F R O M   T H E   R E C O N N E C T I O N S


My Dear Friends,

Most addictions and compulsions are study aids…..tools to assist each creator with understanding and/or administrating all energies present in his or her reality.  We’ve already spoken about the existence and purpose of the Veil.  Now realize that, when breaches in the Veil occur…..be they pinpricks or sizeable holes….an infusion of “new energy” begins seeping through.  This energy is fairly non-descript in nature and manifestation---very much like a newly forming fetus, immediately following conception.  Some people will purposely reach through the Veil, pulling bits of etheric“stuff” through, while others remain fairly oblivious to its presence, as it slowly seeps into their field. What happens then determines the relationship each body and personality will develop around extra-sensory reality.” 

 How does that song go, from the 1960s?   “Something’s happening here.  What it is ain’t exactly clear…..”  Something is, indeed, HAPPENING.....My Dear Friends..

 Some people’s Veils are tough---deflecting away conscious recognition that anything unusual is happening at all.  Like blinders placed on a horse, as it moves through a busy city, their Veils of Forgetfulness keep them focused and undistracted by anything out of the ordinary.  Other people’s lives are not so simple.  Their Veils are thin, and they tend to recognize non-physical data with almost the same clarity as solidified matter.

Receptive and attentive souls are “fertile ground” for planting “seeds” which will one day grow into the Next Levels of Reality.  If they choose to receive the infusion (at whatever level that decision is made), they will become “pregnant” with new possibility.  Some will view this in a positive way---and will exercise all their powers and gifts to make the upcoming voyage magical and pleasant.  Others will attempt to forget the “encounter” ever happened---using every tool they can muster to block out knowledge of anything that doesn’t fit their personal model of “normal.” 

Addictions and Compulsions are NOT your problem. They are the ego’s attempt to gain control over “new energy” which seems to be affecting your life so powerfully. Some will try to "pickle" it with alcohol, overfeed it, relax or excite it with drugs, work it to death, and any number of other ways to slow down or halt the process altogether. It's all part of the soul's evolution---both individually and collectively.

In some cases, you might say the ego is trying to abort that etheric “pregnancy” before it comes to term.  And that only seems reasonable, right?  Pregnancy, gestation, labor pains prior to new “birth”…..these are not pleasant things to endure.  But endure you will if the majority of your soul’s purpose is to bring forth new life. 

(to be continued)




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