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Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"You and Me in Multi-D"

 My Dear Friends,

The purpose for your recent rest period is the establishment of an energetic "tone," within which you will be traversing these next levels of the Ascension process.  From this point on, even your most functional and productive times must be seasoned and insulated with an energy of peace and rest.  This is the only way a Multidimensional Ship  can  travel through 4D and beyond.  Any attempts at struggle will cause you to energetically "crash," with the result that you will be stranded within a single universe until you, once again, enter into an attitude of REST so you can continue on in Multi-D.   

We have spoken, in detail, about the CONVERGENCE OF SOULS that is beginning to take place on the 3D Plane, and the formation of a huge ROUND TABLE to accommodate their process of sharing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and ability from all dimensions---from the Celestials to the Depths of Underworld, and all points in-between!



The leadership positions, held within this new collaborative process will, for the most part, remain unrecognized and very much in the background.  They are nurtured within the hearts of those wholly dedicated to "liberty, equality, and fraternity" for all people---holding to these precepts as a way of life, not just a political ideal.  The manifestation of such is one of the sure fruits of Universal Oneness, as it expands into the minds and hearts of those who are on their journey home.

Some of you have approached us with true and relevant questions.  "What is God?"  you ask.  To this we reply "What isn't?"  Others come to us with far more personal concerns.  "Who am I?"  you want to know.  Our reply to that question is very much the same.  "Who aren't you?"  

The very same Convergence of Souls that is taking place upon the Earth is also taking place within the heart of every being who partakes in this Oneself Journey.  You are not singular, but multiple by nature---held together by a common, unifying thread of belief that "It's all ME".......utilizing your physical senses, at whatever level they are aroused, to anchor and embrace the EXPERIENCE of Unity (ME-ness), while a fragmented and Veiled Multi-Track Consciousness faithfully archives and collates the CONCEPT of Diversity, in all the ways required to bring completion and wholeness to All That Is.

You are not one of many.  You are really many of one.  The experience of "Future Now" involves a phase shifting process between various "selves" that are functioning within the Greater Oneself.  For example:  As your physical body and 3D senses remain anchored here, in physical space, it is possible for your emotions and inner senses to take a momentary journey somewhere (or somewhen) else---which is manifest within some higher, lighter dimension. 

As your focus "toggles" between the inner and outer experience, a BRIDGE begins to form between the two.  You say to yourself:  "I have gone somewhere," or "I am traveling."  With that joining, the FUTURE becomes NOW, even as NOW gets to take a journey into the FUTURE. 


Conceptually, you may have entertained these issues freely, and without hesitation.  But soon you will be experiencing them personally---an entirely different prospect.  And that, My Friends, is what separates the men from the boys.  Will you be able to hold your "center" with these strange occurrences going on?  Or will you begin doubting yourself and immediately run to the doctor, complaining of "symptoms?"  And if you do, what would be your goal?  To get rid of the "symptoms?" 

This is what "symptoms" are, you know.  They are WORLDS, to which parts of you have made a journey.  The other parts of you remain here, standing at the Gate, so there is someone left to "mind the store" while the rest of you can explore.  Building Bridges is hard work.  Is it any wonder that people refer to collections of symptoms as "dis-ease?"  And is it any wonder you  seek relief, even if parts of you know that relief can only come when those bridges are completed?

Soon will come a time of Great Tribulation upon the Earth.  It is to be the full deliverance of a glorious Planetary Oneself........the culmination of many years "labor" for those Neo-Shamans who have been faithfully and artfully building bridges to and from the Soul.  As the external world gets more chaotic, your internal self must settle into peace and trust.  The same is true in reverse.  As the masculine role heats up in any one realm, your divine feminine aspect will settle back and let him have his way.  Her face shines with peace, trust, and receptivity........even if, for a time, she cries out in travail. 

If you are working and living your life in 3D, and you begin to feel yourself "going under," you now have the choice to say:  "I am in labor."  This is true regardless of your gender.  You are opening a bridge between 3D and somewhere/somewhen else, and you are BIRTHING that bridge into existence.  Emotions begin to flow freely.  That means your "water" has broken, do you see?   

At such a time, you must force yourself to REST.  Make room for the energy fluctuations and enlist some help to support you as the birthing process ensues.  If you are a writer, write.  If you are an artist, draw.............or lay quietly until you have enough focus and strength to take up the brush.  In all things, follow the inclinations of the innate intelligence of your physical vehicle.  It is not evil, nor is it the source of evil, and it knows best what you will need during these crucial times.  In truth, it is the grounding element for the Planetary Child that is coming through.


As all of these circumstances unfold, there will be parts of you that will long to take control of the situation.  They will struggle and fight, clawing at you from within, urging you to TAKE ACTION!  But be advised, Dear Ones, that "action" is not something a person TAKES.  It is something that is GIVEN TO HIM, at the proper time.  You don't take it, action TAKES YOU.  It lifts you, and carries you through the situation.  If you have doubts, leave it out.  When (and if) real action needs to be taken, there are never doubts.  There is simply the outworking of an inward grace---a response-ability that moves through you, as required. 

If there is no attendant flow, stand still..........and, as they say..........WAIT UPON THE LORD.  We are not speaking here about some 'savior' who will enter the scene and quell your enemies.  In Oneness, there are no enemies.  There are simply players in a Grand Play, a MOVIE that is gently unfolding in 3D space.  The LORD we speak about is the Center, an aspect of the Oneself that knows all, because it is all.  That which is separated cannot know.  It can only experience.  And that is the difference between the Lord and his Lady.  One knows, while the other is known...........and taken......for a wondrous Bridal Waltz across the stars.

If you are experiencing a birthing process "second person," then it is very important that you attend to that birthing as Spirit may dictate.  Offer help, understanding, and.........most of all........encouragement that, at the end of the process, the efforts will not be in vain!  Be sure to use some of the most helpful words ever found in the Bible.  And what are those words? 

"It came to pass."  

Whether you are he/she who labors, or the midwife who attends, you are still ONE BEING.  As you moan, tossing and turning with tumult and feeling, you can say:  "I am watching myself go through this........."   In so doing, you are reminding yourself that you have chipped off a portion of your being, and deputized it to be a "fly on the wall," constantly observing, absorbing, and integrating the energy of each passing moment.  As the baby comes through, the Watcher Self observes the passage.  Meanwhile, other aspects of self continue to do whatever they do.  It's a potpourri, to be sure.........anything and everything can happen.  If another aspect is moaning and tossing, you can hold the space for him or her........comforting, encouraging, cradling that mind and heart in peace and confidence.    

We speak these words now to assure you, all parts of you, that NO ONE is to be lost during these times of transition.  There are no "stillborn" children, nor will there be any abortions.  In the true spirit of Voice Dialogue, we can assure ALL participating 'selves' that no one will be turned away from this Round Table of Oneself Collaboration.  All are needed, and all are welcome---though certain forces, who are accustomed to disruption and disturbance, may be held in check so that the safety and participation of others can be assured. This is all accomplished through a grand Guardian Spirit which assures the equality and fraternity for all.  As the edict ensures:  "Harm no one, do what thou wilt."  So let it shall it ever be.         

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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