"Beyond the Secret"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Life Truths are presented to us in varying contexts, dependent upon what we are able to handle in any given moment.. For example, Reincarnation and Karma are concepts illustrating the principle "What goes around, comes around"........experienced in a LINEAR way.. Past-Present-Future.. That's true on a certain LEVEL of being.. When a soul begins to move beyond that level, to a more expanded view, the LINEARITY begins to fade into a Multidimensional NOW.. In other words, all time is NOW........and all reality is playing various stations on a radio dial..

In each of those reality contexts, versions of YOU (several versions, in fact) are functioning, experiencing, unfolding.. There is the planner and architect of a particular life sequence (the writer/director), there is the player in that sequence (the actor), there are those parts of you who observe the "show" (the audience), and those parts of you who discuss the show "afterwards" (even though the show is still going on at another level reality).. It all happens NOW, at different levels of vibration--and it's all YOU (fragmented into however many "parts" you require to pull all this off)..

This current surge around "The Secret" is a re-cap of long time "Manifestion" Teachings from the World of Metaphysics..........which became a big rage in the 1970s and 80s, and is somewhat of a rage again........because waves of people are just now "waking up" to the idea that life isn't something which just HAPPENS TO THEM, but they actually create all this, themselves..

The fact that we are designing, contracting, rehearsing, performing, observing, and retrospecting this whole business ALL AT THE SAME TIME may be a bit much for us to consider in one bite.. So it's laid out as a PROCESS, a TECHNIQUE..........which appears to be a focus of the Form Ego.. The Reconnections teach that the Ego is meant to be the EXPERIENCER of Life's Mysteries.. The one "link" in a chain of manifestation who has purposely FORGOTTEN how things are going to turn out.. In this way, we have a portion of ourselves who gets to experience life with SURPRISE, WONDERMENT, AND AWE........who records each sensorial "experience" so all can see it and enjoy it, like in a movie..

And is possible for the Ego to be given tangible "powers" so we can experience what it's like to wield them. And it's also possible for the Ego to be programmed to be impotent and helpless, so we can experience that, too.. As the Guides have told's all determined by what the ONESELF wishes to experience at that level of being..

As beloved Comedian Bill Hicks once so effectively put it: "It's all just a ride"............


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