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The Awakening.  Narsilon.


"It's all coming back to me now."  These are familiar words, aren't they?  We've all heard them a time or two.  They are a celebration of remembrance, perhaps........or a seizing of the day to gather necessary thoughts and aspirations for some new project or adventure.  It speaks to that blessed moment when everything seems to "gel," and all the loose ends finally come together. 

If it had a voice, these would also be words spoken by the "file manager" on your local computer as it defrags itself.  "It's all coming back to me now."  Have you ever witnessed that operation?  It's awesome.  All the little boxes which once formed a "data tree" on your hard drive begin retracting back into the ONEBOX from whence they all sprang.   If you catch my analogy here..........In the area of Expanded Consciousness these are the times in which we live, my friends!


In matters of religion, politics, science, or art......every significant "movement" of thought or style begins with an "Original" individual who just seems to have what it takes to make things happen in a particular field, or in life.  An Original sets his mind on a cherished goal, and his whole process begins to instantly unfold. This is because that process sources itself at the center of his being.  It's only when interested followers begin to gather around him (or her), that things can get confusing. Primarily, this is due to the "separation" factor which occurs when people begin projecting their own God/Goddess Aspect on some individual, group, or idea which they believe exists outside themselves.

A few years ago, I wrote a series called "Meeting Your Inner Genius" which really lit me up.  It was the beginning of my own personal recognition of that "brilliant core" of divinity which dwells at the heart of every person.  At the time, I referred to our Inner Genius as......."the Genie in us."  Just rub that core inside yourself and out he comes!


As the articles unfolded, I made a clear differentiation between "Public Genius" and "Private Genius."  The former represents title or acclaim that is awarded to a person (or taken away) at the whim of public need or interest.  When you are "on top" everyone loves you.  When you fall from that lofty perch, the world can be a cold place, indeed.  Wise is the soul who refuses to tie his heart to public acclaim or criticism.  That soul then becomes heir to one of life's greatest treasures: Private Genius.  And Private Genius is what makes someone An Original.

In the opening segment of "Genius," I had this to say about the Power of Focus which exists inside someone who is in touch with this brilliant core within: 

"No one is more fascinating to watch, and therefore more influential, than a person who moves from a place of absolute focus. He has no thought about how he appears, and he is completely relaxed in the joy of his moment. For such a person, the rest of the world seems to go away, and all that exists for him is the task at hand.

Such purity of interest and awareness frames itself with a corona of honor and power, regardless of what is transpiring within it. It is just such moments that are a photographer's dream - expressions of natural genius, which set the painter's brush in motion and drive the poet's pen to the page.

Such pristine clarity goes on all around us everyday. As many hurry to complete their list of assigned goals and daily tasks, the world is unfolding with such wonder and majesty that many of us could barely contain ourselves if we actually noticed it. I would suggest to you that a primary essence of genius is found in one’s ability to notice what others tend to miss.

It often seems that the experience of such genius can often be a solitary one. Being the only one who notices can create quite an advantage. But it can also be a burden as well. Trying to share a vision with those who can’t or won’t see it can be heartbreaking at times. Many geniuses are not recognized until long after their death. Some go insane, while others simply remain in poverty and obscurity, until some historian finds their work and makes it known.

Many people balk when I use the term “genius,” especially if I am applying it to them. “What?” ME? A Genius? No way!” But I am convinced that, hidden within every person there is a Wizard, waiting to step forth.

It feels to me that one primary hindrance is our tendency to look to the outside world for validation or permission, rather than relying upon our own feelings and bodily sense of things. Many are afraid to be “bewitched” by something or someone. We fear passion and power. We also fear excitement, if it doesn’t seem to conform to what’s accepted as the “norm.”

Folks used to capture, interrogate, and burn “witches.” These individuals (often women---usually healers and shamans) were doing unfamiliar things which the society of their time did not understand. There is an old saying which goes: “You can always tell the pioneers. They’re the ones with the arrows in their back.” Being a genius can be a harsh experience. It can also be the closest thing to heaven.

What we need today is to stop looking for witches to burn and start paying attention to what truly sets each of us on fire.  What is it that you do joyfully, with the least amount of effort, and with the greatest efficiency? What is it that you would gladly do forever, whether or not you got paid? Are you doing it, or have you let it be pushed out of your life by other things?"  <end excerpt>


What I am speaking about, in this article and in the "Genius" Series, involves owning up to our innate hunger for personal power and joy.  We all want it, and we all deserve to have it.  But HOW and WHERE can this power be found?  THAT has been the major focus of countless books, articles, TV specials, and seminars. We live in the age of "The Secret."  And the "Secret" is out now, right?  Well.......yes and no. Something powerful has been released into our Mass Consciousness, no one can deny that.  But there is a mystery which still hides behind this newly-revealed "Secret."

In a nutshell, the "Secret" says:  "Thought is Creative.  What you think about comes to pass."  This is a subject which our old friends Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray taught during the dawning of "Rebirthing Training" back in the 70s.  So did Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, and many others. This insight gave birth to a culture of "affirmation junkies," in which people began taking serious notice of what thoughts and ideas rattled around in our brains---designing new and effective mantras to jump-start our Magical Manifesting Mind.  And I have no problem with it.  It's an awesome gift.  But there is more.

In 1987, Planet Earth made an evolutionary leap into what has become known as "The Harmonic Convergence."   It was our invocation for "The New Paradigm of Universal Oneness."  That shift began a process of reconnection, whose ultimate goal is the drastic reduction and eventual elimination of polarity consciousness throughout the world.  

We are, literally, PULLING OURSELVES TOGETHER again.  No longer are we in bondage to hyper-masculine, logic-oriented thoughts and ideals. The Age of Aquarius is upon us (if we choose for it to be).  This means a re-introduction and infusion of Divine Feminine Energy.  Feeling. Emotion. Intuition.  Our Universal Father and Mother are talking reconciliation, folks!  

The secret behind "The Secret" is:  Not only are our THOUGHTS creative, but also our entire signature vibration is creative.  What we feel, what we desire, what we fear, and especially what we hide!  It all holds sway over the world that manifests in front of us.  And more than this, this world we encounter---the Universe of Our Personal Perception--has become our mirror. 


The concept "the world is my mirror" is not a new one.  In this context it refers to the fact that every bit of sensory data processed by the brain must first pass through a person's perceptual "grid" before it can be interpreted and experienced.  And that "grid" is 100% made up of the Core Essence of each person who is doing the interpreting.  We compare things with what we know ourselves to be, and we form analogies based on that knowing which help us relate to the world.  It's called PROJECTION, and we all do it.  In fact, you might say that living in 3D is like going to one big "movie" which is being projected from each person's Inner Core. 

What becomes "real" for us is determined by what we NEED or DESIRE to see or experience.  We don't create our world from nothing.  Rather, we create it from the EVERYTHING that is already there, and we pare it back according to our chosen "agenda" for becoming physical.  We each see what we want to see.   

Most have heard the tale of Narcissus.  He was that happy fellow who fell in love with his own image when he saw it reflected in the water.  How many of us can relate to THAT, eh?  

The primary difference between Holy Narcissism and the "regular" kind is this:  Narcissus loved his image TO THE EXCLUSION of everyone or everything else.  In Oneness, we consider the whole world to be our "image."  When Jesus was overheard to say:  "I and the Father are One," local zealots took up stones to kill him.  In their eyes, he was committing sacrilege.  What those zealots failed to hear is "That which I do ye shall do also, and greater things, because I go to my Father." 

The Messiah who says "I'm God and you are not" is far different from one who declares:  "I am God and so are you."   Both stand a chance of getting crucified, but the latter clearly puts forth an expanded truth.  And these two Messiahs, by the way, represent the primary difference between "Public Genius" and "Private Genius."

Holy Narcissism sees everything as beautiful, because everything is a reflection of self.  It allows us to relax, because it frees us from our enemies.  And that's the only way we can be free of enemies, you taking them in, and letting them merge with SELF.  And that is a daunting task, which represents the core purpose of this web site!  And the only change needed is in our perception.  It's always been here, all around us.  We've just been so separated, and lost in illusion, that we got distracted. 


Private "Genius" is something we exercise, in and of ourselves, to express the wonders flowing within.  When we're in that "mode," we don't even know we're doing anything special.  We're just BEING who we are, through and through. 

Kids do this all the time, naturally, until their family and other caretakers get hold of them and pinch off that inner flow.  Being crammed into a box marked "normal" is a gruesome fate, especially for little ones as brilliant as those coming upon the Earth now.

Many people today want self-improvement.  We read books, visit counselors, go to seminars.......all so we can be happier and more successful.  We want more wealth, more health, more freedom, more power.  And we are willing to pay for it, too.........BIG long as we get the "results" we are looking for.  But who, may I ask, is the determiner of what constitutes "happy" and "successful?"  Who are we seeking to please, in those "results" we long to attain?

In many cases, our hearts back in childhood, trying to make Mommy and Daddy love us more.  The Omnipotence of Infancy has left us, and the Demon of Separation grabbed hold of our hearts.  And if we can't gain parental approval, we crave the attention and acceptance of someone.......ANYONE.....who might allow us to a take a brief "hit" from their Power Bong of Conditional Acceptance, so we can savor it for one fleeting moment.  Then it's back to the brick pits of longing and frustration.  Having surrendered our innate life force and Magical Child Essence to gain personal survival and a sense of belonging, way back when........ we find we are slaves to security---even if we never can attain or hold onto it.

An Original has little concern for "results."  He likes the world and how it works, yes.  And if there is some rote task that needs to be memorized.........well, all right........ But beyond that, he (or she) enjoys TOTAL EXPERIENCE........insight, sensation, personal joy.  As Carl Jung once pointed out, emotion is something that happens to a person.  It isn't created at the ego level.  It's that "wind beneath our wings"....a momentary intersection between desire and opportunity, which has the power to carry us away to points unknown.  Emotions can be affected, yes........ but if they become AFFECTS, STAGE DRESSING.........the show is already over.  

An Original rides the high seas of consciousness, sails wide open, ready for the next "wind" of inspiration to carry him away.  He doesn't toil simply for money or acclaim.  For him/her, it's the JUICE of the moment that matters!  Every moment of every day, bursting forth with new life, new birth, springing from some invisible source, deep at the center of his being. 


If we see someone in our world who moves us, the last thing we'll want to say is: "I want to be like that."  Lucifer saw God sitting on his throne, and he uttered those same words.  Look what happened.  Down, down, down to the basement, Sir! 

In Oneness, we aren't LIKE a person or thing.  We flow with the realization that we ARE that person or thing which has caught our fancy.  The same is true, in reverse, when it comes to Dark Shadow Selves.  Form separates.  It's part of the optical illusion we call 3D.  The illusion is not that something exists.  Everything exists. Rather, the illusion is that what we see in any given space is ALL THERE IS that exists in that space.  Everything exists everywhere.  That's the nature of Oneness.  It only appears to exist here, or there, so we can differentiate and observe and touch individuated elements. 

But deep down, we know we are ALL OF IT, pretending to be some of it.  And therein is our liberation, or our bondage.  Do we glory in our "all-ness," or do we languish when we only experience "some?"  The answer to that dwells in our personal life itinerary, here in the World of Form.  The Phase Shifting that is going on, between human and meta-human selves is an incredible Game we are playing right now.  We are already beginning to admit to our attraction to pain as well as pleasure.  Now let's take things one step further, so we can ride those sensations home. 

When a person reads a book, or attends a seminar, he generally asks the author or instructor:  "Tell me how to do what you do."  And that only makes sense, doesn't it?  Having surrendered our childhood heritage as FEELERS, EXPERIENCERS........the only thing left open to us is to become DOERS. 

Real change is not about that.  To want to "do what they do" is the same as wanting to "be like" some person you adore.  It fails, because the basic premise of our actions is built on a false foundation.  We are NOT separate.  We were NEVER separate.  It's all been just a Game.   

An Original FLOWS in the energy of Now Moment Experience.  His journey begins and ends WITHIN HIM, not outside.  That's why it's easy for an Original to forget himself.  He knows that THE WHOLE WORLD is his body, and he is free to wander throughout that body, whether his focus is "first person" level or beyond. 

We don't look at an ideal person and wonder "how they do that?"  Instead, we wonder WHAT PART OF SELF that person represents.  We look for THE ME THAT IS YOU, inside.  To do that, we have to temporarily suspend disbelief in ourself, as God.  How does it feel to BE that person over there?  Not how would he walk, talk, or sit......but what INNER EXPERIENCE is he having right now?  If we ask the right questions, our inner "genie" will surely answer.   

The "Magic Rings" in life, the RINGS OF POWER, if you will......are located INSIDE of every person.  You see them there, you feel them, you KNOW OF THEIR EXISTENCE.  Then, in a moment of time, you dare to pull one.  KABOOM!.......your sensory "View-finder, You-finder" locates a connection.  And suddenly, you're THERE.  But where? Where did you go?  You went where you've always been.  You went everywhere, pretending to be somewhere.

Having done this, do we look in the mirror to see if we got it right?  Do we measure our actions, our "results?"  Ooops!  Down we go.  We just separated again.  It's the same mistake the Apostle Peter made as he was walking on the water to meet Jesus.  "Hey Master!  Look what I'm DOING.........!!!.."  Ooops!  Splash!  Glub-Glub. Sorry, Charlie.  You're not supposed to look down, remember?        

We've only just begun to comprehend all this.  As we bring in our Sensate Self, to merge with our Intellect, we experience the wonder of Syzygy---the Union of Anima and Animus.  We become WHOLLY ROLLERS, moving ecstatically in rhythm with everything and everyone.  Whoopie!  It's party time..........

More will come of this, I feel.  What will you call yourself, when you officially become a church?  I'm thinking about the title "DANIMISM" for mine.  Every person is his own universe, and every universe has its very own religion. "The things I do you will do also."  Isn't that what Jesus said?

We don't need "Religious Wars" anymore, to overthrow each other.  We ARE each other.  And there are plenty of universes to go around.  We each vibrate according to our own signature vibration, so variations of ideas simply pass through one another, like fog passing through a chain-link fence.  This is what it means to be CLEAR, you see?  We don't need to blot our ego out.  Our ego simply needs to become TRANSPARENT......CLEAR......... so a single viewpoint doesn't get in the way of appreciating the rest of life's scenery.

And so it is.  Not a mandate.  Not a revolution.  Everything's really perfect, you know.  It's just another way of looking at things, the the very essence of TRANSFORMATION.

Copyright, 2007, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.