"Ascension Tones and Code Keys"

F r o m   T H E   R E C O N N E C T I O N S. . . . .


My Dear Friends,

In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear unbroken tones.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, one tone is worth a million pictures. 

Truly, words and thought are simply TONES, living in separation.  So are you.  Those who can hear these Tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived.  Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES---there is no place to hide. 

When a guitarist strums upon his instrument, he will, sometimes, punctuate his music with delicate, high harmonic "pings."  What produces this sound is not his sure and firm pressure upon the frets.  Rather, it is a subtle placement of his fingers, almost between the vibrations of the strings.  In this, the beauty exists in his keen ability to align his focus of power and speed, that he might dance within arcs of vibratory resonance and ride the octaves of the Tones to their highest expression.

Even so, when you feel consumed by the pressures and rapid turns of life and fate, you can, if you choose, spend your energy chained to the Earth in fear.  Or, you can stand still in faith, and ride the moment--high above the mountains, and be borne on waves of light and sound.  When the All That Is begins to sing to us---the music can only be heard with your heart.  (end excerpt)

More About Tones

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

The word "Tone" can refer to color, sound, or human attitudes and emotion.  Basically, in our 3D world, TONES dance between Mind and Emotion.

There are Tones that declare WHAT IS, in a general sense.  These are the BLACK and WHITES of life.   Examples of those would be the Five Elements:  Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether (that fifth element is for Alchemists!)........Other examples would be morning, evening, night, day, up, down (positions in space), solitary or in a group, ......anything which IS or IS NOT is contained within this realm.  The MIND REALM. 
There are Tones that declare what YOU ARE, in a specific sense.  These are the COLORS of life.  Examples of these would be hot, cold, hungry, angry, lonely, lovely, ugly, perplexed, content, big, small.........anything which I AM or I AM NOT is contained within this realm.  The EMOTIONAL REALM.  


Whereas the MIND REALM is fairly cut and dry, the EMOTIONAL REALM is quite malleable and dynamic.  And it has an "editing" feature to it.  If something gets too "personal" or disturbing, the Emotions can either BLOCK or STIR UP the Mind to accept or deny levels of awareness.......if WHAT IS becomes too troublesome to WHAT I AM, or WHAT "WE" ARE......Emotions can filter and rearrange WHAT IS to match our needs and wises, or to calm any fears we may have.  
The ET and Ultraterrestrial Energies who are busy working with humanity at this time are attempting to measure how flexible the MIND and EMOTIONS can be, as new tones are introduced.  We keep ourselves calm through our FILTERS, in regards to certain tones.  We say to ourselves "It isn't there"....or "It isn't ME," and that keeps us from dealing with the IMPACT of realizing that "It's all here" and "It's ALL me." 
The Expanded Self is measuring the IMPACT of this knowledge (the same Tree of Knowledge that is spoken about in the Garden of Eden).......by choosing special humans, who serve as guinea pigs........taking on more and more IT IS............mixed with more and more I AM...........or WE ARE.........to determine how many tones, and which types of tones can be held and integrated without BLOWING US UP. 
Not only are we having this done to US..........a portion of us is actually DOING IT at many other levels...........so we don't really even a true "victim" consciousness to soften the blow.  It's about as raw and bare-bones as life can get.  And the majority of humans LOVE THIS...........even as there are other parts of us who are GROANING under the weight of the process. 

Truly this project is the HEART of ASCENSION............which is why so many of us have challenges with our HEART SPACE...........and why we can be loathe to make too many changes in our heart space until we and our "crew" can ascertain the effect any changes might have on our work in relationship to this process.  

If humanity has BLOCKS to Expansion, we cannot ascend.  So HOW do we deal with those blocks.........and what side-effects will come from those remedies we use?  If we go too far in one direct (thought, for example)........we end up FRYING our feeling self.  If we go too far into feelings we become so attached and dense that we become stuck in a rut of supposed neediness, sensitivity, and desire.
With each new "excess".........(going too far afield)........an entire CIVILIZATION evolves to embody and develop that idea.  Reptilians, Greys, Pleideians, Sirians, etc., all have "attributes and traits" which embody dominance in one area of thought and living and minimalization of others.  Because time is ILLUSION.....each Civilization can plot it's various excesses all the way to their end game scenario..........and determine which factors they want to keep (so they don't lose who they are)......and which factors to transmute, so the species can adapt and survive.  
Humans represent the "Mr. Potatohead" of all Creation.  We can add in and subtract traits and attributes........riding those attributes and elements all the way to whatever "end of the line" they represent.  In our world today, we are doing this with great fervor and excitement.  The incredibly diverse world in which we live is a living SHOWCASE for all the "experimentation" we have been doing, at these Expanded Levels of Our Awareness.  
Humans have this power to FORGET THE REST of who we are, so we can PRETEND that "what you see is what you get."  But we are all SO MUCH MORE!  And Ascension is the process within which we remember again that which (for experimental purposes) we allowed ourselves to forget.  No harm, no foul.  It's all about LOVE and EXPERIENCE.........Selah.         





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