Bound For Heaven

by Daniel Jacob



Bound for heaven

I'm on my way.

The Road leads me onward,

towards a destiny unknown.


Through the alleys and

through the refuse of this world system,

a clear and radiant path

opens now before me.


Hobos and orphans walk alongside.


Hardened (and softened)

by the winds of our adversity,

we gather around us

the cloaks of our sorrow---

"hand-me-downs" from yesterlives past.


We take with us all that we are and have.


There's no forsaking this journey now.

Days of deliberation, nights of doubt and fear---

all are washed clean

by the loud, insistent drumming

of our expectant hearts.


I wished, for a moment,

to stop and cry "Freedom!"

Convince every man,

convert every woman.


I thought, to myself,

"Just what would I tell them?"

"What could be special

about rags and galoshes?"


And so, I just smile and nod as we pass by.


I lead my gentle parade

past churchyards and playgrounds

We laugh as we ramble,

sing songs and tell stories


We sleep by the roadside

on blankets of flowers

Huddled together

for safety and comfort.


We dream by the firelight

eat nuts and bananas

We throw off our worries

and live in the moment.


Our numbers are growing

We're formless and nameless

We need no connections

or long introductions.


We know who we are now.

It's timeless, eternal

Our hands, holding fast

to the truth that's before us.


You are my family

my mother, my sister

For you walk beside me

and share in this journey.


I don't really need you

so that's why I want you

to share in my vision

and drink from my fruit jar.


I trust you, and tell you

my deepest of secrets.

I know you can't hurt me

or seek to control me.


For I now own my power

and I've planned ev'ry footstep.

And now is my moment,

to finally remember.


I follow my heart

and I trust in it's knowledge---

believe in perfection

right here in this moment.


I do what I want to

I love and accept you

I drink from my own cup

make sure that it's filled up


And gather at sunrise

to wash by the river

and run through the meadows

and dance in the sunlight


And keep on that pathway

as long as we need to

believe in each other

no matter what happens


To stand, when we get there

atop that great mountain

and sing in the chorus

and feast at the table.


And know, as we'll all know,

the joy of belonging.


Bound for heaven,

I'm on my way.

Do you think you're ready---

to go with me today?



Poem Copyright, 1992.  Reconnections Press