Shake dreams from your hair

my pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day, the sign of your day

The Day's Divinity---first thing you see!


A vast, radiant beach and a cool jeweled moon.

Couples, naked---race down by its quiet side.

And we laugh--- like soft, mad children, Snug in the wooly cotton dreams of infancy.



they croon....... the Ancient Ones,

'.....the time has come again!"

"Choose NOW!"

they croon, beneath the moon, beside the ancient lake.

"Enter again the sweet forest.

Enter again the hot dream and come with us......"

Everything is broken up and dances...............

_Jim Morrison




Meta-Reality is a transitional environment, which serves as a design template, enabling humanity to accomplish what has never been done before---at least while we still remained in physical form.  It's our mental and emotional "etch-a-sketch."

In olden days, Meta-Reality was called "The Betwixt and the Between".......a place which serves as a buffer between waking and sleeping.

For us, Meta-Reality is another name for the Multiverse---made accessible within a valid, physical existence.  We close our eyes, and log on.  It is a "Holodeck," if you will, upon which we can rehearse our lines for the next production, while we are still within this one.

A "Meta" Experience can be as dense as a Lucid Dream, or as gentle as a whim, or flight of fancy.  It's all real, and it's all there.  All we have to do is believe, in order to access the benefits of this powerful connection to All That is.  As Jesus said:  "Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe."