Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Anything and Everything"

My Dear Friends,

There are those of you coming to us now, telling stories of powerful activations, of amazing "contact experiences" between yourself and those who live beyond the Veil.  And we rejoice, because it makes us happy to know that what you have been hoping for, praying for, trusting now coming to pass.  And many there are who want to know:  "Is it true?  Could it really be true?"  And if not, they will eventually query:  "What is truth?  Which tales do we count as false, and which do we believe?"

The short answer to all these questions is:  It's all TRUE.  Everything you could ever want to believe, and much, much, absolutely true.  Anything and Everything.  The only "falsehood" in the Multiverse is the idea of "falsehood," itself.  Yet it is your BELIEF in falsehood........your surety that something "is just not there".......which forms the very foundation for the universes in which you now view this transmission. 

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about to become human.  Within our ranks are contained all of the necessary "bridge concepts" that will connect you with THE MULTIVERSE, that infinite storehouse for alternative levels of reality ALL OF WHICH represent aspects of YOU.

We have previously described "How Universes Are Formed" in some detail.  You don't create a universe from nothing.  Rather, you create it from the EVERYTHING that is already there---paring down the energy to the exact SOMETHING you wish to be or to study.  You tell yourself:  "THIS is real, but all of THAT isn't."  This activates your power of focus, which is a primary component for life in physical form. 


There are hosts of stories moving through your universe, describing in detail how the world is...or how it should be.  A useful terminology used in 3D reality, would be the musical phrase "It is."  On one hand, you say:  "I am."  And in the next breath, you say:  "It is." 

We have long been supporters of the usage of this term ("And so it is.") because it provides such a beautiful energetic "bow" for any Bubble Reality we might be creating in the moment . 

There was a time when a Traveler in Limitation would "Meet the Buddha on the Road," and be encouraged to KILL him!  Do you remember that story?  The more something appeared to be "absolute" and "finite" in its representation of truth, the more dissolute would be its effect on your heart and soul. Or so some of you were told.  But NOW........with the Dawning of Oneness Technology.......(i.e. "It's All ME").......any "Buddha" that appears on the road immediately symbolizes EVERY Buddha, whether he is visible or not.

If it's all YOU, then it's all TRUE. Yes?  But is it REAL?  Ahhhhh......there's the rub!  Which perceptions do you embrace and focus upon and which ones do you dispute and ignore?  As we have said, everything is real, but not everything is RELEVANT to your current journey in form.  Some characters in your 3D plays are "stars" and some of them are merely "extras."  If you decide what's important, at any given time, it makes your play that much more enjoyable.  But if you decide, it would help if you did so with your WHOLE HEART, not just your mind or your emotions.  In this way, you avoid having a "shadow aspect" jump out at you, and nip you in the backside.  

Dogs are ferociously loyal creatures.  Once they get attached to something, they almost never leave.  Cats, on the other hand, are far more independent. They come and go as they will, without taking a second thought.  And that is just the point, is it not?  When you carry DOGMA, you require yourself to be fiercely loyal to those beliefs.  But when you deal in "Catma" (a whole new branch of spiritual study which is coming to light these days), your practice of "faith" becomes far more easy-going.

Do you want to know how "it is?"  First, you must ask yourself:  "How do I want it to be?"  What is my NEED at this current moment, and what beliefs most effectively serve that need? Does this sound presumptuous?  Does it reek of hubris? Obviously, it is a whole new way of seeing and being.  It was BE-LEAFS which Adam and Eve used in the Garden, to hide their nakedness.  And BE-LEAFS still function in that very same way.  They COVER YOU when you normally would be open and free.  Are you ready to be free?  

Life happens, and you tell yourself "Everything will turn out okay."  Then someone asks:  "How do you know?"  Some might answer:  "It says so in the Bible."  Others might respond:  "My mother always told me that, and she wouldn't lie."  Still another says:  "I'm psychic, and I looked into my crystal ball." 

The important thing to remember, Dear Ones, is:  DOES THAT BELIEF WORK FOR YOU?  Are you stronger, wiser, happier, sillier, sexier, or more dependable because you believe as you do?  Well all right, then!   Go for it.  And if not, you must deal consciously with a need to suffer, to be perplexed, to be held back......... and that is another side of the Game altogether.  A legitimate side, but another issue entirely.     


We have already said to you, in earlier transmissions, that you are so much more than you think you are.  But what exactly does that mean? 

You are EVERYTHING, pretending to be SOMETHING.  Whenever your energy congeals in some location, wearing this characteristic or that trait, you ARE what you suppose yourself to be--but you are also so much more!   There is a LOCAL you, a REGIONAL you, a UNIVERSAL you, and many gradations beyond that.  And, at each level, the same consciousness which flows through you now continues to function---embracing and noticing each Now Level of Awareness to which you are made privy.

The people and situations which operate around you are sourced within the Universe of Your Perception.  You don't come out of them, they come out of you.  You are a DOORWAY into the Multiverse, and those who come and go through that doorway are all fragments of who you are, or who you have been, all across time. 

When you meet ETs, or Ascended Masters, or Angels, or Gods---what you see before you is a co-creation.  The image you perceive is by mutual contract.  In their universes, or realms, YOU are an aspect of THEM.  But here, in the Universe of Your Perception, they have contracted to be aspects of you. 

Though we present certain "facts" as linear, they are really quite simultaneous.  The ideation, the soul contract, the all happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. And when their "job" is done in this universe, all "visitors" go back from whence they came.  Through YOU, into the Multiverse.

Do you wish to be animal, vegetable, or mineral?  If you think it, feel it, or desire's already done.  Any appearance of resisting, hesitancy, or failure is the product of your next object of focus, your next JOURNEY into a deeper realization of self. 

In the movie "Contact," the lead character (Ellie Arroway) is led by Extraterrestrials to build a special craft, which allowed her to visit another dimension of her NOW, and encounter them in a form which she found to be very agreeable.  They appeared as her long-lost father.  At one point, she is shaken to the core, thinking that "Dad" had come back to visit.  And then she realizes:  "You downloaded this image out of my brain."  

Dear Ones........BOTH statements, BOTH beliefs, are true!  The former belief allowed her to re-live some precious emotions, in a moment of time.  The latter belief put the emotions in a box, and held them at a distance.  She told herself:  "It isn't Dad. It's the Vegans."   And yet.......all energies which manifest in the universe of your perception are YOU.........they always were, and they always will be.  When an energy takes off it's BE-LEAF, and becomes naked automatically reverts to it's natural estate:  EVERYTHINGNESS.  Anything and Everything!  That's who we were, who we now are, and who we shall always be. 


<end transmission>

"If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him" by Sheldon Kopp. 

  Shadow Aspect:  Something a person secretly feels, thinks, or believes which has been hidden from the conscious mind.  


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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