3D and the Realization of Goals

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


There are many who still labor under the belief that physical reality is the only thing that is "real."  At those levels, we discount everything beyond the physical as simply a product of our Imagination.  We believe that those ideas are fantasy.  They are worthless.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Reconnections have recently been talking a lot about the "Next Level" of Our Collective Being---the "Promised Land," towards which we are all surely headed. They speak of "Imaginal Realms," which are every bit as real as this level......though they are less dense in appearance. 

Initially contacted through the exercise of Imagination and Visualization, The Next Level is becoming ever-more-vivid in the lives of those who walk a Transformative Journey.  3D, on the other hand is being reserved for those areas of consciousness with which we are having difficulty, or require special assistance to integrate.  At this point, we could easily refer to physicality as "The Orthopedic Shoes of the Multiverse." 


In the World of Form, we follow the "Dominant Tone" wherever it appears.  We do this because our obvious inclination in that direction indicates some lesson or necessary experience for us.  The same would be true of honoring a repulsion away from something.  Following the Inner Gyroscope honors those "Three Commitments" which keep us steady and productive on the Path.  Stay Free, Stay in the Now, Follow the Energy.  If some obstacle appears to hinder your goals........if some necessary person in your life program becomes inaccessible.........you stop moving horizontally, and shift your attention vertically to The Next Level, where you can begin Building an Astral Bridge to facilitate the journey. 

The Reconnections' primary watchwords for living effectively in 3D during this powerful and complicated time is are: 


What many people mistake for "depression" these days is actually a voluntary form of BINDING or INCARCERATION.  Many things which people obsess about are not really what's bothering them at all.  They're just fuel for the bonfires of worry or regret which fasten the inner handcuffs even tighter.  Depression is usually "frozen rage."  When it feels uncomfortable or unworkable to get riled up, many folks settle for feeling "down."     


Because the Ego keeps pushing, or allowing us to be pushed---instead of meeting and transforming barriers at the energy level---the universe simply STOPS EVERYTHING, and CONSTRAINS US until we can do the "inner work" necessary to overcome the challenge.  Although this can be frustrating, at the Ego Level, it certainly keeps us from blowing things up before we're ready to learn another way of living.  The remedy?  A double dose of a wondrous soul "medicine" called GRACE.  In truth, the "realization" of ALL GOALS is immediate and eternal, from the moment we hit "enter" on our Multiversal Computer.  It's all there, it's all now, and it's all COMPLETE.  Whether or not it needs to be physical depends entirely on how much "detail' we need to have before we're willing to believe.




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