"Ascension Relationships"

B Y    D A N I E L   J A C O B


The admonition to "love your neighbor as yourself" could never be more apropos than now, during this time of high acceleration and transformation on Planet Earth.  Indeed, our neighbor IS ourself, at some level of reality.  The universe in which we encounter these words is known as a ONENESS REALITY BASE.  And, whether a person is just passing through here, or whether he or she plans to stay awhile........it will serve us all if he/she understands how things work in Oneness. 

The Reconnections put it this way: 

"Don't be fooled by the impression that reality seems to be unfolding as it always has.  Right now, this very moment...........you are speeding through time, traversing universes---zigging, zagging, moving here, moving there---turning on a dime (as you sometimes put it), and then stopping to regroup.  When you pause---the internal cinematography of your perceptual mechanism is so pristine, so dynamic, that your reconnecting mind seldom registers how vast are your leaps, or how rapid your ascent and descent (beyond a feeling of chronic fatigue and "spaciness" that is currently being reported all over the planet).  Is it any wonder that you feel tired?  You are working very hard at this time.

"In the midst of all this zigging and zagging, it is wonderful to know that you can pause, to take a few "snapshots" of the sights along the way.  Each person you meet, and each place you visit, is your very own portrait---a memento of a lifetime you are currently living, at another level on the "radio dial" of existence.  You call them here as points of reference. Remember?  It is ALL YOU.........Multidimensional YOU.  Where once you questioned "What is truth?"  Now you can view and recognize all aspects of truth, right before your eyes, and own them with confidence." <end excerpt>

The poem "Playmate," seeks to portray the magical, joyous feeling that is moving through so many of us at this time.  Having spent a goodly portion of our lives searching frantically for "The One" who would complete us.....who would make us feel WHOLE......we decided to MAKE OUR LEAP ALONE, only to find that we're not alone after all We never were.  We are now, and always have been..... ALL ONE.

"We ride those waves on nerves of steel. We cannot speak the things we feel !!! Our surfboards made from shafts of light  they carry us across the night.  But if, my dear, I look to find you chose to pass, and stay behind  I'll trust that when the time is right  I'll find someone who loves the night. Who looked inside to count the cost  who chose to risk, accept the loss.  And there upon that wave I find  a kindred soul, with kindred mind....."    (from "Playmate")

It takes real courage to let go of a substantial, yet unsatisfying life in order to follow after guidance coming from deep within!   In some cases, the universe has to almost EVICT US from our old life before we become willing to take a chance on following our dreams. 

The Recons address this quite vigorously: 

"The questions of "How do I find the right mate?" or "Which job best suits me?" are no longer relevant, once a person has understood the basic operation of energy attraction and repulsion.   Under the watchful guidance of honest, unbridled, organic knowingness---an individual will automatically find those situations that match his need for personal development.  It's natural, and it operates from its own kind of logic.

DESIRE is the activation key, placing you in the driver's seat of your Multidimensional Vehicle.  Lose touch with your desire, your inner passion, and the vehicle skids right into a ditch. To be sure, it will take time for society to begin adapting to patterns of inner guidance, rather than blind adherence to traditions, or social mores.  Nevertheless, it must be done. You all must begin to understand that inner motivation is both reflective and reciprocal.   If you don't accurately own your inner feelings in the presence of others, how will they get an accurate picture of their own reflection in the pool of Oneness?"  (end excerpt)

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