As the World Spins
by Daniel Jacob

As Published, previously, in "Children of the New Earth" Magazine.

That old chestnut of a TV soap opera is still on the air. I remember it from my childhood: "As the World Turns." My mother and sister were totally hooked on it in those days. I made fun of them, giving it the nickname "As the Stomach Turns." But that didn't matter. They remained hooked on it just the same. Then came follow-ups like "General Hospital" and "All My Children." As soap bubbles rose from TVs all over the nation, the same old story plots just kept going round and round.

Nowadays, the world doesn't really TURN in the same way it used to when I was a kid. It SPINS. Thanks to the faithful ministrations of "Spin Doctors" in politics and the world of business, story plots which once confined themselves to daytime TV have begun leaping onto the 6:00 news. Faithful Network Anchors, who we once trusted to give us our daily rendering of world events, are "retiring" in droves. Hungry newcomers line up to take their place. TV and print media, for the most part, is all about big business. The disillusioned have begun turning to "Comedy Central" for their daily update, laughing along with the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. If a person doesn't laugh about this world situation, he'd have to cry. The beat goes on.








In another recent article, I discussed a New Paradigm concept which states: "Reality is in the Eye of the Beholder." My own Theory of Relativity. This month, I'd like to expand on that by adding: "The Interpretation of Reality is Subject to the Bias of Those Reporting It." What Einstein did to the concept of "Objectivity" in Science, humanity must now do to its Realms of Personal Experience. We're Citizens of the Multiverse now. In the Multiverse, there is a universe which honors every idea imaginable, and then some. This means, in short, that a person no longer needs to ask himself: "What does this mean?" Instead, he can look at something and ask himself: "What do I WANT this to mean?"

Humanity is growing up. Our News Commentators (not all, but many of them)have stopped telling us what's happening in the world. Now they tell us what THEY WANT US TO THINK is happening, and then watch what we do. Remember that movie "Wag the Dog?" It's truer than we might like to think. When I saw it, the people in my theater laughed in all the right places. But they were nervous laughs, because we realized how much of what was being portrayed is actually happening. This is why the media takes so many polls and surveys. They don't want to know what we think. They want to know HOW WE THINK, so they can form and fashion how their manipulations will work. Consumers are like lab rats, living in cages built by Government and Big Business, kept alive by our own lack of willingness to take conscious command of our lives.

The Sleeper Awakes
Lest a person think this column has been reduced to a political rant, I must hasten to invoke another New Paradigm precept: "If you can't beat them, join 'em." Isn't it about time that we take "Spin" out of the hands of politicians and the media and begin consciously using it on ourselves? If "all interpretation is in subject to the bias of he who reports it," doesn't that also apply to how a person views his own world?

In one of their first transmissions to me, The Reconnections had this to say about the idea of "creating your own reality":

"It has been revealed that the Eternal Creator has fashioned the work of His hands "in His own Image." Realize now that the universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you - but still essentially separate" is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity. This is so because, in order to perceive something, a person has to interpret the images that are being fed to his brain. With that interpretation, the observer becomes the creator of his personal reality. The grid through which all images and information pass is made entirely of each individual's unique vibratory essence. Therefore, his reality always 'looks like' him.

“To utilize everyday concepts to explain: your universe is like a TV set, tuned to a channel of reality. While your attention is focused on that 'channel,' there is the illusion that what is being seen is 'All That Is' on that TV set. However, if the viewer is instructed properly in the operation of the controls, it is possible to change the channel, and view another program, one that is occurring simultaneously, but on another level of vibration. My Friends, if you have ever been a 'TV junkie' you have witnessed, right before your very eyes, a clear depiction of the Game of Life. Of course, the purpose of our lesson is not just telling you that 'life is like a big TV.' We'll go much further than that! We're here to give you cable! No! How about satellite? And once the Multiversal Video Store opens up the prospects are endless!"

That message was penned in 1991. The Multiversal Video Store IS now open, and humanity is lining up (on the Inner Planes) to check out the latest products to hit the Cosmic Video market. If Big Business can do these things TO us, why can't we do them FOR ourselves? Was the common man meant to control the weather, or the tides of the sea? Oh my, yes, that and so much more.

"Arise. Shine...for thy light is come." Those great lines are from Handel's Messiah. Let's stand up and go to our windows and speak (or even sing) those words! Instead of crying: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" (as was suggested in the movie "Network"), let's move out of victim mode and come into our own victory circle.

Indigo Inquiries
Most of us have realized by now that it is our dear Indigos who are playing the role of INQUISITORS for those still stuck in Soap Opera Mentality. Generation "X" has suddenly turned into Generation "Why?"...and for good reason! The jig is up! Deeply, intuitively, those young folks sense what "games" humanity has been playing and they really want to know WHY we desire to continue playing them long after the "thrill" is gone.

Could it be that we're just too afraid of what we might become? Are we staying in our "comfort zone" of discomfort because the Devil we know is better than the Devil we don't know? And what if, by some outside chance, WE are that Devil in disguise?

Shortly after the 2004 elections, I wrote an article that was designed to harmonize some of the jangled feelings many were (and still are) having about the way the World of Politics seems to be running. The "haves" are running away with more and the "have-nots" are being left with less. The Administration has been "playing" the American System like a slide trombone, and its opposing party is at a stand still - frozen by disbelief and inertia.

The "power" currently being exercised by "Neo-Cons" is, in the broader sense, being used by Spirit to stimulate, awaken, and educate all those who still cling to victim/perpetrator mentality (the stuff of soap operas) so that they, too, might begin exercising a little "spin control" in their lives.

We DO create our own reality. We don't create it from nothing. Rather, we begin with the EVERYTHING that is already there, and we pare it down to what we wish to focus upon - what really matters to us in the moment. Isn't that what we call physicality? MATTER? Something becomes physical (solidified) because it matters to us, on some level. The Reconnections discuss this, at length, in their transmission "How Universes Are Formed."

An "underdog" is only "under" because he or she wants to be. That may sound harsh, but it's being proven to us, over and over. Some create that experience for themselves because they need to learn how to ask for help and open to receive. If they don't open, help doesn't come. Others do it so they can understand the concept of "abandonment" more closely. Everything has its purpose.

In the Multiverse, judgment turns into discernment. Things aren't "good" or "bad," they simply are what they are. The "interpretation of events belongs entirely to the bias of the person who reports them." In a universe, that energy drops down and solidifies. Reality moves from potential to actual. The template for creation in 3D is found in the phrase "I am". Above 3D, through 4D and beyond, the conceptual template is "suppose I were." And all a person needs (reportedly) is a little bit of faith - the size of a mustard seed - to move from "what is" to "what also could be."

It is no wonder that young people get so bored with traditional approaches in education today. Much of the current curricula being used in today's schools was and is designed for the minds of people in the 1950s. With a few exceptions, the majority of it fails to touch consciousness that now lives in a space age. Politicians and Administrators continue emphasizing "standardized tests" because they believe their job is to fill children in on "the meaning of life." They want to expound on certain "facts" and then have their students parrot those facts back to them. It's a waste of time, and the kids know it. What might be considered "fact" today could easily be thought of as "myth" tomorrow.

In a Relative/Self-Interpretive/Highly-Creative Environment, most "facts" live in the Eye of the Beholder. A few elements of universality remain: Issac Newton's falling apple, death, taxes. But even those may soon be up for grabs. It is this shocking sense of HIGH TRANSITION that has many people so much on edge these days. But that same "edge" can cut two ways. If we grab opportunity by the horns, and learn how to steer things for ourselves, CONSCIOUSLY, we could be enjoying a whole new experience.

The Reconnections now come to us and speak to us concerning "Edu-Tones." In one of their earlier transmissions, they had this to say about tonal comprehension:

"In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear, unbroken Tones. If one picture is worth a thousand words, one Tone is worth a million pictures. Truly, words and thought are simply TONES, living in separation. So are you.

Those who can hear these Tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived. Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES there is no place to hide.

When a guitarist strums upon his instrument, he will sometimes punctuate his music with delicate, high harmonic "pings." What produces this sound is not his sure and firm pressure upon the frets. Rather, it is a subtle placement of his fingers, almost between the vibrations of the strings. In this, the beauty exists in his keen ability to align his focus of power and speed, that he might dance within arcs of vibratory resonance and ride the octaves of the Tones to their highest expression.

Even so, when you feel consumed by the pressures and rapid turns of life and fate, you can, if you choose, spend your energy chained to the Earth in fear. Or, you can stand still in faith, and ride the moment - high above the mountains, and be borne on waves of light and sound. When the All That Is begins to sing to us the music can only be heard with your heart."

An “Edu-Tone” doesn’t tell us what something is. Rather, it asks us: "When you look at this (person or thing), what do you think of? Where does it take you inside?

Physical reality was never destined to be the "end" of perception. In most cases, it's just the beginning. We don't see the world as it is. We see the world as WE are. Physical perception is only a snapshot, taken in a moment of time. It doesn't describe the WHOLE of what is, or who we are. It's a taste, a springboard into an infinity of possibility.

Children of the New Earth are "Edu-Tones" for humanity. They deserve a lot better than being "pigeon-holed" by some bureaucrat on a testing binge. They also deserve better than being encapsulated by "grades" on a report card. They are not human beings. They are human becomings. Are we getting better or worse, as a result of all this "relativity?" I guess the answer to that question depends on who is doing the reporting.

© 2006, Daniel Jacob


Daniel Jacob
is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 19 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections." Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through from them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." For more information about Daniel and his work visit,, or e-mail him directly at: