In Human Consciousness, Pt. 3

By Daniel Jacob


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Having generally discussed the current influx of Extraterrestrial Tones that are now entering the Earth's Energy Field, it seems fitting to more fully describe what they are, and some ways in which they are now proceeding to make themselves known.   

The Reconnections have always taught that the word "tone" is a contraction.  It is a merge of two words: "to one."   As The Santar told us in Part Two, we reach up to heaven and we ask the universe:  "Is anybody up there?"  The universe responds back via whatever means seems most viable for whoever or whatever is seeking to give us our answer.   

What we perceive to be this response, and what was actually sent might be two different things.  But that really does not matter.  The sender of the message has an intention, and the receiver also has an intention.  Each "side" of the interaction creates his or her own parallel universe, within which all the ramifications of the exchange are played out.  There are many, many possible/probable universes that can become involved in this process.  It goes right along with everything the Guides have told us about Multidimensionality. 

For purposes of this discussion, I would like to simply consider the reality context of a single receiver of alien contact, just so we can follow a flow of energy to one viable conclusion.   In Modern UFO terminology, such an individual is referred to as an "Experiencer."

When an "Alien Tone" is detected, the physical and emotional bodies go through what is called an "Activation."   There are many ways that activations can affect us.  Some are barely noticeable.  Others can be quite horrendous.  The proliferation of Energy Activations on the Earth today has produced an epidemic of what I call "Global Acceleration Syndrome."   Though I won't go much into it here, you can research this condition by following the link provided.

In short, our Energy Activations are usually allergic reactions, through which our various bodies communicate to us:  "Something strange and new has arrived.  Do something with it"  This message is very similar to the physiological changes that take place inside a woman when she discovers that she is pregnant.  

Let's follow that concept a bit further, shall we?  When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she has to make some decisions.  First off, she has to decide whether or not she wants to keep the baby.  We live in an age of "conscious choice".......and, sooner or later, this basic decision must be dealt with.  Assuming that the woman is willing to carry the child to term, the next step is to learn more about pregnancy, and how she can keep herself and her baby as healthy as possible.     




An Alien Tone, by definition, is something that doesn't really belong here.  It has no place in our vocabulary or personal experience database.  Therefore, we have to create a place to put it.  A place where it can "belong."  At this point in history, a good deal of our planet is PREGNANT with alien babies.  They are what the Guides have called "Bridge Concepts."  A "concept" is a baby, in the economy of the Reconnections.  It is a person all its own.  This is also true of human emotion.  

Here are a few thoughts that have come through recently in some of the transmissions:

"You are pregnant with possibility, regardless of your physical gender.  And each new day, you face the prospect of "giving birth" to fascinating new "parts" of yourself.  Do not push too hard, or seek to rush the birthing process.  That only restricts how your energy presents itself, and how power moves through your life.  Instead, let your focus be upon ALLOWING, gracefully honoring all of the aspects of your Oneself Being as they come forth--safely, harmoniously, and easily.  Allow the Aware Self  to play the role of Watcher, during this Grand Unfoldment of the Ages.  You'll soon be quite amazed at all there is to see.

Your living thoughts and e-motions are entities unto themselves.  Mostly, they are transient in nature.  They move through you, arriving from or going to other destinations.  They are as children at play.  They have no consuming interest in you.  In fact, they are nearly oblivious to the fact that you (as a separate entity) exist.  That's what makes them so dear.  They have their obvious agendas, and they are assuming responsibility for realizing those goals.  It is you who must become interested in them.  They are your teachers, your guides.    

Walk alongside them and ask them questions.  If you find yourself getting bogged down with any one of them, quickly move on.  Dealing with an e-motion is like playing catch with a hot potato.  You keep the thing in the air and you don't get burned.  If you catch it and hold onto it, you'll end up swallowing it---that is, if it doesn't swallow you, first!  Afterwards, you feel "heavy" and dull.   

During this process, try to avoid using the word "I" in conjunction with an e-motion.  Rather than saying "I feel" or "I am feeling," it is better to simply say "There is a feeling within me......." and then describe what the e-motion appears to be.  You must realize that there are many feelings within you.  And they are all centered in their goals and approaches to life.  They want what they want, and they are passing through you.  They are not really who you are.  You are so much more than this." 

I remember how unnerved I felt when the Guides told me that I was pregnant.  They said:  "You are a pregnant male."  This message came through in 1992, when my friend David was confronting me about my physical body weight.  When I told him what they said, he grinned and responded:   "No, really, Daniel.  You have to consider getting some of the weight off."   I knew then that this was probably going to be a wild ride.  After all, whoever heard of carrying a baby for more than 50 years before giving birth to it? 

I was excited, in those days, when a TV Show, which was called "Alien Nation," began introducing the idea of male pregnancy into their story plots.  As some of you may remember, this series was based on a movie (by the same name), which starred James Caan, as a policeman of the future.  At that point in history, alien "visitors" had already landed, and had integrated with earth people in nearly every aspect of life.  Caan's character had a partner who was of alien heritage.  On that fellow's planet, it was the men who carried the babies, not the females.  They carried them in a pouches right under the heart space.  I remember thinking:  "Wow.  Could this really be true?  Or is it just another excuse for me not to try to lose weight?"      

After teaching a recent Workshop, a friend told me that I seemed "full of myself."   She didn't mean that in a bad way.  Rather, she said that she felt I was "coming to term" with whatever it is that I have had growing inside of me all these years.  As with all such observations, her remark meant something for both of us.  It has unique applications in each universe.  And it also applies to humanity as a whole.  

Many of us are carrying 'alien children' inside our perceived universes.  Some of us carry them manifest as nondescript, potentiated matter (fat) on our physical bodies.  Others carry them in the form of personality quirks, compulsions, or anomalies in the emotional and mental bodies.  Still others notice unusual 'concepts' floating around them---as energetic or circumstantial phenomena--- or manifest as "strange energy" in the lives of loved ones or people nearby.  Truly, the proliferation of personal "chaos" that many are reporting, could very well be the "kicking" and "turning" of our alien offspring as they ponder the idea of springing forth from the womb.  The Guides covered this, somewhat, in their transmission called "Dealing with Psychic Disturbances."   




"Things are not what they appear.  They are at least that, but they are frequently so much more."  These are familiar words from The Reconnections, as they speak to us about the unexplained phenomena of this age, especially the popular conceptions that many hold about Aliens and UFOs.

The real "aliens" that are landing in this universe are TONES that are moving through the Veil at an incredible rate.  We down step those tones into a physical or conceptual format that most clearly portrays the state of our consciousness when we interact with them.

If we are able to personalize these tones---if, indeed, we have progressed to a place where we realize that everything and everyone we see is merely a reflection of SELF, manifest as some physical "other," then we will skate on past the obvious interpretation of this energy as an "alien spacecraft" that is coming at us from another planet or dimension.  Instead, we will allocate such interpretations to movies, books, newspaper articles, etc.  We will declare them to be "real," which they truly are---but we will also understand that they are also so much more than they appear to be. 

They are old, familiar aspects of THE PLANETARY ONESELF that are finally returning home to us.  The process of creation has come full circle.  The receptacles that have carried our power and eternal knowing are re-entering our field of awareness, and they long to be acknowledged and accepted as the true appendages of our Planetary "Body" that they have always been.  They are like arms and legs that have been "dis-membered" from the body.  And now we will be re-membering that body once again!

Whether we think of these "Oneself Fragments" as Archetypes, Faery Beings (Ultraterretrials), ETs, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, or whatever---they are true and honest aspects of every person who finds him or herself reading this article.  Each of us represents an entire universe, in and of ourselves.  And now, that universe is getting an "upgrade" in power and velocity.  We must deal with it or die.




In their transmission called "Living at Ground Zero," the Guides said this:  

"Many of you will also receive celestial "downloads," in the form of modular personality constructs from other dimensions.  They will serve as catalysts for a rebuilding of yourselves here, in this expanding 3D reality.  They are actually adaptations of entire "sections" or "sub-sections" of your own vibratory essence in other planes, dropping in to lend a helping hand.  This is an expanded, natural progression of what we shared with you last year, in our material on Building Astral Bridges. 

If need be, portions of your being that have become damaged or distressed during these harsh times, will be taken to special chambers or rehabilatory environments, where their healing may be attended to.  The Elves and the Fae are long familiar with this process, and even now are assisting as the "Changelings" are introduced into mainstream society.  Remember, it is ALL YOU, regardless of the dimensions involved.  What then is there to fear?"    

The topic of "walk-ins" was first introduced by author Ruth Montgomery, and it carries a ring of truth to this very day.  There are entire web sites and communities that are devoted to the support and awakening of Walk-Ins and Wanderers on Planet Earth.   Many of them, however, are still interpreting these aspects of the Oneself as something "separate," which comes in to take over a (nearly) abandoned vessel.  However, in a Reconnections sense, they are simply "prodigal" sons, who have finally decided to come home.  Or, in the case of Gods and Goddesses, they are KINGS AND QUEENS who have decided its time for a day off.   Leave the family "business" to the kids, and enjoy a little "R and R."  

The Reconnections term for "Walk-In" is MODULAR PERSONALITY CONSTRUCT.  In a sense, the Guides teach that we are all like Cosmic Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead.  Our hats are interchangeable, our eyes and ears are, too.  All we have to do is decide what "parts" we wish to add or subtract, and we can create a whole new personality "vehicle" in which to enjoy the 3D world.  

Let it suffice to say that not all Walk-Ins come from outside our current Game Format, either.  In these latter days, we are also experiencing a proliferation of WAKE-INS, which are personality constructs that have been with us for quite awhile, but have not yet awakened from their "soul sleep."   They have been in a kind of "cryogenic storage," until the vibratory frequency on the planet reaches a particular vibratory pitch.  At that point, they simply come "online," and begin contributing to our unfoldment process.   And, when this happens, it seldom seems that they have ever been away from us.  It's quite amazing, really.

The planet has its own version of these sleepy beings.   They lie as viruses and bacteria, frozen and sleeping in the soil and rock.  As Global Warming continues to rise, due to the expansion of the holes in the Ozone Layer, there are beings awakening from their SOIL SLEEP, and becoming active again in Earth's affairs.  The Guides tell me that this is one aspect that is behind the current S.A.R.S. difficulty.  The other, of course, is the fact that our Global Heartspace is expanding and breaking apart.  Hence, we're going through Energy Gates galore.  We're on the grow, my friends!




The call is now going forth for Midwives to attend the birthing of our incoming Alien Children.  They are called "Alien Children" because they represent personality or soul aspects that have hitherto been unseen or unmanifest in our lives.  Their birthing comes when we begin DARING to act and believe in ways that once seemed impossible for us.  You see?  We have been the victims of a vast, conspiratorial COVER-UP of these magical and Onederous qualities for many centuries.  It's finally time that our Inner Government CAME CLEAN about who and what we all are.   

The whole idea of hosting and working with an incoming Alien Construct is nicely explored in the reasonably old movie called "Starman," starring Jeff Bridges.  In this account, a wife finds that her dead husband has come back to "join her," in a slightly altered state!  A review of that film could be a nice preparation for us, during these powerful times.  The primary quality that is required, to be a good Mid-Wife (male or female, it does not matter), is an IN-THE-MOMENT ALLOWINGNESS---both for the feelings and actions of self, and also for those of others.  When and if there is a conflict in the usage of that allowingness (i.e. if we express lack of acceptance for others, in order to be true to our now-moment self), then so be it!   

The qualities we speak about here operate within a far more flexible format that the sanguine, light-light expressions of "unconditional acceptance" that often show up in our usual Metaphysical Communities.  Most of what folks think of as "light and love" is merely a suppression of the Shadow Self, creating a kind of "mold" or expected pattern of behavior that is reminiscent of Fundamentalist Christianity.  It is a "whistling in the dark" that ardently hopes that unacknowledged emotions will eventually die of suffocation, hidden in the closet..  And this, too, is a normal stage of growth.  And then, when we are through with it, we move on.  

In truth, the gestation period of Alien Constructs can be a long one!  As I said, 50+ years of pregnancy is a bit much!   The EXCESS WAIT that some of us are experiencing, is not due to the fact that the babies are not ready to be born.  They are!   Rather, we are WEIGHTING AROUND because, up until now, the world has not been ready to receive such a radical infusion of variance to the status quo.  

For more information on this, you may want to check out "The Cure," which speaks about the whole idea of "normal," and humanity's obsession with it in the field of healthcare.  You also may want to check out "The Star Children," to see the manifold ways that our young people are electing to go ahead and birth some of these babies for us, rather than waiting around for us to become "ready" to do the work ourselves. 

This is all we shall say about this for now.  I am deeply indebted to the great group who recently met with me in Portland, prior to the Humanity's Team event.  In that "safe" and Onederful environment, many of us were able to access new and fascinating parts of ourselves that were ready to come forth!   Blue booties, pink booties, and flowers galore!   All wrapped up with candied bacon for breakfast!  God, the woman at the Guest House knew how to cook!  

As always, your comments and questions are welcome.  This continues to be a WORK IN PROCESS.  Let us do the process together, shall we?   

I will end this segment with a greeting (and farewell) that The Santar say, when they enter or exit a person's conscious awareness.  They say "SOLARIS HOMILY!!!"............which means something akin to "Aloha" or "God Bless," when spoken among the brethren.

May the blessing of SOLARIS HOMILY remain with us all. 

DJ.--July, 2003. 


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