Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb in "Inception"

"Whose Dream am I in?"

B Y   D A N I E L  J A C O B  


Well, my friends……it certainly was time.  Time for the “Powers that Be” to reveal our “next level” of insight beyond what was awarded to us through “The Matrix” Trilogy.  When I speak of “Powers That Be,” I’m not speaking about Christopher Nolan or Warner Brothers (even though it is kind of neat that Warner’s also distributed “the Matrix” series as well).  Instead, I’m speaking about that GREATER INTUITIVE SENSE that is present within the soul of each awakening person---through which we are being GUIDED to “higher grounds” of perception through utilization of popular mediums of expression.  (For more on this, see the Reconnections’ Treatise on “Dreams of the Mass Mind”)

According to my own take, “Inception” was a bit over-bearing when it came to unraveling the plot which held some of its deeper precepts.  I am referring especially to the chase scene at the end, involving tons of snow and explosions---during which time many of the “key story” points were resolved.  I’m not saying I got TOTALLY LOST, but I am saying that Nolan could have made things a whole lot more enjoyable if he hadn’t given in to his urge for so much bing-bang-boom as he is revealing certain secrets of the universe through some of his key characters.

DREAMS are the definitely subject of the day in this movie!  And for many of us, they are getting to be chief subject of the night as well---EVERY night!  So much is going down our dreamscapes that it is no wonder that a huge portion of our reconnecting populace is waking up only slightly more fatigued than when we went to sleep. 

What is new in this rendering is a stark view of the Creative Power of Dreams---especially when they arise from a face-to-face junction between our Subconscious Minds (Shadow Selves) and Conscious Minds (3D Players of the Grand Game).  For example, in one of the “training segments,” where Dom Cobb (Di Caprio) is explaining the Art of Dream Creation to his new novice, Aryadne (Ellen Page)---and he underscores the importance of NOT using conscious memories as tools for Dream Creation.  Instead, he emphasizes, allow your Subconscious some degree of liberty in Dream Creation---lest our Conniving, Manipulating Ego Self would unwittingly create monsters which would eventually destroy us. 

 By the way……this Conflict of Philosophy, involving Human Empowerment dwells at the very heart of that conflict which resulted in the downfall of Atlantis---when debating Practitioners of The Craft tried to hash out among themselves the Role of Human Ego in the Design, Implementation, and Operation of Atlantean Crystalline Technology.  Who (or rather what) gets to be in charge?  Who finally call the shots, when push comes to shove?  Man or Machine?  Conscious or Super-Conscious?  Humanity or Divinity?

Indeed……..if you don’t mind a bit of a spoiler here (not much, but just a little)…….which levels of Consciousness are considered “true” and which are destined to be dismissed as mere “figments” of the Imagination?  And is Imagination real? 

 There’s so much to speak about that I will simply stop here.  Many of you haven’t yet seen the film.  It’s probably worth a qualified panel, over a couple of hours, on Recon Radio Roundtable.  So I’ve given you fair warning!  Don’t be caught with your Inceptions down!  SEE THIS MOVIE, and then we’ll talk some more.  I know I need to see it at least a couple more times just to determine what I missed because of my tummy ache that Sunday Night (left over from our Birthday Bash of a Brunch at Theatro Zinzanni in Seattle!  It was fun, but ohhhhhh……my aching tum tum.    More soon!         




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