By Daniel Jacob

This site is an extension of the work I have been doing on since the year 1991.  It has taken on a life of its own, so I have given the kids a place of their own, so they have some room to grow.  I am a Visionary Writer, a Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, a Conscious Channel, .  If you wish to find out more about The Reconnections, their Message, and my other work, you can click on the links provided at any time.  It is The Reconnections, my Spiritual Guides and Teachers, who provide the philosophical and energetic context within which I do this work with the Star Kids.  And their Group Soul is an important part of my personal reconnection to the totality of who I really am.    

The First time I found myself writing the words "Star Child" was in the Fall of 1997.  I was in the midst of doing a Web Series called "Energy Activations," and one of the chapters I was writing began to move in a clear flow toward channeling about them.  Being an experienced channel, I have learned to simply allow things to 'come through,' so I just kept writing and writing.  What was originally meant to be one chapter turned into nine.  Many more writings have followed. The pulse of their energy seems to be getting stronger as the years go by.   

On the Star Child CD, I said something like......"This amazing Soul Group of beings were willing to share their essence and agenda with anyone who would listen."  I turned out to be the lucky one. Many more have also heard their message as well.  I'm happy for that.  As more and more information comes through about them, I am coming to believe that what my soul is really trying to accomplish is a clear remembrance of the Magical Child I once was in 3D, and still am on the Inner Planes. 

My own view of this Soul Group is a mixture of my experience with Jesus Christ (who is one of the first Star Children), and also my extensive interest in Extraterrestrial Life and Essence.  As the CD was being produced in 2003, I was hot on the trail of "The Extraterrestrial Factor in Human Consciousness."  That series tells my own view of the myth and lore that has grown up around the thriving subject of UFOlogy and ETs. 

When I was about 11 years old, I was in the family room with my parents, watching a late night movie.  I had gotten sleepy on the floor, so my Mom had told me to go on to bed.  As I entered my bedroom, I saw an illumined being sitting on my bed.  As I recall, he was a kind of LIGHT BEING........with no real face and a very faint outline of a form.  I did get the impression that he was relaxed, and sort of watching me as I entered the room.  I said to him:  "Who are you?"  There was no answer.  I have since come to believe that he was/is simply a future version of myself, coming back to visit, and to watch.

My mother had been very used to having me come up to her in the night and tell her that I was "seeing things."  She learned how to say........"It's only a dream, Danny" without even opening her eyes.  So it was with that night in my room. She called out:  "You're half asleep, Dan.  Go to bed."  What she didn't tell me was:  That's where Star Children actually shine their brightest!  We do most of our intense "work" in that special place called "The Betwixt and the Between"..........the place between waking and sleeping. 

I "know," deep within me, that there are whole archives of interactions that take place between each of us, and those denizens of "The Betwixt and Between."  Some of them come to me, when I am quiet in meditation.  More and more of them are coming through as I write these articles.  Little by little, I am coaxing Little Danny to come up, out of that "basement hideaway" where he still lives, and share some of his magical secrets with me.  This knowledge is the origin of that material on "The Stolen Child," that came through on my trip to Ireland in 1994. 

When I first met The Reconnections, my Spiritual Guides, they described themselves as:  "All those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about to become human."  After working with the Group Soul of the Star Kids for several years, they now describe themselves as:  "All Those parts of your Magical Child that you had to forget about in order to become an adult." 

In my universe, my first experience of the Star Child Essence came through TV and the Movies.  Who hasn't heard those fateful words:  "Danger, Will Robinson"........spoken by that fabulous futuristic Robby, the Robot type fellow?  And which one of us baby boomers didn't gasp with that little boy in that early Sci-Fi movie "Invaders from Mars" he tried to convince his (sleepy-headed) parents that the planet was being invaded by men from outer space? 

And what about little Bobby, who was the first one to figure out that Mr. Carpenter, the mild-mannered and scholarly fellow in his boarding house, was actually Klaatu, the runaway alien in the 1951 classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still?"  The kids always believe, right off.  They believe, and they receive the benefits of that.  Remember Elliott in the Spielberg classic "E.T., the Extraterrestrial?"  He believed, right away.  He said to his big brother:  "I'm keeping him."  And that was that.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to "keep him."  And he went off somewhere, without me.  I can sense him there.......I can sense ALL OF THEM there, but I just can't see them yet.  Also in 1997 (no mistake there), my friend Gwynne did a Rebirthing Session on me, and was able to contact my "Magical Child" self, down in that basement.  He said:  "We have to hide down here.  We have to keep out of sight of the government."  But this is no conspiracy-phobic kid.  He was referring to another "government" than the one that runs the CIA and populates the White House.  He was speaking about the governing agencies of THE MIND. 

It's a conspiracy, I tell you!  A Conspiracy of One.  I have conspired to go into a state of forgetfulness, so that I can experience a life of 3D Limitation "Stuff," and a key moment in time......awaken myself to wholeness.  For each person, it comes at a different time. Mine came in 1991, when I penned my first transmission from the Reconnections.  If you have not made this sacred journey yet, maybe you will find it here, among us.  

Welcome to the site!  Enjoy The Star Children.  They're well worth the visit.


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