Shamanic Androgyny

"People (at Gay clubs) freely ask me if I am gay.  My response has been simply that I am very aware of my Gender (being both male and female combined), yet my sexuality still appears to be a question.  I have distaste for labels, I guess.  I generally end with the tidbit that "I like, whom I like"..period.  No limitations.  I find  that many of the so called lesbian women are intrigued to know this--as they then explain to me that they are more bi-sexual than "one sided".  I see the polarization in people, perhaps partially due to  the current social label system.  It has become apparent that  people "like" labels.  It helps them identify with Something, Anything I guess!"   ~Ken, a.k.a. Sirena Virago

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  A BIT OF HISTORY:  The whole idea of Shamanic Androgyny goes back as far as Plato, and beyond.  It has many components to it. The indigenous thought about the Other World, the Realm of the Gods, is that it is a realm of ONENESS.  The Gods or spirits are both masculine and feminine in one. Though a certain spirit might manifest  before a human in either a masculine or feminine  character, it is---at it's core---BOTH genders.         

The Berdache are special in the fact that they carry  this androgynous energy---the energy signature of the Gods.  It is what makes them able to exist both in physical  form and also "journey" into the other realms as  well.  Hermes Trismegastrus and the Egyptian God THOTH (often thought of as the same Being) were both examples of this propensity for  androgyny.  In fact, the term "hermaphrodite"  (Hermes+ Aphrodite) refers to the marriage of the archetypal male and female (children of Zeus).  This important predisposition is seen clearly in the African and Native American cultures.  In childbirth, the spirit of the fetus is exhorted through the voice of the mother. It is at  this time that the "energy" of it's soul is examined by the village Shaman. Certain souls who appear as two-spirited are seen to be "blessed from birth."  They are called "the holy ones." It is in the African  tradition that the name of "Gatekeeper" is given to the child. Many preparations are made to welcome it into the community, including the giving  of an appropriate name to "harmonize" with it's sacred purpose. 

  The "Berdache" are also known as llahamana,  adonisgi, gatekeepers, nadle, mexago, winkte, yirka- la ul, and i-wa-wisp. They are those individuals who, because of their essential energetic androgyny, have the power to enter the Otherworld. This is  NOT a sexual orientation. It is spiritual.  Some Berdache are gay by preference, but that is more a choice of  action, a preference, than it is a mandate for the  usage of this gift. 

  The term "Androgyne" is a combination of latin terms andro = man, and gyne=woman. 

 The Berdache have been known to be the highest shamans, healers, teachers,  diviners, dreamers,  prophets, and Guardians of the Gateway. To them, sexuality  is nothing more than an  extension of their spiritual being. If their energy was not used for this purpose,  there would develop a blockage or build-up that would seek  expression. Quite often,  that expression would end up being sexual, since touching  another human always causes this energy to flow. 

  There are universes wherein the whole concept of "sexual preference" is a moot point.  Everyone is wired for Androgyny, and then they get to choose from there.  The beauty and predominance of Conscious Choice in the process is crucial.  In those universes, it will BECOME the "new genetics."   

  That which is referred to as "Bi-polar" Disorder, is often a foreshadowing of Shamanic Androgyny, born (in some cases) out of season.  It becomes a disorder primarily because of the fact that the person who wields the gift has not yet remembered who or what he is.  This brings forward a Reconnections statement about the transformation process, which goes:  "There is nothing wrong with you that complete remembering will not fix."  Holding within oneself the energy connections for BOTH sides of each polarity (male/female, light/dark, etc) can be daunting, indeed.  It could easily produce the kind of disruptions and mood alterations that we see in "manic-depressive" or "bi-polar" individuals, unless it is properly integrated.  And even then, it would be difficult to handle during tenuous social times.     


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