Another Transmission from The Reconnections


"Now comes a time of Energetic Unraveling upon Planet Earth.  No longer are you dealing with a mere thinning of the Veil.  Instead, great strands of personality and character essence are tearing away from your being, leaving VOIDS where they once existed, or revealing other "layers" of character essence underneath.  And if this isn't happening to you FIRST PERSON, you are regularly observing unravelings in your SECOND AND THIRD PERSON selves (loved ones, friends, co-workers, and others with whom you share space).  In Oneness, however, what is happening to one is happening to all, whether or not you realize it.  

The working "facade" you  have constructed was designed to fulfill Soul Contracts and special tasks you elected to perform long before you entered this World of Form.  If you are reading this message, it is quite probable that the time for terminating this Current Game draws near, and a new Game is afoot!  Like the Invisible Man pictured above, the "mask" you have put on your Limitation Creation is beginning to unwind.  This doesn't have to be a bad thing, or even a fatal thing.  But it IS a thing, Dear Ones. 

"Oneness.  Everything and Everyone.  It's more than religion, more than politics, and more than philosophy.  It's an EVENT, and it's happening NOW."   

Be ready.  Be willing to leap aboard your next Soul Train when it comes!---whether it means to decelerate awhile, into another 3D Context, or to quicken............moving through 4D and beyond.  All timing is there is no occasion for shame, doubt, or even pride.  All destinations and itineraries, from this point on, are governed and administrated by the Guardian Spirit of Oneness---whose "judgments" about readiness to change contexts are always appropriate, accurate, loving, and fair.  Believe us, Dear Ones, you would not want any other journey than your own!   Each is custom made and will be appreciated greatly, once it has been fully experienced and understood.   

"The Piscean Age focuses itself on discipline and self-sacrifice.  During that time, you are either "Fishers of Men" or you are held captive, within some sort of "system" that regulates thought or action.  Those who still wish to live within that context may continue to do so, in linear time, for quite some time yet.  But those who wish to leap into a time portal and fast-forward into the Aquarian Age, are invited to do so.  In that context, The Planetary Water Bearer is busy pouring out that which had been contained for so long.  He/She/We are  "setting the "captives" free."   There are many other Astrological Ages whose Portals stand open.  It's truly a matter of choice now.   

None of these emphases are right or wrong.  They're just different.  And you, as BRIDGE PEOPLE........walking between the worlds......are witnesses to le grand difference!  Indeed, you carry remnants of each focus deep within your Individual and Planetary Heart!   

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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