The World Is My Desktop

By Daniel Jacob





One powerful vision that came through from The Reconnections recently was the realization that it is my own perception of the world that creates the "desktop" that I have on my Limitation PC (Perceptual Construct).   Just like on a personal computer, I can and do arrange my images and symbols exactly the way I want them to be.   I send various icons to the "recycle bin," I minimize others, and I maximize those portals that take me to realities that excite and edify me the most.  

Humanity did not invent computers from nothing.  We actually remembered them from our sensing of how our own consciousness operates.   The Reconnections represent all those parts of our Expanded Self that we had to forget about to become human.  They are a Conscious Collective that has volunteered at this time to serve a kind of "search engine" into the archives of humanity, as we go through these crucial years of physical and planetary transformation. 

In one transmission, entitled  "What's Ahead for the Planet Earth?"......the Guides tell us that there is no one "objective" reality that makes up our planet's future.  In truth, there is a whole spreadsheet full of them!   Our planet is very much like Grand Central Station at this time.   There are many "trains" coming and going at every moment of the day.  Each of us buys a "ticket" for whatever Earth Train we wish to board.   We pay for our passage with our personal belief and  focus of awareness........the only true currency of the Multiverse.   

In the above Transmission, The Reconnections say:

"You enter (the Station), decide on your destination, purchase a ticket, and climb aboard the train that will take you where you wish to go. A specific "trip" can be manifest as "a train of thought," "an emotional side-track," or even a period of focused "training" which is designed to prepare you for more expanded existence.   As you can see, we play with words.  But be not deceived.  This "play" is serious business.  Words are also worlds!  Hidden within expressions you use everyday are portals and gateways that connect entire universes with each other.  Therefore, it behooves any traveler to begin noticing what he has been saying.  Sometimes the thought *is* the thing."

When I turn on the TV, and the newscaster says:  "The world economy is about to collapse."   My mind begins to spin.  Down one or more of those "tracks," leaving from the Station, it actually does collapse.   In a moment of time, my mind hops a freight car and follows that destination to the end of the line.   Disaster.  Oblivion!  Then, I hop aboard another "train of thought," and I find that I am back at the Station once again, choosing to buy another ticket.    

The World is my desktop.   If I read a book, wherein a certain "prophet" tells me that my entire planet is going to suffer from a global cataclysm or a terrible famine, my heart may skip a beat.  The very fact that I chose to read that book tells me that those issues do have relevance in my limitation itinerary.  But do I wish to have them completely dominate me?   Then......the very next day, CNN features a news story on a region of South America that is being wracked by hunger and drought.  I hear that a meteor has crashed somewhere on the desert of Saudi Arabia.    Hmmmmmm.....interesting synchronicity, that.   

What the prophet told us in that book was, indeed, true and correct.  In the Multiverse, there is a universe that honors every possibility. However, I am also the master of my fate.  I am the captain of my soul.  I get to choose.  So does everyone.  Isn't that a powerful way to live?


Instead of maximizing certain "files" marked  "famine and pestilence" or "the sky is falling"---letting them take over the screen on my PC---seeing this CNN news story reveals that I have decided to create just two small boxes in the lower part of my Desktop, where hunger and disease can be played out.   In alternative universes (ones that are just as "real" as this one) my entire world may be wracked by hunger, or exploding in flames.   But here, in this universe of my perception, hunger and disaster prevail only as far as I require, in order to establish those ideas as part of my personal version of All That Is. 

RECONNECTIONS:  "A journey is not the distance between two points.  That is old thinking. Rather, it is an expansion of one's personal identification with two (or more) points, followed by a re-defining of the physical "self" from point "a" to point "b."  What causes material manifestation is the intensity of one's FOCUS upon who or what you wish to be at any moment."

Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.   Then, Columbus sailed to find a "New World" for himself.   He bought a ticket on a different train than the one preferred by his contemporaries, and he set out  down a very different track!   Centuries later...... we all are here, living on the (circular) planet that he discovered.  Meanwhile, back in those other universes...........Planet Earth may have manifested itself in quite a different way.   

Presently........... much of humanity thinks of the Earth as a single, objective, unchangeable, "mass reality."   We all live upon it (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  

Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed that the Earth is flat.  They say that, in the Oneself, there are "many Earths" fact, there is an infinity of them!   And each sovereign creator, of each universal reality, gets to choose which Earth he or she is going to inhabit. 


RECONNECTIONS:  "The director's booth at a TV station has many screens, receiving input from several cameras.  Each image on the wall is an actual image of what is happening, although they each come from different angles. Changing from camera "1" to camera "2" is a simple matter for the Director.  Meanwhile, the audience stays still, even though their perceptions have changed drastically.  You must now realize that YOU are that director, even as you are the audience as well.

In the first step of the Return to Oneness, a person is washed clean of all specific identifications with his current base of reality.  This is not accomplished by denying said reality.  Rather, it is accomplished by remembering his or her involvement with all other realities as well.  This willingness to leap into a veritable abyss of possibility, clearing oneself of any "silver cords" or other such protective devices, provides the vibratory momentum needed for transport into any other reality.   

Do you think that you are something?  Then you are attached to what you think that you ARE.   Do you think that you are nothing?  Then you are attached to what you think that you AREN'T.  It's only when you realize that you are everything that you can finally LET GO."

To what have we become attached?  Pain?  Poverty?  Earthly Possessions?  What will it take for us to let them all go?  

There are fragments of the Oneself who truly believe that without pain and struggle humanity would cease to be.  There are other fragments who are so sick of being human that they have decided to blow up their PCs altogether!    Allright.  So be it.  But friends........there are still other trains sitting there at the Station!  There are other paths we can choose, if we are ready to quit behaving like "sheeple," on our way to the slaughter............ and start designing "new routes" which more closely resemble our preferred vibration.\

The World is my desktop.   Once I lived in the world.   Now I choose to live AS the world.   Each face that I see, each "problem" that I identify, is MINE.  What I own, I can control.  Each miracle is now becoming my miracle.   I let go of my attachment to being an "innocent victim," and I now become ready to embrace a new lover..........Infinite Possibility.   Having been raped and abused, time and again, by my own denial of Personal Creatorship---I am now ready to begin my recovery.   It's time to replace that corrupted hard-drive, and reboot the machine!     

RECONNECTIONS:  "The shifts and changes we are describing here cannot be enacted through political action or deliberate intent.  They are born of a higher vibration, and can only begin manifesting when humankind lets go of its addiction to ego-centered control, and simply begins to flow with the river of life that has always been within you.  The struggle and hardship of your Limitation Journey are just about complete!   Your hearts are opening, and becoming knit-together through communication, and your growing realization of who you really are."

Ah I remember!  This is definitely one icon I'm going to want to maximize.  And isn't that the Conductor calling?   I think I hear my train.