In the summer of 1996, Bennett lived with the Indians in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA.
He wrote some of his most important songs and poems at that time.







the core of quality thought.

Recognition of the dualistic society

in which we live. The dualism of subject

and object. Put aside personal anguish

and fear of the unknown. Quality is

like heaven. Everyday is a walk towards

the great light which dwells inside and

beyond our consciousness. Living is

just being. We never actually go anywhere

except forwards. Toward a new quality,

Towards the acceptance of this intuition

which everyone speaks so highly of but

few can rely completely on. Intuition

of righteous thinkers/livers is the

great spirit whispering straight to our

soul. Understanding purpose. Living

out our dreams. Society casts a spell

on young thinkers into thinking T.V., sports,

music, Bright lights, Big city. Drugs,

It's all an escape from having intuition.

A wall around consciousness. For there

really is no unconsciousness. Just believing

something is too deep in your mind

to understand. Jim Morrison thought the

only way to find the truth was to numb the

senses for indefinite periods of time. He was

right but he had to use drugs for long periods

of time to feel the vibrational world --

But itís all right here in front of you inside you

without you. But you are here. So there is

a PURPOSE for you. That is the most important

thing. Find your righteous purpose. Pursue

it with quality. Become one with the land

the sea and the sky. The land is ours and

we are the land. But there is no ownership.

It's all been handed to us on a silver platter.

Live with love and love the life. Halleujah!





I live in a tipi. I sleep on mother earth's

breast. I eat starlight, (for we are spiritual beings on a human journey),

The herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that have soaked up these

vibrations from stars come and gone. Living

this way provides a complete understanding

of the meaning of life. I have given my

life to the healing of humanity. And to the

never-ending walk of the walk. As I talk the

talk. Given to us is such an unbelievably

simple way to survive and harmonize

Take the steps towards the light, the universe

will do the rest. Universe itself means

the music of one. A balanced harmony

of beauty love and colorful intuition

Its so easy that too many people feel it

won't work. But it is so easy. Amen.


© 1996 Bennett E. Poinsett


(Please note that all punctuation, lines and spelling are transcribed exactly as I found them in his journals - Betsie)