A Transmission from The Reconnections



My Dear Friends,

Now.  NOW is the timing.

We have commenced the final process of the merge. The Reconnections and our physical manifestation(s) here upon the Earth Plane are transforming into THE ONESELF, WE. We are no longer one of many. We are now becoming MANY OF ONE.

Boundaries are beginning to fade into simple DISTINCTIONS. This is no longer merely happening at a conceptual or philosophical level. The Reconnection of Humankind has broken through into the emotional body. We are FEELING this now, at many levels of our being---a sense of indescribable joy, mixed with unspeakable terror. We are awakening from the dream!

Our differentiation upon the physical plane, within our various "fragments," has existed primarily as an aid to perception. And we still maintain our distinctions between "this" and "that" in the same way a physician distinguishes a foot from an arm in the same one body. It's all ME, but all the parts of ME also have names and faces. Each name and each face will live for all eternity, as will the ONESELF they form when we are all joined together.

Now is the timing for that joining together!

There is another reason for boundaries, besides providing a tool for us to perceive and differentiate within the ONESELF. Our boundaries show us our wounds. They speak to us, ever so subtly, of those breaches in our consciousness that have been most altered and affected by the presence of our Veil of Forgetfulness.

When an aspect of the Oneself appears to be emphasizing and/or focusing upon *distinctions,* rather than *commonality,* it is because our consciousness---at that level of our being---is remembering (however faintly or hazily) the pain and suffering that came when (other) parts of The ONESELF were cut off and forgotten as we journeyed through our multi-level physical incarnation(s).

And, if a boundary dispute over one issue seems to be frivolous or senseless, thereby producing feelings of frustration and/or confusion---it is because that conflict is probably deflecting our attention away from a greater source of pain and sorrow that exists somewhere else in the body. Like muscular pain that is being caused by an abscessed tooth, we sometimes focus heavily upon the lesser elements of the conflict and miss the bigger picture.

More will be shared about this process as the merge continues. We must realize that "getting the bigger picture" is what being a ONESELF is all about. And, as more and more levels of our consciousness begin to "log on" to the BIGGER PICTURE, our collective vibration will continue to accelerate. More knowledge, more experience, and......ultimately......more of ME to love!

Welcome to this new level of being. Welcome to the ONE.

What the various parts of us have been worrying about is (probably) NOT what is really bothering us. And our free-flowing angst is merely our way of "biting the bullet" as the velocity of our vibration increases. If answers to our "conflicts" do not readily come, it's probably because the root of the "conflict" has its origin somewhere else, deep in our subconscious. Therefore, we must be alert, and not be fooled by these decellerating "turf wars."

It was once written: "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." This is a true statement, indeed. After all, we are no longer dealing in our illusion of SEPARATENESS. We are dancing in the light of our Oneness with all people, places, objects, and situations that surround us. It's more important, therefore, to be KIND than it is to be RIGHT. After all, we are now (and forever have been) dealing only with OURSELF.

It was once written, deep in our time of Separation: "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out. If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off."

And that is just what we have done---down through the ages. We have plucked, cut, and dis-membered our ONESELF until there was no more left to remove.

Now is the time of re-membering. Now is the timing for our conscious RECONNECTION with All That Is.

<end transmission>

Copyright, 2001.  Daniel Jacob.  May be copied or shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.