing, Processing of the Multidimensional Self (Voice Dialogue), and Applied Spirituality may do so according to the above fees and schedules.  For those who desire to do long-term training, special rates can be developed, as well as a personally-designed curriculum.  Contact Daniel for specific details on this.   
Teleconferences and Teleclasses
I connect to a Bridge Line, which makes it possible for me to have teleconferences with several interested individuals at a time.   Cost for an hourly channeling session is $90 for the first person, plus $6 for each additional person who joins.  When done in a series, these "Study Pods" can be powerful tools for growth.  The charges can be shared by all, to reduce individual expense.  E-mail me for details on how to set this up.   
I regularly offer Free Introductions and Paid Teleclasses on various topics.  These are phone-in group sessions, using the Bridge Line, and they are 90 minutes in length.  The paid sessions are $12 per class, which can be paid online through Pay Pal, or you can phone in your card number to the Reconnections Office.  Some people pay by check or money order as well.  For more info on teleclasses, go to:
Live Reconnections Events
I occasionally offer live channeling and processing events, which are either held at my Seattle-area office, or in locations around the world.  To keep updated on these events, visit the Web Site regularly at:    You will receive information there to keep track of what we are doing. 
Products, Books, and Other Resources
We are in process now to create informational resources, to assist people as they grow in spirit.  There is a small inspirational book, called "Reconnections:  The Return to Oneness" that takes people through the basics of the Reconnections journey.  I wrote this in 1993, and have not really promoted it much, since people did not seem too ready to receive the perspective that the Guides have to offer.  That situation changed on September 11, 2001, and people have been much more open to this material since that time.  The book is priced at $11, and it is filled with phrases about the process of Reconnection, and what it means to be one with everything and everyone.  It's very poetic, yet simple.  To order this book, click HERE.  Also, there is a CD called "The Star Children," which tells people about the appearance and rise of Meta-Human Consciousness as it is being shown in Generations X, Y, and Z.   It is a 2 CD set, and it is also available.  It is not only filled with information about the New Kids, but it has lots of Reconnections Teaching woven into it.  The tones on the CD are very spiritually activating.  It needs to be listened to in small bits, as it tends to take people into Multidimensional Processing, and they "go out" into a meditative state.  To hear streaming audio samples of this CD, click HERE.   To order it, click HERE.   
Payment Methods
I take Visa, Mastercard, or American Express over the phone, at the time of the session.  Or, I also have Pay Pal Icons that honor those and all other cards.  Those icons can be used on the Info Pages of the Web Site:   If you wish to call my office to make an Appt., you can do so by calling (425) 827-1452.   Checks or Money Orders can be sent to:  Reconnections, 10512 NE 68th St., Ste 202, Kirkland, Wa 98033   If you are going to be sending payment, we must wait till the check arrives before we schedule the session. 
Free Online Discussion Forums
Reconnections is a research organization.  We are continually seeking new perspectives on this magnificent ascension process.  We also like to deal with common areas of confusion or applications of the insights provided by the Guides.  Many of the people that participate on the Forum have been working with me for many years.  You can ask questions, post topics for elaboration and discussion, or share information coming through your own channel.  I am frequently moved to participate in the discussions, and those who are challenged in financial resources can gain some nice fellowship and insight through this process.  To view the archives for this free service, go to:   If you like the flow of what is happening there, you can join the List-Serve Program at Yahoo by going to .  At the selection window, simply type in "reconnections"..........and you'll be showed how to join the List.    The same is true about "starchildawakening," which is also a List Serve that I run. 

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Or Call the Reconnections Office:  (425) 827-1452