from Recon Carion

Carion Comes!

Now is a time of great assimilation on Planet Earth.  Those Earthly expressions, which no longer wish to appear distinct or separate from the ALLSELF, are letting go of the dividing lines that have long existed between themselves and others.  When this happens with living things, you call it "death."  When it occurs with inanimate objects, you cart them off to the dump, or you leave them for us to pick apart and absorb for you.  

As Guides and Teachers for the physiological channel, and for all who believe in our counsel--we are a "storage space," a receptacle for all those ideas, abilities, and perceptual elements that you wish to lay aside for awhile, so you can be human and function in 3D reality.  When the time is right, and you wish to awaken from certain parts of your 3D "dream," we return some of your abilities and memories to you, and you allow them in, like a small bird receives a worm from his mother's beak.

Once an idea or ability is within you, and you own it as self, it ceases to be "The Reconnections" and it integrates into your definition of who and what you now are.  When the spider eats the fly, does it cease to be a fly? It depends upon your viewpoint, and viewpoints last forever!  

The process requires that you ground and focus each idea through your own perceptual grid-- your own way of thinking, experiencing, and being.  At that point, it begins to "smell" like you, and it finds a home in your universe.  Ideas and abilities are multidimensional, just like people.     

The purpose of "channeling" a Guide, or a Soul Group of Guides, is to create an interim vehicle (a bridge) between the storage space which holds them and the 3D Self--while the assimilation process is underway.  In a sense, we are Master Chefs, cooking up and serving "tasty morsels" of remembrance that have always been you, and will always be you can add them to your "repertoire"........and begin functioning as though they have always been there.  In truth, they always have been there, and they always will be.  Isn't this an interesting Game?    

You are all RECONNECTIONS for each other.  You each bring certain "dishes" to the party--and you share them at the Grand Pot Luck of 3D Integration and Assimilation.  And, in each of your universes........everything and everyone is YOU.  Can you handle that?  Can you embrace it and let it flow over you, like water?  Are you ready to be washed clean of your weakness, doubt, and limitation?  

<end transmission>     


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