Missing You:  Bennett Poinsett

"Find your righteous purpose. Pursue

it with quality. Become one with the land

the sea and the sky. The land is ours and

we are the land. But there is no ownership.

It's all been handed to us on a silver platter.

Live with love and love the life. Halleujah!"




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In this section of the site, I like to highlight the lives and transitions of classic Children of the New Earth, as they move through my experience. The old phrase: "Nothing ever dies: It simply changes form and moves on to new purpose" is so applicable to Bennett. His life in physical form was a bit of a struggle. There was just too much of him present to fit into one little body or life context! Like so many of our New Kids, he stirred up lots of energy for his family and friends--as he grappled with perceived injustices and disharmonies we seem to tolerate here on Planet Earth. His questions and strivings for answers took him back to nature, back to the Earth. He lived, for a time, with the Native Americans in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA. In a teepee, out on the land, some of his best writings and songs emerged to instruct and encourage those of us who remain.


Tom Blue Wolf, Winterhawk, and Bennett in the Summer of 1996

Dr. Betsie Poinsett, Bennett's Mom, came into my experience through her outstanding book "Mothers Who Cry in the Night," which was written after Bennett's untimely passing at age 21.  Betsie is a Shamanic Hypnotherapist, living in Georgia. In the years following her own loss, she enjoyed a powerful resurgence of life and purpose for assisting people going through life's transitions---using counseling, hypnotherapy, and soul renewal techniques. She has a space on her property where folks come and take personal retreats---experiencing soul-renewal sessions and getting in deeper touch with themselves through nature, just as Bennett did when he was here in 3D. Since his passing, Bennett and Betsie have had many personal encounters---where he demonstrates clearly for her that he is still around, still caring, and still involved deeply with humankind as we progress. In her book, Dr. Betsie describes many instances where Bennett's energy literally dragged her to specific persons (some of them personal friends of his when he was here)....so she could be of assistance to them concerning some problem they were having. Their connection is, by no means, severed!  It has simply changed form, just like Bennett himself!  ♥♥♥

The Dragonfly Collection: Songs and Poems by Bennett E. Poinsett
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Bennett's personal symbol is the dragonfly. It was a Life Totem for him when he was in physical form, and it remains a symbol of his continued presence now. The very first "contact" Dr. Betsie had with his spirit after death involved the appearance of dragonflies over the Lake outside her home. I have included a special posting, courtesy of his mother, which describes this first after-death encounter with her son. Betsie has compiled a series of Bennett's Songs and Poems into "The Dragonfly Collection," which is available on her web site, along with her best-selling book. For those who will allow it, Bennett is often willing to reach out through his songs and words to uplift, encourage, and rejuvenate the soul!  It reminds me of a poem by Walt Whitman, written just before his own passing. My favorite passage goes like this: 

Camerado, this is no book,
Who touches this touches a man,
(Is it night? are we here together alone?)
It is I you hold and who holds you,
I spring from the pages into your arms--decease calls me forth.
O how your fingers drowse me,
Your breath falls around me like dew,
your pulse lulls the tympans of my ears,
I feel immerged from head to foot,
Delicious, enough."

Dear friend whoever you are, take this kiss,
I give it especially to you, do not forget me,
I feel like one who has done work for the day to retire awhile,
I receive now again of my many translations, from my avataras
ascending, while others doubtless await me,
An unknown sphere more real than I dream'd, more direct, darts
awakening rays about me, So long!
Remember my words, I may again return,
I love you, I depart from materials,
I am as one disembodied, triumphant, dead."

Like many New Kids who have moved on in a (seemingly) "untimely manner," death becomes a doorway into new experience, new levels of service for Bennett---free from the constraints he found so troubling in 3D Life. As an artist, he leaves behind a body of work that comforts and sustains those who grieve his loss, and also encourages and instructs those who come after. I never knew Bennett personally, in life, but he has become a mover and shaker of my experience as he works with us from the Other Side.

"On and On

my love for you

goes on and on

Never dying

No Good-Byeing

Fear lost it's grip

As my mind slips

Into another paradigm

Classified only by light

Another friend in flight

Flying high into the stars

While beads of color trapped in jars

Kill the pain and remain

A constant change of

Pace to replace

Another friend lost in grace"



(written at the loss of Katie Conrad, a dear friend who preceded him in death)



"Mothers Who Cry in the Night"

By Dr. Betsie Poinsett

(especially for those who have lost a child)











The World's Prayer (1996)

The Dragonfly Collection

Song: Dragonfly

Song:  The Valley

Poem: Conrad

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