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"Star Kid Fervor"

We have real-live Apostles growing up in our midst.  People who are dead serious about COMING TOGETHER and building bonfires of LOVE……even if it means leaving everything familiar behind, and setting out on an unknown path.  Like Abraham, in the Old Testament.  It was said of him:  “He went, but he knew not where.” 

One bright and eager young man said to me today:  “When I try to fight my nature (wanderer, adventurer, earth healer)…..I don’t do well.  I even get sick and unhappy.”  He speaks about “coming to grips with ourselves”……..meaning…as Socrates so nicely put it:  “KNOW THYSELF  (what you need, what you want)…Thou shalt not then be false to any man.” 

It was also written:  “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  So it follows, if you really believe that………IF YOU DON’T FEEL FREE, YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW THE TRUTH YET.”  We may know SOME truths……but we haven’t yet figured out what scratches that “itch” inside……what really turns us on.

Many people, both men and women, are having tremendous problems with their Endocrine System……which is the body’s natural chemistry….their body’s natural healing source.  If we mix up and confuse the “chemistry” of our lives…staying where we don’t want to be, doing what we don’t want to do…..then it will naturally follow ...our BODY CHEMISTRY will be goofed up as well.  

 So we’re being hit by METEORS from “above” and even a few ASS-teroids from below… light our fuses, and put a little PICK-UP in our GET ALONG.  These New Kids are not crazy, and they’re not being ‘messed up’ by psychedelics.  They’re just EXCITED, and they’re unwilling to let that excitement go in order to be too “grounded” or to chase after Earthly Security.  



(a.k.a. Michelle Bennett)

One of the Danimal’s fave people these days is up-and-coming L.A. Rap Star “MBennz,” also known as Michelle Bennett.  A true heart-person, Michelle reached out to me when she began a Community of Believers in S. California called “S.T.A.R. Kidz,” which explores and highlights the gifts and expanded perceptions of Gens X, Y, Z, and beyond. 


 Her album, dropped in July of this year, is called “Lost in Space and Rhyme.”  It’s a compilation of some of the finest Hip Hop stylings I’ve heard (my younger son was really into it back in the 90s)…..and some heart messages that make Oh, so much sense for this transforming world of today!  Check her out.  She’s well worth a listen. 


"Who's Teaching Who?"

"Star Kids or Indigos are here to teach, not to save. I am not here to change the course of your history but purely to help, and only if that help is asked for. The Star Kids are a reality. Get used to it. Yet you still judge them by your standards. You don't understand yet that just because some of them are extremely young - like three or four of your years - and have no schooling and can't read or write, they can still teach you. They are not coming from the standpoint of a mere child. They are much more.”

~Indigo Healer, Jason Andrews

Hear:  Ann Andrews, Interviewed by Lance White (AKA Zany Mystic) (click here)

Click HERE for More Info on this Book


MORE AND MORE, humanity seems to be creating a world of extremes for ourselves. The rich get richer, the poor are getting poorer, and those hearty souls who once made up a thriving "middle class" are steadily becoming a rare commodity, indeed.

The Bridge People are those who help modulate and harmonize the energies of Planet Earth (Terra) as she passes through the most difficult transition of her existence. Since the "bridging" concept is something that happens on many levels, it can truthfully be said that Bridge People come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Another term that has been applied to us is "Neo-Shamans."

Millennial Spirituality a hybrid creature. It is a mixture of knowledge and traditions that are as new as last Monday, and as old as the trees and stony guardians that stand along the coastline and commune with the sea. In the same way that the United States has become a "melting pot" for the Earth, gathering together a vast number of beings - diverse in race, creed, and national origin - so the faith that ushers in this New Era has become a kind of "soup" that is made up of the best and most flavorful portions of nearly every religious and philosophical tradition that has come before, plus some new elements that are just now making their entrance into physical life and reality. 


"Educating the Educators" 

A Series of Articles about the Future of Education 

Personal interest is the appetite of a healthy mind. We wouldn’t dream of force-feeding our children with food they do not enjoy—food that doesn’t match their “taste.” Why would we ever dream of doing that with ideas?  Some insights about Star Children and Education.

1. Star Children are highly evolved “aliens” who have “landed” in the midst of contemporary Earth Culture.
2. They come in peace.
3. They are here to build bridges of learning and understanding between our present world and a whole new world that is trying to make contact with us.
4. Bridges of learning and understanding must go both ways.
5. Children learn best by example. The easiest way to teach them is to actively learn in their presence. As they see you do it, they immediately begin doing it too.
6. There are no experts where humanity is heading now. Everything is becoming new. The biggest gift that our children bring us is a continual reminder of what it looks like to be open, wide-eyed, and expectant about life and learning.
7. Good “test scores” do not necessarily an intelligent person make.
8. One of the most important elements for learning and growth is having enough time to discover what you want and need to learn on your own.
9. Star Children are not the possessions of their parents or the society in which they live. They are explorers and guides for a whole new way of being.
10. The most effective function that an adult has, in the process of formal education, is to create and sustain an authentic and open learning environment, where the role of “teacher” and “student” regularly gets traded, back and forth, between the generations.
11. A decision to become a teacher is really a decision to reconnect with the Magical Child within. If we don’t do that, we won’t be able to connect with our outward children either.
12. We know that we have contacted our Magical Child when our bodies and minds get “turned on” by what we are doing in the present moment.
13. The underlying power behind sexuality is present and active in people of all ages. It is a creative mindset, an expanded state of being. Its primary components are a healthy curiosity, freedom to explore, and willingness to progressively share self with others.

FULL ARTICLES (click here)


"Introduction to Spiritual Gifts"



THREE CATEGORIES OF GIFTS:  There are three basic groupings of Gifts that are given to humanity.  They each have very definitive purposes and meanings. In the Reconnection Universe, these terms describe that which facilitates our Reconnection to the Universal Oneself Body.

  • Orientations of Spirit:  That which motivates you in your life purpose.  The Greek word "Charismation" (kar-is-ma-tyon) is the root from which we derive our English word "Charisma."  The prefix "char" means "joy."  You will find it quite easy to understand this type of gift if you simply think of it as your own personal form of "magic."  It embodies your natural and most abundant way of being, your Core Self.  It is what brings you joy, as well as those who gather around you. What is it that you do which requires the least amount of effort, yet produces the greatest results?  What is it that you would do for others, whether or not you were paid to do it?

  • Operations of Spirit:  That which happens when you exercise your Gifts--results, miracles, expansions, activations.   

  • Opportunities for Service:  That which calls out to you for help.  As you reach out in love to those who cross your path, the Oneself is strengthened, as is your own energy and connection to the Whole.   

TWO LEVELS OF ORIENTATION AND INVOLVEMENT:  There are two levels of motivational connection that are operational within an Awakening Meta-Human Brain. Many people identify with one or more gifts from each level as prime motivations for their connection to The Great Work.  Others cycle through many gifts, as they shift and evolve through life:

  • The "Ground Crew":  That which connects and organizes Reconnection Activity within 3D.  (7 Grounding Tones).  Gifts of Stabilization and Flourishing.

  • The "Test Pilot":  That which connects 3D to the rest of What Is. (5 Bridge Tones).  Gifts of Expansion.

Key Distinction:  There is a difference between performing an activity (which we all do) and having that area of life be the Core Motivation for your life purpose.  Each individual may perform these listed activities--but each performs it from a different root motivation. By determining, through trial and error, what turns you on the most, you can determine the appropriate priorities and community involvements that will best serve you and your unfolding universe.  

  SEVEN GROUNDING GIFTS:  There are Seven Root Motivations (Orientations) that are contained within the "Ground Crew" Aspect of the Planetary Oneself. 

 Follow hyperlinks to get an expanded view of each Motivation.

  • Revelation:  "The Gift of Prophecy"  Those whose primary passion is to go beyond the superficial issues that take up time and energy in life, and get right to the heart of the matter.  They value truth and clarity above all other things.   (This motive usually is accompanied by the ability to channel, teach, or speak in an elegant or compelling manner). 

  • Compilation:  Also called the "Gift of Teaching and Research."  The motivation to gather facts, resources, and knowledge about key life issues, and arrange them for presentation in a clear and precise way.

  • Exhortation:  "The Gift of Counseling."  The motivation to encourage, counsel, and assist people as they go through life choices and transitions.  Most often practiced in a one-on-one setting..........but can also be channeled to groups (as though they were one person as well).

  • Consolation:  "The Gift of Mercy." The motivation to relieve pain--psychically or physically.  The word most often associated with this gift is COMFORTER.  Most often supported by an innate empathic ability

  • Administration:  "The Gift of Organization."  The motivation to efficiently align people, things, groups, and life patterns so that maximal efficiency is achieved with minimal effort. 

  • Potentiation: "The Gift of Giving"... The motivation to contribute toward or supply resources to satisfy and sustain tangible, human needs.  (This motive usually is accompanied by an uncanny ability for investment, or an ability to obtain money and things to support key projects or life needs).  A primary feature of this motivation is the desire and ability to put oneself behind the goals and efforts of another, in order that the project in question cannot fail.

  • Implementation: "The Gift of Helps"  The motivation to see things run smoothly, especially physical processes and systems in 3D.........logistics, supply, mechanical or domestic abilities that make life easier for the community and help to "feed the masses."    

 FIVE BRIDGE TONES:  There are five Bridge Gifts (Orientations) that help connect what is going on in 3D with the rest of the Multiverse.  The Reconnections refer to those participating in these activities as "Gridworkers." 

Follow hyperlinks to get an expanded view of each Motivation. If you have other characteristics to add, please send them in.  This is an on-going work in progress!  When you write, do tell me whether you wish me to include your e-mail address, so people can contact you if they so desire:     

  • Imagination:  Architects of the New Reality.  The motivation to design and furnish Expanded Reality Templates--in design formats such as are described in the material on "Crystal Cities."  

  • Modulation:  Tuners of Planetary Vortices and Chakras. Also called "The Gift of Presence." They hold the same function that a "mixer" might serve within a home stereo system--discerning the exact amount of bass tones, mid-tones, and treble tones to include or allow within the various levels of human interact.  They usually do this by running them through their own body first.  Modulators work in concert with The Guardian Spirit, holding your Planet on course, so that ultimate Oneness and Resonance of Purpose may be sustained. 

  • Calibration: These are Connectors and Sustainers of Planetary Resonance.  They are known as Bridge Builders.  They have the power to link anything with anything else.  Calibrators are like Cinematographers in the Movie Business, choosing which facets of the Oneself Perceptual Apparatus to join together, so that the Mass Mind can experience Ourself with clarity and joy. 

  • Transposition: These are Translators and Conductors of Tones for the Planet.  They are like Antennas, bringing in energies from beyond the Veil and down-stepping them for 3D adaptation and application.  Practically speaking, Transposers are most effective when they station themselves in the vicinity of Prophets or Teachers in 3D Reality.  Since they tend to be somewhat non-verbal, they feel most fulfilled around someone who possesses adequate communication abilities to express and explain what it is they are carrying within their bodies

  • Conciliation:  This is the Christ Self Interface.  It is the level of Pure Oneness.  It is also the embodiment of FORGIVENESS (AT-ONE-MENT) for all Planetary Polarizations.  Those who attain this motivation, and move within it, become aware of it for only small periods of time.  It is the Core Self that comes through during Phase Shifting Activity, which is ordained to demonstrate the movement between the Human and Divine perspective.     

 ENERGY GIFTS (Effects):  MANIFESTATIONS OF SPIRIT POWER:  Sometimes, that which has been deemed a "Joy Gift" can also be deemed a manifestation of Spirit Power.

These are often referred to as "Grace Gifts," because they are given freely---as the Spirit of the Oneself decrees.  They're not necessarily subject to the desires and agenda of the Ego.  For example, a person can be a fabulous Energy Worker, but the Process of Healing is entirely subject to the will and the workings of Spirit.   

  OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE:  In their transmission "Your Perfect Job," The Reconnections distinguish between a person's "place at the gate" and his part in "The Great Work", which is the Planetary Alchemy that is now underway.  We can serve the Oneself wherever we are.  We can form clans, uniting a perfect mix of gifts, abilities, and soul resonance that keep us running smoothly and happily.  We can also join Tribes, which are gathered around Spirit Orientations, so that we can unite our intentions and pool resources.  In the 3D world, we can stay economically solvent and grounded, through allowing ourselves to be inclined towards commercial enterprises and "jobs," to help us attune our vibration to those aspects of the Oneself that still hold lessons to learn.


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